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Coalition says 'good progress' in north Syria buffer zone

Sunday  20:35,   15 september 2019

The US-led coalition said Sunday that "good progress" was being made in implementing a buffer zone in northern Syria along the Turkish border. "We are seeing good progress for the initial phase of security mechanism activities," the coalition said... >>>

Hong Kong Protesters Hurl Gasoline Bombs at Government Offices

Sunday  18:25,   15 september 2019

Black-clad protesters hurled gasoline bombs at government offices in central Hong Kong on Sunday, as a day that began with a peaceful, if unauthorized, march by tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators quickly descended into pitched street... >>>

Host Violent Content? In Australia, You Could Go to Jail

Sunday  15:45,   15 september 2019

The video showing the murder of 51 people in Christchurch carries both an offensive title, “New Zealand Video Game,” and a message to “download and save.” require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>

If marathons weren't hard enough already: strap a tree to your back

Sunday  14:45,   15 september 2019

This Sunday in South Africa, an accountant, an entrepreneur and a boxing executive are among 20 friends running the Cape Town marathon - with saplings strapped to their backs. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function... >>>

Afghan, U.S. forces kill Taliban governors, fighters

Sunday  14:40,   15 september 2019

Afghan forces backed by U.S. forces killed two senior Taliban leaders and at least 38 fighters of the hardline insurgent group in joint air strikes conducted in northern and western regions of Afghanistan, officials said on Sunday. © Watan... >>>

Turkey says delivery of second S-400 battery complete

Sunday  14:05,   15 september 2019

Turkey's defence ministry said on Sunday that the delivery of a second battery of Russian S-400 missile defence systems has been completed as of Sunday, and added that the systems would become active in April 2020. © Reuters/TATYANA MAKEYEVA A... >>>

Activists block main entrance to Frankfurt auto show

Sunday  13:55,   15 september 2019

Activists blocked the main entrance to the Frankfurt Motor Show on Sunday in a protest against what they call the "climate and environment destroyers" produced by the auto industry. Hundreds of people wearing white protective suits sat or stood in... >>>

Tunisia seeks new leader to boost economy, fight terror

Sunday  13:30,   15 september 2019

Tunisians are casting ballots in their North African country's second democratic presidential election, choosing among 26 candidates for a leader who can safeguard its young democracy and tackle its unemployment, corruption and economic despair. The >>>

Iran dismisses allegations it carried out crippling attack on Saudi oil facilities

Sunday  12:35,   15 september 2019

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo directly blamed Iran for what he said was “an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply” and said there was “no evidence the attacks came from Yemen.” Abbas Mousavi, an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman,... >>>

Iran dismisses US allegation it was behind Saudi oil attacks

Sunday  12:10,   15 september 2019

Iran denied on Sunday it was involved in Yemen rebel drone attacks the previous day targeting the world's biggest oil processing facility and an oil field in Saudi Arabia, just hours after America's top diplomat alleged that Tehran was behind the... >>>

Girl power goes green: Teens strike for global action on climate change

Sunday  12:01,   15 september 2019

"The world is watching us," said Isabelle Axelsson,18, who has skipped class weekly to march with Fridays for Future in... >>>

Helicopter pilot discovers villagers stranded in debris in the Bahamas

Sunday  11:50,   15 september 2019

"He had this intuition that he had to fly back over," his wife... >>>

Iran says U.S. bases and aircraft carriers within range of its missiles - Tasnim

Sunday  10:25,   15 september 2019

An Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander said on Sunday that U.S. bases and aircraft carriers in the region were within range of Iranian missiles after the U.S. accused Iran of leading attacks on Saudi oil plants, raising tensions in the Middle... >>>

Taliban revoke ban on Red Cross, provide security guarantees

Sunday  10:20,   15 september 2019

Taliban revoke ban on Red Cross, provide security guarantees Taliban leaders imposed a ban on the ICRC and the World Health Organization (WHO) in April saying the organizations were carrying out "suspicious" activities during vaccinations campaigns... >>>

Hong Kong protesters rally for support at British Consulate

Sunday  09:40,   15 september 2019

Hundreds of demonstrators rallied Sunday outside the British Consulate in Hong Kong, stepping up calls for international support in their months-long campaign for democratic reforms in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. Those gathered waved... >>>