World FABERGÉ-EI: 4 things that you did not know about it

12:55  17 april  2022
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Obama: I Underestimated the Threat of Disinformation

  Obama: I Underestimated the Threat of Disinformation Atlantic editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg in conversation with Barack Obama about the social web, Ukraine, and the future of democracyJeffrey Goldberg: Talk a little bit about Ukraine, where we are right now. Something that I think everybody here would appreciate is the chance to hear you talk about this through the prism of your knowledge of Vladimir Putin. You spent a lot of time with him, a lot of time grappling with him. Spend a couple of minutes, if you can, explaining where we are and where you think this is headed.


  Fabergé-Ei: 4 Dinge, die Sie nicht darüber wussten © Getty Images

You should know about the Fabergé egg.

& 1. Who was actually Peter-Karl Fabergé? Workers in Carl Faberge's Workshop © Getty Images Workers in Carl Faberge's Workshop

Pierre-Karl Fabergé is quasi, the name is already revealing it, the inventor of the Fabergé ice cream. But despite his opulence and preciousness, the Jewelier had a rather modest start in the industry. He was born on May 30, 1846 in Saint Petersburg as the son of a Protestant German family. His father, Gustav Fabergé, completed an apprenticeship as Goldsmith before opening his own little jewelery store in 1842. After his death in 1882, Pierre-Karl Fabergé took over the operation. In the same year, the jeweler is suddenly celebrated for his creations.

5 Things podcast: Reflections on USA Today's Women of the Year 2022

  5 Things podcast: Reflections on USA Today's Women of the Year 2022 James Brown of the 5 Things Podcast worked intimately on the Women of the Year podcast series. His takeaways from the five remarkable women in the series.We all know them. A mentor, a philanthropist, a doctor, an athlete; a woman in our lives who makes things better. Women like Simone Biles, the most accomplished female gymnast of all time or philanthropist Melinda French Gates.

& 2. Where is the Fabergé-egg? Fabergé Eggs © Getty Images FABERGÉ EGGS

The Fabergé-egg was originally an Easter Gift . Everything started in 1885, as Zar Alexander III. At the jeweler Pierre-Karl Fabergé a piece of jewelery in the form of an egg for his wife Maria Feodorovna ordered to Easter. It was a shell in the form of an egg, and in it hid a valuable gift. And so the Fabergé egg was born. The ZAR was so enthusiastic about the creation that he decided to give his girlfriend a new Fabergé-egg on Easter every year.

& 3. The egg was known but the egg by films © AFP "Octopussy"

The Fabergé-egg dived for the first time in the film "Octopussy", the thirteenth James Bond part from 1983, . After the murder of Agent 009, which had found himself in the British Embassy to give the ambassador to a Fabergé-egg, James Bond participates in his auction of the object. Also in "Ocean's Twelve" (2004) and "Intouchables" (2011) of Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano was a Fabergé ei.

"Trump knew exactly what was going on": Inside the thinking of the Jan. 6 committee

  Guardian reporter Hugo Lowell says Jan. 6 committee is close to understanding what Donald Trump knew, and when US President Donald Trump waits to speak on the phone with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to congratulate him on his recent election victory in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, DC, on June 27, 2017.

& 4. Several Fabergé eggs have disappeared The Constellation Egg, 1917. Artist: Russian Master, Factory Fabergé © Getty Images The Constellation Egg, 1917. Artist: Russian Master, Factory Fabergé

According to the Russian Revolution, several Fabergé eggs were stolen and hidden all over the world. Of 54 eggs produced seven lost and two, namely the "constellation" and the "Karelische Birkeni" from 1918, were manufactured, but never delivered. As an anecdote one mentioned that a Favorée egg worth 24 million euros was found in the display of an flea market in the Midwest of the USA. His owner, a scrap dealer, had bought it for 8,000 euros and planned to melt it to resell the gold - then he learned the true value of the ice.

first appeared at Vogue France .

& 2022_FFS_AD-Ostern_66.jpg © Birk Alisch 2022_FFS_AD-Eastern_66.jpg

Easter Eggs Hide differently: A hiding game in Venice


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‘American Idol’ Frontrunner Kenedi Anderson Breaks Silence After Quitting

  ‘American Idol’ Frontrunner Kenedi Anderson Breaks Silence After Quitting ‘American Idol’ Frontrunner Kenedi Anderson Breaks Silence After Quitting And suddenly, it’s anyone’s competition. After being declared the “biggest star” American Idol judge Luke Bryan has “ever seen,” Kenedi Anderson has removed herself from the ABC series. Kenedi Anderson: 5 Things to Know Read article “You might have noticed that there was no voting information during Kenedi’s performance just now,” host Ryan Seacrest said during the Monday, April 11, episode of the show after the 17-year-old performed “Human” by Christina Perri.

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HHSpring_image_Kahler_b.jpg © Keiker hhspring_image_kahler_b.jpg

Osterdeko 2022: The most beautiful novelties for the holidays


in two weeks is Easter - time enough to take care of the appropriate Easter decoration for the upcoming holidays. AD has ever searched and collected and shows the most beautiful accessories for the party - and of course the Easter test!

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What Joe Manchin told Steve Clemons at dinner .
On this week’s show, Playbook author Ryan Lizza talks to Steve Clemons, Editor At Large of The Hill, D.C. operator and Joe Manchin’s confidant.How Steve met Joe Manchin:

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