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Venezuela wins seat on UN rights body despite opposition

Friday  02:50,   18 october 2019

Venezuela won a contested election for a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council on Thursday despite a campaign by over 50 organizations and many countries opposed to Nicolas Maduro's government and its rights record. There was scattered... >>>

Boris Johnson can't celebrate his Brexit win for long

Friday  02:20,   18 october 2019

As Boris Johnson travels back to London from Brussels after proving the doubters wrong, Britain's leader has good reason to feel upbeat. Now, he faces what will likely be two of the most painful days of his career back in London. On Friday,... >>>

Mexico sends asylum-seekers south — with no easy way to return for US court dates

Friday  01:50,   18 october 2019

The exhausted passengers emerge from a sleek convoy of silver and red-streaked buses, looking confused and disoriented as they are deposited ignominiously in this tropical backwater in southernmost Mexico. There is no greeter here to provide... >>>

Turkey-Syria cease-fire: Senior US military source 'highly skeptical' of deal

Friday  01:20,   18 october 2019

A very senior U.S. military source who spent years designing the U.S. anti-ISIS strategy liaising with both the Kurds and the Turks told Fox News on Thursday they are highly skeptical of the Turkey-Syria cease-fire announced earlier by Vice... >>>

France says foiled September 11-inspired attack

Friday  00:55,   18 october 2019

France's interior minister said on Thursday that intelligence services had arrested a man for planning an attack inspired by plane attacks on the World Trade Center in New York in Sept. 2001. © Reuters/LUC GNAGO French Interior Minister... >>>

Russia says US diplomats approached missile test site, location of radioactive blast

Friday  00:55,   18 october 2019

Russia says three U.S. diplomats were stopped on a train close to a site where a nuclear-powered missile is believed to have exploded in AugustThe U.S. diplomats were reported on Wednesday to have been stopped and removed from a train travelling... >>>

Brazil building collapse death toll rises to four: official

Friday  00:17,   18 october 2019

The death toll from a building collapse in Brazil has risen to four, officials said Thursday, but the figure could go higher as rescuers search for another six people reported missing. It is still not clear what caused the building to suddenly... >>>

Three gunmen killed in Brazil airport raid, kidnapping: police

Friday  00:10,   18 october 2019

Heavily armed gunmen raided an airport in Brazil on Thursday, officials said, stealing money from an armored truck before fleeing and taking a mother and baby hostage. At least one assailant escaped to a nearby residential neighborhood, taking a... >>>

Parents of Dead Teen Compare Trump Cronies to ‘Henchmen’ at Meeting Britain Denies Asking For

Thursday  23:47,   17 october 2019

The grieving family of 19-year-old Harry Dunn have spoken out about their ill-fated meeting with Donald Trump at the White House in a new interview. Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn told CNN on Thursday morning that the president “doesn’t understand”... >>>

Turkey Agrees to Pause Fighting, but Not to Withdraw Forces From Northern Syria

Thursday  23:42,   17 october 2019

Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday said Turkey had agreed to suspend its military operations in northeast Syria for five days while Syrian Kurdish fighters left the area, immediately raising questions about whether the agreement was a diplomatic... >>>

Pence Just Ratified All of Turkey’s War Aims in Syria

Thursday  23:42,   17 october 2019

Last month, at the United Nations, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan waved a map of northeastern Syria before the world’s dignitaries. Last month, at the United Nations, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan waved a map of northeastern... >>>

U.S. Says It Made 'Ceasefire' Deal in Syria But Turkey and Kurdish Forces Reject Claim

Thursday  22:35,   17 october 2019

Vice President Mike Pence announced a "ceasefire," but both Turkey and Kurdish-led forces rejected this. Leading a delegation to the Turkish capital, President Donald Trump's deputy told reporters Thursday "today, the United States and Turkey have... >>>

The Latest: Trump credits 'tough love' for cease-fire deal

Thursday  22:25,   17 october 2019

President Donald Trump is crediting his threat of sanctions on Turkey as "tough love" that led the country to agree to a five-day cease-fire in its battle with Kurds in northern Syria. 9:30... >>>

Refugees at a camp in Iraqi Kurdistan express anger over U.S. "betrayal"

Thursday  20:20,   17 october 2019

NBC News went to a refugee camp where hundreds of Kurds are sheltering from Turkey's offensive."America has betrayed the Kurds," said Rania, 20, from Qamishli, a city along the Turkish border that took heavy Turkish artillery shelling during the >>>

What Is in the New Brexit Deal?

Thursday  19:35,   17 october 2019

The knotty details of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal with the European Union are contained in 64 pages of revisions to the old withdrawal agreement, and an accompanying road map to future relations.... >>>