World leaders of slovenist parties gathered in Warsaw to discuss the EU

16:14  04 december  2021
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"EGMR judgment injured our system": Polish constitutional court rejects in parts EU Human Rights Convention

 The EGMR had convicted by Poland in May for "irregular" appointing of a judge. Critics accuse Poland to undermine the separation of powers. © Photo: DPA / Arne Immanuel Bänsch The European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the Europaviertel on the Kirchberg in Luxembourg. The EU's Human Rights Convention on the Constitutional Court in Warsaw is not compatible with the Polish Constitution. With this finding, the court posted a judgment of the European Court of Human Rights (EGRR) on Wednesday.

  Des chefs de partis souverainistes réunis à Varsovie pour débattre de l'UE © AFP

U Nova Fortifactors of the extreme right and conservative, including the national rally of Marine Le Pen , candidate for the French presidential election , and the Polish Law and Justice Party (PIS), signatories in July of a joint statement for an alliance, met Saturday in Warsaw to discuss their EU vision and try to get closer.

The discussions taking place in the Regent Hotel were inaugurated by the President of the PIS Jaroslaw Kaczynski . Before the beginning of the conference, a dozen protesters chanted in front of the hotel "No with fascism!", "Tripres!".

Friday, during the first day of his trip to Warsaw, Ms. Le Pen told the press that the objective of this meeting was to create "this great group" in the European Parliament where the sovereignist parties are currently divided into Two distinct groups.

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"We can consider with optimism in the months that come the outlet if you want from this political force" which, if it is born, "will be the second force within the European Parliament," she said. She said.

Among the signatories of the July Declaration are, in addition to Ms. Le Pen, the Head of the Italian League Matteo Salvini (absent in Warsaw), the Prime Minister and Pattern of the Hungarian Fidges Viktor Orban , Mr. Kaczynski, The President of Vox in Spain Santiago Abascal, as well as the Chaffe de Fratelli d'Italia, Giorgia Meloni.

In the European Parliament, the RN and the League belong to the identity and democracy group (ID), while Law and Justice, Vox and Fratelli of Italia are in the European Conservatives and Reform (CRE) group. The Fidesz, which divorced in March of the European People's Party (EPP), is it in search of other partners.

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"It's a long-term job of meeting all political movements. It takes time," said Le Pen, for whom Warsaw's meeting will be an "important step".

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The signatory parties of the declaration in July insisted the need for a "deep reform" of the 'EU fearing the "creation of a European super-state".

- "Historic Turning" -

according to Ewa Marciniak, Politologist of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the participants will try to "minimize differences between them", including their sometimes divergent positions against Moscow, on abortion, the LGBT movement, or their historical affiliations, emphasizing "the common will to find the roots of the EU".

This meeting between sovereignists intervenes in a particular context with the creation of a new government coalition in Germany and the recent signature of a Franco-Italian treaty for enhanced cooperation.

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"One of the elements of the new Coalition Agreement in Germany refers to the EU federalization", opposite the wishes of slopeting leaders, recalls Ewa Marciniak.

Friday, Polish Prime Minister Mesteusz Morawiecki considered that this is a "turning point in the history of Europe, the European Union, the EU's sovereign Member States".

"Let (...) be together we will put a barrage to the usurpation that concentrates the power in the hands of the European elites (...), or we will face the extension of the skills (of the European institutions, NDLR) And to the contraction of what is one of the best inventions of humanity, that is, sovereign states, "he said at a meeting of experts.

for its part, Katalin Novak, Hungarian Minister of the Family, assured that "the goal of Fidesz is to ensure that nationalist persons, pro-freedom, anti-immigration and respectful of traditional family values ​​are also represented strongly as possible in the European decision-making process ".

In October, Ms. Le Pen has already met MM. Morawiecki and Orban, to denounce "enslavement" of the EU and the "migratory submersion".

Poland and Hungary are threatened by an EU mechanism to suspend the payment of European funds in the event of a violation of the principles of the rule of law, because of their recurring unravels with Brussels on the respect of the values ​​judged fundamental within the European Union.

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