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Australian couple recover diamond wedding rings lost in piles of trash

Monday  08:45,   16 december 2019

An Australian couple accidentally threw out their diamond engagement rings -- but found them after digging through 67,000 pounds of trash.The couple, who have not been publicly identified, were renovating their home in the Melbourne inner suburb of... >>>

U.S. Urges North Korea to Drop ‘Hostile’ Tone, Return to Talks

Monday  07:40,   16 december 2019

President Donald Trump’s top envoy for nuclear talks urged North Korea to drop its “hostile” rhetoric, and warned Pyongyang not to engage in any provocations during the U.S.’s “sacred” Christmas holiday. “We are fully aware of the strong potential... >>>

'If the climate stays like this, we won't make it' say those on the frontline of Africa's drought

Monday  06:06,   16 december 2019

Torrents of water once thundered over the precipice at Victoria Falls, on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, shrouding the area in mist. © Zinyange Auntony/AFP/Getty Images A photograph of the Victoria Falls, a UNESCO world heritage site measuring... >>>

A guide to how gender-neutral language is developing around the world

Monday  05:50,   16 december 2019

What pronouns do you use? There are, in fact, many non-binary ways to answer in historically gendered-languages.It’s a question asked increasingly often as acceptance of a spectrum of gender and sexual identities grows. Some languages, like Chinese... >>>

U.S. envoy Biegun to N.Korea: 'We're here, you know how to reach us'

Monday  05:25,   16 december 2019

U.S. special envoy for North Korea, Stephen Biegun, urged Pyongyang on Monday to return offers of talks, dismissing leader Kim Jong Un's year-end deadline while highlighting Washington's willingness to discuss "all issues of interest."SEOUL, >>>

Hong Kong protests flare ahead of Xi meeting with city leader

Monday  04:05,   16 december 2019

Hong Kong protests flare ahead of Xi meeting with city leaderHong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, in the Chinese capital for a regular duty visit, is set to meet Xi Jinping amid speculation the visit could yield fresh directives on the city's... >>>

Toxic Sydney bushfire haze a 'public health emergency'

Monday  04:05,   16 december 2019

Australia's biggest city is facing a "public health emergency" over the bushfire smoke that has choked Sydney for weeks, leading doctors warned Monday after hospitals reported a dramatic spike in casualty department visits. Hundreds of climate... >>>

Welcoming new lawmakers, British PM Johnson vows a speedy Brexit

Monday  03:50,   16 december 2019

Welcoming new lawmakers, British PM Johnson vows a speedy BrexitAfter winning a commanding majority in last week's election, Johnson will seek to speed up the approval by parliament of his withdrawal agreement with the European Union, and to start... >>>

'Freedom march' marks 30 years since Romania's revolution

Monday  03:50,   16 december 2019

Romania kicked off a series of commemorations to mark 30 years since the overthrow of the tyrannical regime of Nicolae Ceausescu, staging a "freedom march" in the town of Timisoara, cradle of the 1989 revolution. Waving Romanian flags in the... >>>

After Volcano Blast, New Zealand Asks if Adventure Tourism Can Last

Monday  01:30,   16 december 2019

When Phil van Dusschoten retired as a police officer and started a diving business 24 years ago, the next chapter of his life seemed set, steering visitors through the stunning Bay of Plenty to frolic with dolphins and swim around the volcanic White >>>

They built a Chinese boomtown. It left them dying of lung disease with nowhere to turn.

Sunday  23:30,   15 december 2019

Incurable silicosis has ravaged the workers who drilled the bedrock for Shenzhen. The city, one ailing man said, was “built on our bones.”Before him was a 30-foot plunge into Shenzhen’s rush-hour traffic. Behind him stood police he had just clashed... >>>

New North America trade deal hits snag as Mexico objects to U.S. labor inspectors

Sunday  22:40,   15 december 2019

The hitch emerges just days after the United States, Mexico and Canada celebrated the accord.Jesús Seade, undersecretary for North America in the Foreign Ministry, accused the United States of blindsiding Mexico by deciding to send up to five U.S.... >>>

Why North Korea Might Wait Things Out With U.S.

Sunday  21:15,   15 december 2019

At February’s nuclear summit in Vietnam, President Trump was applauded by Washington for walking away from the table instead of taking a bad deal. But now, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un might be the one prepared to wait. Pyongyang has kept its... >>>

Netanyahu says Brazil committed to move embassy to Jerusalem in 2020

Sunday  20:11,   15 december 2019

Netanyahu says Brazil committed to move embassy to Jerusalem in 2020Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has signaled before he intends to move his country’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, but senior officials later backtracked for fear >>>

'Any growth is more than we can afford': Carbon dioxide pollution hits record high as planet warms

Sunday  18:55,   15 december 2019

Carbon dioxide emissions hit 37 billion tons in 2019. The record year caps another decade in which little progress was made in combating global warming.The planet's average temperature has warmed over 1 degree Celsius since the Industrial... >>>