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The silent crash of a family construct

Thursday  21:45,   06 may 2021

The SPVGG Unterhaching had great goals, but now stands as relegated from the 3rd league. One will not get rid of the impression, as if the club has found himself early with his fate. © Provided by sport1.de The silent crash of a family construct A... >>>

Nuclear deal possible despite gaps if Iran takes decision -U.S

Thursday  21:25,   06 may 2021

Nuclear deal possible despite gaps if Iran takes decision -U.SWASHINGTON (Reuters) -While big gaps remain between Washington and Tehran, there could be an agreement within weeks for both to resume compliance with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal if... >>>

U.S. sends warning to Russia, assuring Ukraine of support against Moscow's aggression

Thursday  21:25,   06 may 2021

Secretary of State Blinken in Ukraine to assure President Zelensky, who played role in Trump impeachment, of U.S. support against Russian hostilities.Secretary of State Antony Blinken, on a swing through the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, said the... >>>

Germany resists calls to waive patents on Covid-19 vaccines

Thursday  21:25,   06 may 2021

Germany is resisting momentum to lift patent protection for Covid-19 vaccines, saying Thursday that a US decision to support such waivers "has significant implications for vaccine production."Germany is resisting momentum to lift patent protection... >>>

EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s Air Force secretary offers vision of future Afghanistan counterterrorism ops as Biden team mulls new plan

Thursday  21:10,   06 may 2021

The moniker “over the horizon” has been mouthed by defense officials from the new commander in chief down, but exactly how the United States will confront violent extremist forces in Afghanistan after a full withdrawal remains a mystery. © Provided... >>>

Russia's Single-Dose Sputnik Vaccine Gets Approval Without Completing Safety Testing

Thursday  21:10,   06 may 2021

Studies on human trials of Sputnik Light are still underway and the dose is the same as Sputnik V's first dose.Under Russian authorities' approval, the new Sputnik Light vaccine will be marketed and given separately alongside the country's... >>>

Aurélien (Koh-Lanta, secret weapons) unveils a huge coincidence on the yellow comfort test

Thursday  21:05,   06 may 2021

© A.ISOCK / ALP / TF1 Aurélien (Koh-Lanta, Secret Weapons) unveils a huge coincidence on the 'Yellow Comfort This Thursday, May 6, 2021, Aurélien returned to the Koh-Lanta episode, secret weapons broadcast last Friday on TF1. It must be said that... >>>

Egypt and Turkey seek to overhaul tense ties with frank talks on Libya

Thursday  20:45,   06 may 2021

Egypt and Turkey seek to overhaul tense ties with frank talks on LibyaThe discussions, held over two days and led by deputy foreign ministers, were the first high-level public talks for years between the two powers, who fell out over issues... >>>

The former president of the Maldives was injured in an explosion as he was entering his car in the capital city: reports

Thursday  20:20,   06 may 2021

Former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed was treated for his injuries at a hospital in the capital city of Malé, police confirmedPolice said Nasheed, who is now the Speaker of the People's Majlis, is receiving treatment at a... >>>

Former Maldives president hurt in blast outside home - police

Thursday  20:20,   06 may 2021

Former Maldives president hurt in blast outside home - policeMALE (Reuters) - Former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed was injured in a blast outside his family home on Thursday, police said in a... >>>

COVID: How can India keep the virus from spreading further?

Thursday  20:15,   06 may 2021

Experts say containing coronavirus in the short term will be difficult, but emphasize that much can still be done. They point to improved government messaging and streamlined medical distribution as possible solutions. Ashok Jain (name changed)... >>>

U.K. and France deploy naval vessels in spat over fishing rights

Thursday  20:15,   06 may 2021

The latest flare-up in the post-Brexit argument over access to territorial waters has hit the U.K.'s own Jersey shore.The incident is just the latest flare-up over the issue after Britain's exit from the European... >>>

Chad rebels 'fleeing', says defence minister

Thursday  20:15,   06 may 2021

Rebels who launched an offensive in northern Chad, sparking clashes that claimed the life of veteran president Idriss Deby Itno, are in flight, the country's new defence minister said on Thursday. "The security forces are thoroughly sweeping the >>>

The worst assessment of French clubs in European cuts since 2008

Thursday  19:55,   06 may 2021

© provided by Sofoot is the time of the balance sheet for French clubs in European cuts. spoiler : it is not very famous. Since 2008, France has never marked so few points in the UEFA standings. If Paris Saint-Germain has once again reached the... >>>

Why wearing the wrong socks is risky in Belarus

Thursday  19:50,   06 may 2021

Socks and a TV box coloured red and white are treated as opposition protests in Belarus.A woman on her way to a driving lesson was grabbed by four men in black balaclavas in the capital Minsk. They told her she was dressed... >>>