World Brazil. His re-election, Jair Bolsonaro adheres to the Liberal Party

22:30  30 november  2021
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Le président brésilien Jair Bolsonaro prononce un discours devant ses partisans à Brasilia après avoir rejoint le Parti libéral de droite (PL) le 30 novembre 2021. © Evaristo SA / AFP President Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro pronounces a speech before his followers in Brasilia after joining the Liberal Right Party (PL) on November 30, 2021.

President Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro tries to relaunch his campaign. He has awarded the Liberal Party, a right-hand training, with the aim of bringing the surveys that give it to the presidential election of October 2022 by the probable left-wing candidate, the former head of state Lula. .

The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has awarded Tuesday to the Liberal Party (PL), a right-righteous training, with the aim of bringing the polls that the are defeated to the presidential election of October 2022 by the probable Left candidate, The former head of state Lula .

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It is for the extreme president affiliation to a successive 9th political party, a relatively common practice in Brazil where Parliament is atomized in thirty training.

"We do not launch anyone to conquer any load. Affiliation is a simple, but of great importance event, " declared the head of state at a ceremony organized in a great Hôtel de Brasília in the presence of hundreds of political figures, but without the press.

"Thank you for your trust and support", has declared the other members of the PL, all almost without mask. "This is an affiliate ceremony, which makes us a team [...] for the election next year."

then coming out of the hotel to meet his supporters, Bolsonaro added that he wanted "to continue what we have since January 2019, change the destiny of Brazil, defend more and more the family, key to Conservatism's vault ".

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Change of Gun

Jair Bolsonaro was without Party since he broke two years ago with that under whose banner he had been easily elected at the end of 2018, the very small Liberal Social Party (PSL). He can not represent next year without political affiliation.

But less than one year of the presidential election, the situation totally changed for the 66-year-old officer and his popularity has never been so low.

It fell to 22%, as a result of its calamic management of the CVIV-19 crisis, which was nearly 615,000 dead in Brazil and high levels of inflation as unemployment.

In addition, the President is covered by a hundred applications for dismissal and under five surveys of the Supreme Court and the electoral justice.

If it already gives many signals from an entry into campaign, the former President (2003-2010) and Bolsonaro Black Beast, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, should declare only in the first quarter 2022.

Brazilian Ex-Judge Moro Grows as Alternative to Lula, Bolsonaro in Poll

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The historic leader of the Brazilian left, 76, returns from a tour in Europe where he was received, and well received by the French President Emmanuel Macron, the head of the Government of Spanish Pedro Sanchez and the future Chancellor German Olaf Scholz.

"strong figure"

with 43 out of 513 and four senators out of 81, the PL is one of the main parties of the "Centrao", informal block of right-wing formations and the center that supports their support for the benefits. They remove it, and make and defeat politics in Brazil.

Bolsonaro has closer to the "Centrao" in recent months, after being elected as an "antisystem" candidate decided to finish with "the old political practices", corruption in mind.

He hopes now spill the steam. "The popularity of Bolsonaro is low, but there is still a strong figure" , estimates for AFP Edson Sardinha, director of the drafting of the Congresso EM Focco website.

"It's too early, it can happen a lot of things," pursues: "Now it has a stronger party that will have important e-election fund resources and a lot of antenna time Television ".

We must not underestimate the virulence of the anti-LULA sentiment among many Brazilians, underlines the expert, the election loving ultra-polarized.

Candidates from the center or right hoping to embody an "3rd track" struggle to convince, such as the governor of Sao Paulo Joao Doria or the former Judge Sergio Moro, who had imprisoned Lula for corruption.

The Alliance with the PL should also guarantee Bolsonaro to be able to carry out its mandate, in December 2022, requests for dismissal should not succeed.

One of the three sons of the President holds a political mandate, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, also affiliated with the PL Tuesday. The pl counts in his ranks the ex-star of the Romario football, senator.

Bolsonaro finds a new party .
just change the party - that's no problem for Brazil's right state of state. In eight parties Bolsonaro was already, now he reports the accession to the ninth. © Raul Spinasse / AP / Picture Alliance on this archive picture Lacht Bolsonaro, but his current survey values ​​but were explained in the basement President Jair Bolsonaro, he is now a member of the center-right party Partido Liberal. Occasion for his step: next year will take place in Brazil presidential elections.

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