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Salman Rushdie stabbed: Iran denies any link in aggression

Tuesday  16:10,   16 august 2022

Iran did not however condemn the assault of the writer, far from it © Atta Kenare / AFP US Iranian the day after The assault of Salman Rushdie, not condemning the Fatwa attack - Iran did not however condemn the assault of the writer, far from it... >>>

A Chinese ship, suspected of espionage, arrives in Sri Lanka

Tuesday  16:10,   16 august 2022

the Yuan Wang 5, Chinese research boat, arrived in the Srulankian port of Hambantota on Tuesday. India and the United States fear acts of espionage. View onononews © ERANGA JAYAWARDENA/COPYRIGHT 2022 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved The... >>>


Tuesday  16:00,   16 august 2022

Syria-Security/Turkey-Kurdles: Syria-affrontations between Turkish troops and Kurdish fighters in Kobane Beirut, August 16 (Reuters)-The City of Kobane, in the North of Syria, near the Turkish border, was the theater on Tuesday of a revival of... >>>

Espionage, Disinformation, Links with Iran: Russia and Israel with Knives drawn

Tuesday  16:00,   16 august 2022

© Zuma Press/Maxppp Solidarity Operation with Israel in Saint Petersburg in 2014. The scenario is taken seriously. On the instructions of Prime Minister Yaïr Lapid, the Shin Beth, the internal security service, discreetly said in Moscow that Israel >>>

Chinese navy ship docks in Sri Lanka, stokes worry in India

Tuesday  15:24,   16 august 2022

HAMBANTOTA, Sri Lanka (AP) — A Chinese navy vessel arrived at a Beijing-built port in southern Sri Lanka on Tuesday, after its port call was earlier delayed due to apparent security concerns raised by India. The Yuan Wang 5 sailed into the... >>>

U.S., South Korea to conduct expanded military drills amid North's growing hostility

Tuesday  15:24,   16 august 2022

The biggest combined military training in years for the U.S. and South Korea come in the face of an increasingly aggressive North Korea.The allies’ summertime drills, which will take place from Aug. 22 to Sept. 1 in South Korea under the name of... >>>

Estonia removes Soviet-era monument, citing public order

Tuesday  15:24,   16 august 2022

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Estonia's government said Tuesday it has decided to remove a Soviet-era monument from public space in an eastern border town sitting in the Baltic country's Russian-speaking part, with the prime minister saying the >>>

In a Rare Move, China Sanctions Seven Taiwanese Officials

Tuesday  15:11,   16 august 2022

It was only the second time the Chinese government announced largely symbolic sanctions against Taiwan's democratically elected representatives.The newly targeted "diehard 'Taiwan independence' elements" included Hsiao Bi-khim, Taiwan's envoy in >>>

Supermarkets stop selling disposable barbecues

Tuesday  15:11,   16 august 2022

The move comes after firefighters called for a voluntary ban to reduce the risk of wildfires.Alliance, Iceland, Morrisons and Waitrose have temporarily taken grills off the shelves, the BBC... >>>

Nuclear war: the catastrophe scenario of planetary hunger

Tuesday  15:00,   16 august 2022

less by the effects of radiation than by those of hunger, a nuclear war between Russia and the United States would erase half of the population in less than a year. This is the disaster scenario that two American academics submit. Two researchers... >>>

Jeremstar: This big fright avoided “in-extremis” to takeoff of his plane

Tuesday  15:00,   16 august 2022

© Bestimage Jeremstar: this big fright avoided “in-extremis” to takeoff of his plane The trip to Jeremstar Indonesia is finished. But on Snapchat, the Youtubeur said he had a big fear when taking off from his plane in Denpasar. What finish this... >>>

Lead 1-Ukraine-Explosions in a deposit of ammunition in the north of Crimea

Tuesday  14:30,   16 august 2022

Ukraine-crise/Crimee-Explusion (Lead 1): Lead 1-Ukraine-Explosions in a ammunition in the North of Crimea (Updated with details, declarations) Moscow, August 16 (Reuters) - A ammunition deposit exploded on Tuesday morning in the north of Crimea in... >>>

Curiosity around Abele: After protest, decathlon can continue

Tuesday  13:50,   16 august 2022

solo hurdle under large applause © picture Alliance/dpa ends his career after home: Arthur Abele. Arthur Abele was disqualified on Tuesday morning due to a false start in the 110-meter hurdle run, the first of five disciplines of the day. Its... >>>

Saudi crown prince: First EU visit since Khashoggi killing

Tuesday  13:32,   16 august 2022

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrived in Greece Tuesday on his first trip to a European Union country since the killing in 2018 of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi that triggered widespread international condemnation.... >>>

Russian Families Descend on the Kremlin to Demand Truth About Soldiers

Tuesday  13:31,   16 august 2022

Parents and spouses are desperate to locate their loved ones in Ukraine, saying they've received mixed information as to whether soldiers are alive or dead.In a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, dozens of relatives are demanding help... >>>