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Attention: You should never apply sunscreen at this point

Saturday  00:11,   22 august 2020

© Provided by COSMOPOLITAN Sunscreen Sunscreen is good and important! At this point only, you'd better leave them out. We'll tell you the reason. When it comes to sunscreen, every beauty editor is in favor of the same thing: You should wear it... >>>

Really true: this is the healthiest fast food in the world

Tuesday  22:16,   28 july 2020

© provided by COSMOPOLITAN the healthiest fast food fast food is not necessarily a flattering figure and is considered unhealthy. In fact, there is a quick dish that can even be described as healthy. fast food sometimes has to be easy! Whether... >>>

The most beautiful names for summer babies

Wednesday  14:17,   08 july 2020

Baby names inspired by summer sound wonderful, make you happy and are something very special. Click here for our favorites © istockphoto We love these wonderful summer names istockphoto If you have your baby in summer and are still trying to find a >>>

8 amazing parenting tips Charley Webb swears by

Monday  17:26,   08 june 2020

Emmerdale star Charley Webb has three sons and has some clever techniques to keep everyone happy and entertained at home. Here are the 8 parenting tips she swears... >>>

Gemini Compatibility: Who Can Wow This Sign?

Monday  15:16,   08 june 2020

Who is your perfect match? Find out... >>>

Couple reveal secret to 65-year marriage is being friends and always having plenty to talk about

Sunday  17:30,   07 june 2020

A couple who have been married for 65 years say the secret to a long and happy marriage is being friends and always having plenty to talk about. David and Margaret Matthews have been married for more than six decades - but they say they’ve yet to... >>>

Fern Britton reveals she still misses ex-husband Phil Vickery

Sunday  15:20,   07 june 2020

Fern Britton has revealed she still misses ex-husband Phil Vickery after the pair announced they were separating earlier this year. The former couple were wed for twenty years and share 18-year-old daughter Winnie but announced their split... >>>

3 zodiac signs that become engaged in the quarantine

Friday  16:20,   05 june 2020

The chances of a marriage proposal during the corona quarantine are particularly good for the following zodiac signs © istockphoto These zodiac signs could become engaged during the quarantine istockphoto Taurus The Taurus has never been a big fan... >>>

'My cheating ex is living downstairs with his new partner during lockdown'

Friday  15:10,   05 june 2020

'My cheating ex is living downstairs with his new partner during lockdown'Michael and I met three years ago at a restaurant located right around the corner from my then-apartment in Birmingham, Michigan. I was designing and planning a... >>>

Depression, recovery, and love: the story of James Middleton, Kate's brother

Friday  15:10,   05 june 2020

Depression, recovery, and love: the story of James Middleton, Kate's... >>>

Father's Day Gift Guide 2020: the best presents for your dad

Friday  15:10,   05 june 2020

Ideas on what to buy the main man in your lifeBefore you buy all the Father's Day gifts, we've pulled together some useful information to help you bag the best pressie... >>>

Anne Hegerty struggles with intimacy

Friday  14:36,   05 june 2020

Anne Hegerty never "falls in love" with real people and feels "overwhelmed" by intimacy.The 61-year-old quizzer - who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a form of autism, in her 40s - feels "overwhelmed" by intimacy "shuts down" in the presence... >>>

Love Island star Malin Andersson opens up about surviving abusive relationship

Friday  14:36,   05 june 2020

"My message to others is: Don't give up."Love Island star Malin Andersson has opened up about her experience of domestic violence, comparing her abusive relationship to living "in a... >>>

The stark loneliness of digital togetherness

Friday  14:35,   05 june 2020

Zoom, FaceTime, and other video calls have become the sole way for some friends and family to connect during quarantine. But does it really bring us closer, or only highlight the distance?The wedding Hayden Dawes and his husband, Nick, envisioned... >>>

How to Hug During a Pandemic

Thursday  18:15,   04 june 2020

How to Hug During a... >>>