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13:45  01 may  2018
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Children's Fitness Levels Directly Impact Their Chance Of Lung Disease Later On

  Children's Fitness Levels Directly Impact Their Chance Of Lung Disease Later On Children who have good fitness levels during childhood and adolescence have better lung function when they grow up and become adults, a study has found. In the first (and largest) study of its kind, a team of scientists have confirmed what they long suspected to be true - but had no evidence for - that your early years’ health does have a bearing on the rest of your life. In fact, it could go so far as to lower the risk of developing lung disease.

root 6 days ago. Those who died of fossil-fuel related cancers or asthma , those dying due to damage to their local environment / climate, those dying in (at least partially) climate-driven conflicts David Buckel sacrificed himself in the name of a noble cause—galvanizing the world to act on climate.

David Buckel made the choice to burn himself to death with fossil fuels to call our attention to the damage that burning fossil fuels is creating for humanity and for the world ’ s ecosystems. As we consider Buckel’ s action, think too of those who are killed every day by climate polluters without notice.

  Don’t Let My Son’s Death Be In Vain This World Asthma Day © Provided by Huffington Post UK What springs to mind when you think of asthma?

A bit of wheezing here, a puff of an inhaler there? A condition that’s ‘not that serious’?

Well, when I think of asthma, I think of my beautiful son Tiernan. I think of him fighting for breath, his lips turning blue, as I desperately gave him CPR on the lounge floor. I think of the way he told me: ‘Mum, I’m going to die tonight’, as he appeared at my bedroom door having an asthma attack, just minutes before he collapsed. And I think of the gaping hole my fun-loving, selfless, football-mad son left in our lives when he died from an asthma attack in January last year, aged just 20.

New Drug Could Lead To A More Effective Asthma Treatment

  New Drug Could Lead To A More Effective Asthma Treatment A new treatment has been discovered that could prove more effective than the current medication used to treat millions of asthma sufferers around the globe. The treatment was discovered by teams from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and Shanghai University after sifting through some 6,000 different compounds.Eventually they found a drug called (TSG12) that relaxes the muscles and opens the airways in those suffering from asthma.The treatment, which is non-toxic to humans, prevents pulmonary resistance in those suffering from egg and dust mite induced asthma.

WORLD CUP 2018 in Russia is fast approaching and perhaps its arrival is triggering. His body was recovered on February 15, on her son ’ s Zion’s birthday. He turned 12 that day . We do not want Chevonne’ s death to go in vain ,” Pete-Ann said.

In the days since the attack that killed 17 people here, I have continued replaying those terrifying moments in my head. It began when a fire alarm went off just before school was supposed to end. We can’ t let innocent people’ s deaths be in vain .

You see, this World Asthma Day, I want to share the story about my son Tiernan to show that asthma is serious and how important it is that charities like Asthma UK get funding so they can continue their research to find a cure for asthma.

  Don’t Let My Son’s Death Be In Vain This World Asthma Day © Provided by Getty Tiernan had had asthma since he was very young, but we didn’t think it was that bad. He took his blue reliever inhaler when he felt wheezy but never touched his brown preventer inhaler, which would have helped to control his asthma symptoms. Preventer inhalers help to reduce any underlying inflammation in the airways, meaning they are less likely to react to asthma triggers over time. After we lost him, we were told that he had taken his reliever inhaler more than 30 times on the day of his death. To put this in perspective, most people with asthma shouldn’t be taking their reliever inhaler more than three times in a week.

Dark chocolate could be more effective against colds than Vitamin C

  Dark chocolate could be more effective against colds than Vitamin C When you’re struck down with a cold, the first thing you probably reach for is orange or lemon juice. However, while both fruits do contain vitamin C, which plays a large part in staving off colds, there is a high quantity of sugar (fructose) present in the juice which isn’t good for you at all. Eating […]However, while both fruits do contain vitamin C, which plays a large part in staving off colds, there is a high quantity of sugar (fructose) present in the juice which isn’t good for you at all.

I am a living witness of the damage to self, soul and body wrought by the tragic loss of a dearly, beloved son . I struggle through days when, in my sorrow and distress, as a disconsolate mother, I feel like giving up but for the sanctifying grace of a loving God and Let Mikhail' s life not have been in vain .

“We don ’ t want to go back into the dark days of fear and terror.” Extremist republican terrorists are believed to have targeted the 25-year-old rookie because he was a Catholic who joined the police. Don ’ t let his death be in vain .

It was January last year when Tiernan came to my bedroom door in the middle of the night, gasping for breath and terrified. He was pale, his lips and ears had turned blue and although he was taking his blue reliever inhaler, it wasn’t helping. I immediately called for an ambulance and was on the phone when he turned to me and said: “Mum, I’m going to die tonight”. 

I’ll never forget him standing there like that. It was the most frightening moment of my life.

Minutes later, Tiernan collapsed in my husband Stephen’s arms and stopped breathing. I started to give him CPR while my daughter Mise-Eire, who was 18 at the time, continued to talk to the paramedics. Despite my desperate attempts he just completely deteriorated in front of our eyes.

  Don’t Let My Son’s Death Be In Vain This World Asthma Day © Provided by Getty The paramedics arrived a few minutes later and took over. They put a heart monitor on him and IV drips and were working on him for about an hour.

