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Here Lies the Skull of Pliny the Elder, Maybe

Tuesday  00:05,   18 february 2020

Pliny the Elder’s skull — or more accurately, his alleged skull — reposes in ghoulish splendor at the Museo Storico Nazionale Dell’Arte Sanitaria in Rome, a treasure trove of medical curiosities. Over the last few years a pool of Italian... >>>

Turkey, Russia Standoff in Syria Endangers Millions of Refugees

Monday  23:50,   17 february 2020

Turkey dispatched a delegation to Moscow for another round of talks aimed at forging a cease-fire agreement in Syria, where relief agencies warn that proxy wars could cause the worst humanitarian disaster in the nine-year conflict. At stake is... >>>

'Cancer does not wait': Children's medicine shortage stokes anger in Mexico

Monday  23:10,   17 february 2020

Hermes Soto, who turned 5 on Monday, will not be celebrating his birthday with friends. Instead, he is bracing for his 15th chemotherapy session to tackle a rare but aggressive form of cancer that threatens to kill him. For his mother, Esperanza... >>>

'Ghost ship' washes up on Irish coast after storm

Monday  23:10,   17 february 2020

The mysterious cargo ship was drifting without crew on the high seas for more than a year.The abandoned boat was spotted on the rocks of fishing village Ballycotton by a... >>>

No Bull: German court rules dogs not too big to be miniature

Monday  21:05,   17 february 2020

A German court has decided a Duesseldorf dog dispute, ruling Monday that not only size matters in determining whether a dog is officially "miniature." The Muenster regional administrative court decision puts an end to years of battles between... >>>

Iranian president: Trump worries war with Iran will 'ruin' 2020 chances

Monday  21:05,   17 february 2020

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claimed that President Trump is unlikely to engage in a war with the country because of the forthcoming presidential election in the United States. © Provided by MediaDC: Washington Newspaper Publishing Company,... >>>

Hundreds Protest at U.S.-Canada Border Bridge Over Pipeline Plan

Monday  20:25,   17 february 2020

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's actions are speaking louder than his words when it comes to reconciliation with indigenous communities, protester organizers say.Around 200 protesters temporarily halted traffic at Rainbow International... >>>

Russia's Lavrov, after Pompeo meeting, says felt more constructive U.S. approach

Monday  20:10,   17 february 2020

Russia's Lavrov, after Pompeo meeting, says felt more constructive U.S. approachThe two top diplomats met on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on Friday in an encounter that neither side has so far spoken about in... >>>

Yemeni Survivor Calls for Probe Into U.S. Mercenary Attack

Monday  18:15,   17 february 2020

Abdullah Suliman Abdullah Daubalah was caught up in a 2015 bomb attack carried out by American mercenaries contracted by the UAE to fight in Yemen.Abdullah Suliman Abdullah Daubalah, a former journalist, was caught up in the 2015 attempted... >>>

Hamas hackers attempted to 'catfish' Israeli soldiers

Monday  18:15,   17 february 2020

Hamas hackers have targeted Israeli soldiers’ phones with fake social media profiles, according to the Israel Defense Forces. © PeopleImages/E+/Getty ImagesOn Sunday, the IDF tweeted that the Palestinian terror group created fake profiles, which... >>>

Syrian refugees in desperate race to outrun regime offensive

Monday  17:15,   17 february 2020

It's freezing cold and the kids don't have proper shoes, but the elderly Samar couldn't risk it. Overnight, the bombings got too close. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>

In Australia, spat over firefighter’s political rant caps a summer of anger

Monday  16:30,   17 february 2020

Fire officials dispute Paul Parker’s claim that he was dismissed from his rural brigade for his tirade against Prime Minister Scott Morrison.Paul Parker had been battling blazes around Nelligen, in southern New South Wales state. Seven homes had... >>>

UN envoy condemns use of hunting rifles against Iraqi protesters

Monday  15:40,   17 february 2020

UN envoy condemns use of hunting rifles against Iraqi protestersIraq faces an extraordinary domestic crisis as nearly 500 people have died in months of protests demanding the ouster of what demonstrators see as a corrupt ruling elite and an end to... >>>

Arab World’s First Nuclear Reactor Cleared for Startup

Monday  12:55,   17 february 2020

The United Arab Emirates took a final step toward switching on the Arab world’s first commercial nuclear power plant, even as the country prospers by producing and selling fossil fuels. © Arun Girija/WAM via AP, File FILE - This undated photograph... >>>

Taliban Claims to Have Finalized Peace Deal With the U.S.

Monday  12:45,   17 february 2020

Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said the peace deal would be signed by the end of February. Newsweek has contacted the State Department to confirm Shaheen's report. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>