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Javier Ambler's family files federal wrongful death lawsuit against Williamson County

Tuesday  08:15,   27 october 2020

The family of Javier Ambler II, a Black man who died during an arrest last year, filed a federal suit Sunday against Williamson County, Texas, for wrongful death, according to the 29-page complaint obtained by CNN. © From Facebook Javier Ambler... >>>

Summer camp fosters racial reconciliation through diverse community, Christianity

Tuesday  06:40,   27 october 2020

Summer camp aims to foster racial reconciliation through its diverse community, Christianity Nestled in the mountains of southern Kentucky, Barefoot Republic looks like any other summer camp. On warm days, campers enjoy horseback riding and... >>>

Live updates: Trump claims U.S. is ‘rounding the turn’ as more than 42,000 are hospitalized nationally for covid-19

Tuesday  06:40,   27 october 2020

More than 62,000 new infections were reported nationwide on Monday, bringing the total since February to at least 8,667,000. More than 225,000 people have died of complications of covid-19. Here are some significant developments: Major brands,... >>>

Meet the four women who preceded Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court

Tuesday  05:55,   27 october 2020

Coney Barrett, a 48-year-old U.S. Court of Appeals judge nominated by President Donald Trump, fills the seat left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died Sept. 18.Coney Barrett, a 48-year-old U.S. Court of Appeals judge nominated by President Donald Trump, >>>

Virginia Military Institute superintendent resigns amid call for racism probe

Tuesday  05:50,   27 october 2020

The resignation comes after a Washington Post story that described Black cadets and alumni facing “relentless racism," and an order for an investigation.The Board of Visitors accepted 80-year-old retired Army Gen. J.H. Binford Peay III’s resignation >>>

Scientists remove 98 'murder hornets' in Washington state

Tuesday  05:45,   27 october 2020

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Workers from the state Department of Agriculture managed to destroy the first nest of so-called murder hornets discovered in the U.S. without suffering any stings or other injuries, the agency said Monday. The nest, located in... >>>

Fact Check: Are COVID Cases Up in U.S. Because of Increased Testing, as Trump Claims?

Tuesday  05:35,   27 october 2020

Amid rising infections, hospitalizations and deaths, the president suggested that the higher numbers of cases are because of expanded diagnostic testing efforts. "Cases up because we TEST, TEST, TEST. A Fake News Media Conspiracy. Many young people... >>>

18-year-old freshman at University of Dayton apparently dies from Covid-19

Tuesday  05:35,   27 october 2020

Michael Lang, 18, died on Thursday “apparently due to complications from" coronavirus after a long hospitalization, officials at the Ohio school said.Michael Lang, a first-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences, died in LaGrange, Illinois, >>>

Coronavirus. The National Assembly votes the billions of euros of the recovery plan

Tuesday  05:25,   27 october 2020

© Christophe ARCHAMBAULT / AFP The text was adopted by show of hands with the support of the right LR, before its examination in the Senate. The National Assembly voted in first reading on the night of Monday to Tuesday the billions of euros of the >>>

First 'murder hornet' nest in U.S. destroyed, officials say

Tuesday  04:40,   27 october 2020

Heavily protected workers vacuumed the Asian giant hornets from the nest in Blaine, Washington, two days after its discovery.The ongoing fight to prevent the invasive Asian giant hornet, which can devastate honeybee colonies, from gaining a foothold >>>

Half of all US adults say colleges that brought students back to campus made the right decision, study finds

Tuesday  04:15,   27 october 2020

As colleges and universities deal with coronavirus outbreaks, the question of whether these institutions made the right decision in bringing students back on campus continues to be a topic of national conversation. © Robert Chiarito/AFP/Getty... >>>

Treasury Department refunds nearly $4 million to FDNY 9/11 first responders health program

Tuesday  04:15,   27 october 2020

The US Department of Treasury has refunded nearly $4 million previously withheld from the health care program assisting September 11 first responders who suffer lasting effects from the attack and ensuing cleanup efforts, the president of the... >>>

Robert Murray, Ohio coal baron who fought government regulations, dies at 80

Tuesday  03:50,   27 october 2020

He grew Murray Energy into one of the country’s largest mining companies and enlisted President Trump’s help in supporting the coal industry. His lawyer, Michael J. Shaheen, did not give a precise cause but said that Mr. Murray had recently applied... >>>

Supreme Court rules Wisconsin mail-in ballots must be received by Nov. 3

Tuesday  03:05,   27 october 2020

The Supreme Court upheld Wisconsin's voting laws, rejecting an effort to require the counting of absentee ballots arriving after Election Day.The court's 5-3 ruling means that absentee ballots will be counted only if they are in the hands of... >>>

Guns at voting sites emerge as flash point in Michigan amid nationwide election tension

Tuesday  03:05,   27 october 2020

Are guns allowed at your polling place? The answer varies from place to place. Michigan, already the site of election-year unease, was thrust into the center of the armed-voter debate after state officials announced a ban on openly carried weapons... >>>