This Woman Lost 150 Lbs. Only to Be Bullied Online and Regain Weight — 'I Got Death Threats'

  This Woman Lost 150 Lbs. Only to Be Bullied Online and Regain Weight — 'I Got Death Threats' <p>In 2015, weight loss Instagrammer Stephanie Seabrook went viral for writing on her stomach the cruel comments she used to hear about her weight. But after she had skin removal surgery, she began to receive death threats.</p>“At first I tried to just shrug it off, and not think about it, but it started to get progressively worse and more frequent,” Seabrook, 30, tells PEOPLE of the cyberbullying.

World . Politics. I can't walk away and let someone else die and I don ' t want Dean to have died in vain ." And while in the days leading up to his death he had tried to self-harm and talked about killing himself, his care plan was not altered, Mr Saunders said.

In an emotional tribute to her son on Mother’ s Day , Mrs Kerr said: “He was a wonderful son and brother, always had a smile and a helping hand for everyone.” Don ’ t let his death be in vain .”

I could see that the life had drained from my Tiernan, but completely frantic and in total shock, I tried to take over the CPR from the paramedics. I knew they had done everything they possibly could, but I couldn’t just give up on my son, I had to try everything to keep him with us, even though I knew in my heart that he was already gone.

Tiernan was quiet but he was caring and lived life to the full. We didn’t realise just how popular he was until after he’d gone, but he’d clearly left an impression with a huge number of people. He meant the absolute world to Stephen and I, and the pain and incredible hole his death has left in our family is completely overwhelming. You can’t begin put the loss of a child into words.

The most upsetting thing for us is that Tiernan’s death was probably preventable.

We will never know for sure, but I am convinced that if Tiernan had been taking his preventer medication properly, he would still be with us today. It’s extremely distressing, but this is the reality for many people who have lost a loved one to asthma.

Around three people die from asthma each day, according to charity Asthma UK, which offers health advice and funds research into a cure for asthma. And a staggering two thirds of asthma deaths in the UK are preventable like Tiernan’s.

10 physical conditions that could be causing your anxiety

  10 physical conditions that could be causing your anxiety Anxiety symptoms may be giving you important clues about your health.NHS Choices lists numerous anxiety symptoms, including feelings of dread, sweating, shortness of breath, panic attacks, fatigue, irritability and trouble concentrating. But though anxiety is a medical condition in its own right, there can sometimes be a physical reason for your symptoms – and treating it can bring the anxious feelings to an end.

There’ s a new initiative called STL Forward aiming to bring the St. Louis community together after whatever the Ferguson grand jury decides. And Michael Brown‘ s father is in one of their videos, asking concerned individuals not to engage in violence so his son won’ t have died in vain .

In September 2017, the two-and-a-half-year-old male orca — one of just 76 endangered southern resident killer whales left in the world — died a painful, wasting death . Don ’ t let J52 have died in vain .

Shockingly, new figures today from Asthma UK have revealed that the UK has one of the worst asthma death rates in the whole of Europe, and that the rate of people dying from an asthma attack has actually increased by 20% in the last five years. It’s just not good enough.

  Don’t Let My Son’s Death Be In Vain This World Asthma Day © Provided by Getty Everyone needs to play their part this World Asthma Day to help prevent deaths from asthma attacks. Doctors and nurses need to give asthma patients the care they need. People with asthma also need to help themselves and make sure they take their asthma seriously, see their asthma nurse and take their medications properly.

That’s the reason I am so passionate about working with Asthma UK and getting Tiernan’s story out there. As a mum, I don’t think I realised just how important it was that people with asthma take the right medication at the right time and it’s so important that other parents know. As someone who has lost a child to an asthma attack, I don’t want any other parent to go through what we have. I don’t want my boy to have died in vain.

There are 5.4 million people with asthma in the UK, and if my talking about my son’s death saves just one person from losing their life, or stops one parent losing their child, then that will be worth it for me. I’m begging everyone to please, take asthma seriously. You never think you’ll lose a loved one to asthma until it’s too late.

Nocturnal 'night owls' risk early death

  Nocturnal 'night owls' risk early death People who stay up late and struggle in the mornings are more likely to die early, a new study has found.  Tracking 500,000 Britons over six years, researchers found night owls had a 10% greater risk of premature death than those who go to bed early and spring out of bed in the mornings.The risk was the same even when common problems night owls have, like metabolic dysfunction and heart disease, were factored in.The scientists behind the work are calling for employers to better adapt work schedules to fit their employees' sleep patterns.

The grief-stricken mother of a man who died in a crash begged drivers yesterday to be more careful on the roads and not let her son � s death be in vain . Kareen Richardson was speaking after a woman admitted causing the death of her 23-year-old son Jokeem in a crash last year.

Latest Shared Story. I so relate with you as my son died from asthma . But how I don ' t know. I no longer love myself. I hate my life and this world more every day . I felt like my prayers that night were in vain but as time went by I noticed that my sons death was not in vain .

Asthma UK is a charity which provides advice and guidance to people with the asthma through its website and nurse-staffed telephone helpline, and funds research into a cure for asthma. Support people with asthma this World Asthma Day at www.asthma.org.uk/donate

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