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"Necessary warning to the USA": China surprisingly continues to make Taiwan, regardless of his initial announcement that the Chinese maneuvers around Taiwan should actually end on Sunday, the folk liberation army continued on Monday. As China's state tel

Monday  10:20,   08 august 2022

© dpa fighter planes of the East Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) carry out operations during joint combat exercises. China originally announced the announcement of the maneuvers last Tuesday. So far, however, no formal end has >>>

A British general says Vladimir Putin may have recourse to the atomic weapon

Monday  10:20,   08 august 2022

Richard Barrons warned that the Russian president could have recourse to nuclear weapons if he saw that his troops were beaten in Ukraine. © supplied by Bang Showbiz A British general said that Vladimir Putin could use the atomic bomb and that it... >>>

Lothar Wieler: "Return of the malaria is possible"

Monday  09:10,   08 august 2022

The President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Lothar Wieler, expects exotic infectious diseases to be spread in Germany as a result of climate change. Climate change in Germany leads to an expansion of the habitats of mosquitoes and ticks,... >>>

14-July: Emmanuel Macron flew with the Patrol of France, a first for a president

Monday  08:20,   08 august 2022

© Sarah Meyssonnier/AP/SIPA before the National Day, the head of state Emmanuel Macron has embarked on a Patrol of the Patrol of France. This is the first time that a French president has taken such an initiative. "I can testify to this: our... >>>

The USA are responsible for tensions around Taiwan, says China

Monday  08:02,   08 august 2022

Asia-Pelosi/USA-Chine (photo, TV): the USA bear responsibility for tensions around Taiwan, says China Pekin, August 8 ( Reuters) - The Chinese Defense Ministry justified Beijing's decision on Monday to give up military discussions with the United... >>>

Bruno Pelletier: What becomes of the singer of the musical Notre Dame de Paris?

Monday  07:10,   08 august 2022

© Itar Tass / Bestimage Bruno Pelletier: What becomes of the singer of the musical Notre Dame de Paris? This Sunday, August 7, Bruno Pelletier celebrates his 60th anniversary. For the occasion, "Gala" gives you news from the unforgettable Gringoire >>>

Amnesty International regretted trouble about Ukraine report

Monday  05:50,   08 august 2022

Amnesty International had triggered a scandal and resignation with a critical report on Tactics of the Ukrainian army. Now the organization regrets regret, but holds on to its findings. © Imago/Mykhaylo Palinchak/Imago/Zuma Wire The human rights... >>>

Process for corruption: Residence permit for bribes?

Monday  05:30,   08 august 2022

due to suspicion of corruption when creating residence titles must be responsible for an employee of a citizens' office and two other defendants. The negotiation before the Berlin district court begins today. From July 2018 to May 2019, the 30- to... >>>

Tenants' Association: Millions of Germans will not be able to pay for heating costs

Monday  01:50,   08 august 2022

Because of the exploding gas prices , according to the German Tenant Association, millions of households will not be able to pay their heating costs. "These are damn many people," said association president Lukas Siebenkotten to the Tagesspiegel... >>>

In China, 80,000 tourists find themselves trapped on an island after cases of COVID-19

Sunday  22:50,   07 august 2022

© COPYRIGHT 2022, the Obs more than 80,000 tourists are stuck on the island of Hainan, in southern China , after detecting COVID-19 cases which prompted the authorities to cancel all flights and trains locally. Sunday, 483 cases of coronavirus were >>>

opinion: In the World Chess Organization Fide, Putin continues the King

Sunday  21:20,   07 august 2022

The World Chess Association FIDE has decided: Despite the international sanctions after the attack on Ukraine, the Russian Arkady Dvorskovich continues to lead the organization. A disaster, says Holger Hank. © Ilya Pitalev/Itar-AsS/Imago Images... >>>

Tensions in Taiwan: the military maneuvers of China finished

Sunday  21:10,   07 august 2022

Beijing intends to carry out new "real shooting" exercises until August 15 in the yellow sea © China new/SIPA A soldier observes combat exercises and Chinese navy training. Geopolitics - Beijing intends to carry out new "real shooting" exercises... >>>

Kyiv calls for more firmness in the face of Russian "nuclear terror"

Sunday  20:00,   07 august 2022

Ukraine-crise-zaporijia-Zelensy: Kyiv calls for more firmness in the face of Russian "nuclear terror" © Reuters/Ukrainian Presidential Press Ser Kyiv More firmness in the face of Russian "nuclear terror" Kyiv (Reuters) - Ukrainian President... >>>

reports on ceasefire in the Gaza conflict on Sunday evening

Sunday  18:50,   07 august 2022

Tel Aviv/Gaza. After the Israeli military had started the "Morning" operation against the Islamic jihad in the Gaza Strip on Friday, there was also a rocket alarm on Sunday. Egyptian agents have now announced that a ceasefire should come into force >>>

American diplomacy: Antony Blinken in Africa to counter the Russian influence

Sunday  18:10,   07 august 2022

© Andrew Harnik, Pool, via Reuters US Secretary of State Antony Blinken Up to his arrival at Lseria International Airport in Johannesburg, August 7, 2022 . US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in South Africa on Sunday and must then go to... >>>