World Mali: a day of mobilization test against the sanctions of the cedao

15:20  14 january  2022
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Mali-Russian soldiers in Timbuktu after the French withdrawal

 Mali-Russian soldiers in Timbuktu after the French withdrawal Mali-Securite / Russia: Mali-Russian soldiers in Timbuktu after the French withdrawal Bamako, January 6 (Reuters) - Russian soldiers deployed in Timbuktu, in Northern Mali, in order to train Malian forces in a base that the French troops have left in December, a spokesman for the Malian army said on Thursday. The transitional government announced last month that "Russian trainers" had arrived in Mali, without saying anything about their assignment, nor of their number.

Vue de Bamako, la capitale du Mali, le 9 août 2018. (Image d'illustration) © Reuters / Luc Gnago View of Bamako, the capital of Mali, August 9, 2018. (Image of illustration)

Gel of assets within the BCEAO, border closures with Member States, suspension of transactions, Mali has therefore been heavily sanctioned Sunday by Cédéao and UEMOA. In cause: the will of the junta to stay in power for another four years. She who had begun in September 2020 to organize elections in February 2022. The Malian authorities denounced these sanctions. In response, they call this Friday, January 14 to a day of events throughout the country.

The military junta and its supports want to make this appointment a demonstration of force . "Since 9 (January), we are mobilizing people at all levels," says Konaté Bakora, the Secretary General of the National Collective of Mali Market Actors. We sent messages for everyone to mobilize throughout the extent of Malian territory, big cities to hamlets. It is to manifest the will of the people of Mali, the unwavering and unconditional support of the Malian people to the authorities of the transition, who are working for peace to come over all the extent of Malian territory, specifies-T. -He before adding: too it's too much! We want to tell Cédéao that we do not agree with it.

Mali: West African leaders hold heavy stakes

 Mali: West African leaders hold heavy stakes © AFP The West African leaders meet again Sunday on Mali, with the possibility of hardening or not the sanctions against a junta which After considering staying in power five more years, proposed at the last minute a new calendar.

for Bakora Konaté as for the representatives of the junta, these sanctions are unjustified . The country, they explain, needs important reforms especially in terms of security before they can organize elections. The resentment with regard to Cédéao is all the stronger as the transitional authorities and their supports accuse the sub-regional organization to be on the balance of the Western powers such as France. "For me, it constitutes in itself, certainly, a conspiracy murically reflected at the place of our country, explained Tuesday on our antennas Jeamille Bittar , the spokesman of the M5-RFP movement. I still remember that the French Defense Minister stated that France will use all means, including the help of Cédéao. "

Nationalist Wave After Sanctions against Mali

 Nationalist Wave After Sanctions against Mali The sanctions against Bamako awaken the anti-French sentiment on social networks, while the international community supports the Cédao. © Provided by FranceInfo Cut financial aids, frozen assets, closed boundaries ... The decision of the Community of West African States (Cédéao) to sanction the junta in power in Mali continues to arouse many reactions . Difficult to find on social networks a trace of support for the decision of Cédéao to sanction Malian power.

" It is virtually all the layers that are found "

the junta calls the population" to defend the homeland ". Citizens and associations that were not necessarily favorable to the military should go down the street this Friday. "Everyone has ended up and finally, it has become a question of patriotism, decrypts Hamadoun Bah, the secretary general of the banks' union. At the level of the unions, it is all the union plants and unions including the synergy of teachers who had deposited strike notice. It is virtually all the layers that end up, even those that clasp before. "

" National Union is needed "," said Wednesday on RFI Tiambon Hubert Coulibaly, the President of the UDD Party and a member of the Political Party Framework for a successful transition. But in the eyes of this former minister, to achieve such a unit, "we must already begin to ban certain postures that consist in stigmatizing part of the political class, to threaten it. For him, anyway, the responsibility of this situation is primarily on the junta. "The Malian people, today, in his situation, does not deserve to be under these sanctions," he explains. But the transitional authorities wear its full responsibility, in the same way they take responsibility for finding ways and means to get out as soon as possible.

Malians have shown in Bamako and the other major cities of the country

 Malians have shown in Bamako and the other major cities of the country © RFI / Kaourou Magassa demonstration in Bamako, Friday 14 January 2022. A monster crowd in the streets of Bamako and gatherings also in others Large cities of the country, this Friday, January 14, 2022 in Mali. The Malians responded massively to the call of the authorities of the transition which, in a statement read last Sunday on national television, launched a call for mobilization to say no to the sanctions of the CEDAO.

What ways and means then to get out of this situation? Algeria has called for a transition from 12 to 16 months. The country is visibly ready to invest in this issue. "Algiers has everything to gain as a mediator in this case, Judge Raouf Farrah, Senior Analyst to the Global Initiative NGO. I think the junta at some point will not be able to do without this option if one day the forces report becomes too difficult to manage. It will resort to Algiers for such a process. But it's not guaranteed.

Anyway these manifestations should already be scrutinized for magnifying glass by the heads of state of the region. Especially since they are supported by civil society associations, political parties or personalities from other countries of the continent as Singers Youssoufa and Alpha Blondy or the Burkina Faso citizen broom and the Senegalese movement ago In tired.

"We do not make it that just the Russians": Lambrecht rejects deduction of the Bundeswehr from Mali from .
in the crisis state Mali acting Russian mercenaries of Wagner. The Federal Defense Minister sees this reason for a German retreat. © Photo: DPA / Bernd von Jutrczenka Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has rejected an Bundeswehr deduction from the West African crisis state of Mali because of the existing Russian mercenary company Wagner . "We will not soften, we do not make it the Russians," said the SPD politician of the "World on Sunday".

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