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14:15  24 january  2020
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Exercise ‘can help ward off the blues’

  Exercise ‘can help ward off the blues’ Just 30 minutes of exercise per day can help beat depression – even in people with a family history of the condition, research suggests.Compared to couch potatoes, people who exercised for about 30 minutes a day had a lower risk, but even those who were more active benefited from increasing their exercise.

I pictured the kids pulling out their sketch pads and journals, full of creativity after returning from the In a city where the past rises up so forcefully around you even the kids couldn’t miss the Funnily enough, it takes visiting a school science fair on Marmara Island, a Turkish summer resort in the Sea

Ed Policy. So, when my daughter Naomi begged to take a LEGO robotics class at her elementary school two years ago I said yes because it sounded like a door to the future. The logical problem solving and algorithmic thinking at the core of computer science force kids to think about thinking

female high school educator writing sex education on chalkboard © Getty female high school educator writing sex education on chalkboard Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not represent the views of MSN or Microsoft.

Welsh parents - or rather, parents of children at Welsh schools - will no longer be able to remove their children from sex or religious education lessons. Which initially sounds like a good thing. Surely all children should be given a chance to learn about the birds and the bees, and avoid the embarrassment of having to sit in the corridor with a book while everyone else watches a video about gonorrhoea. I vividly remember teasing a boy named Gerard (not a head start) because his mum hadn’t given permission to go to the lesson about ‘willies’. But now that I’m an adult, I wonder if I might make the same choice that Gerard’s parents did when it comes to sex education.

9 ways to trim your kids’ nails without a total meltdown

  9 ways to trim your kids’ nails without a total meltdown For some kids, having their nails trimmed is NBD. For others, just seeing the clippers causes a major freakout. If your kid is phobic, try these tips.1.

Kids are applying to college, getting in, and starting freshman year — then dropping out of college in record “ I think advisors should be meeting with students two or three times that first semester, but in many “They have to take general ed courses that are a lot like the classes you take in high school

He spoke out when asked about controversial Safe Schools sex ed curriculum. The new Prime Minister was asked what he thinks about sex ed classes requiring children in Year 8 to role-play It's not happening in the school I send my kids to, and that's one of the reasons I send them there.

The assumption is that if you don’t allow your children to go to sex education at school it’s because you’re controlling, or old fashioned, or religious. Because you don’t want your children to learn about sex. But perhaps that’s unfair. In some cases, it must be the opposite.

Gallery: Parents should start teaching sex ed while their children are in diapers, experts say (INSIDER)

a close up of a banana:     Experts in sex    education say that parents should start teaching children    about their bodies before their babies can even talk.         It's important - from the start - to call body parts by their    accurate terms, so that children do not feel ashamed about their    bodies, and are able to report abusive behavior.         To educate about consent, parents should tell children that    they       don't have to hug or kiss anyone they don't want to      interact with.               Visit Insider's homepage for more      stories.           One day, your toddler will point to a pregnant woman, cock their    head, and ask,
I started my career in journalism as a sex writer, and as such have spent a lot of my life interviewing experts, reading academic papers, attending workshops and thinking about the spectrum of human sexuality. I have in the past called myself a sexpert (though there is absolutely no bar for that qualification, so anyone could claim the title.) I care about sex a great deal. So the idea of someone else teaching my future progeny about sex is somewhat terrifying.

Hillstep Scottish Championship will raise vital funds for cancer charity

  Hillstep Scottish Championship will raise vital funds for cancer charity The money rasied is inspired by the battle of Strathaven instructor Karen Macdonald, who has continued classes while undergoing chemotherapy. Hiitstep has taken off throughout the country and involves a 30 minute workout using bodyweight and a step to house music. It is founded and owned by Dave Readle a former Team GB cyclist and Laura, 43, won a female event in Gateshead in June of this year. She has decided to hold a Scottish Championship this Saturday, November 23 at Xercise4Less, which will be a masterclass followed by a battle of the fittest.

Thinking about taking your kids out of school for a vacation? For obvious reasons , the younger your children are, the easier it is to pull off a vacation during school time. Pulling your children out of school for family vacations is not something you want to do on a regular basis—certainly not more

According to Dr. Greenberg, you should take a deep breath before you demand special education services. I am glad he did, It taught me to work hard I may have not gone far in a career choice or being AP in my class but i got through it and I believe many other kids can too.

We can all remember at least one terrible teacher in the history of our education. Whether it’s a Maths teacher who made fractions seem beyond complicated, or an English teacher who destroyed your ability to enjoy poetry, bad teachers exist. Perhaps because they are overworked, overtired or undervalued. But bad nonetheless. It’s a risk you accept when you send your children out into the world. But while I can make my peace with the idea of my little darlings being put off oxbow lakes by a miserable Geography tutor, I cannot accept that someone might mess up their sex education. It’s just too important.

Sex education is, at the moment, not provided by a centralised service. Children in schools will learn the social side of sex education from whoever provides their PHSE lessons, and the biological side from a science teacher. Many of the people who teach sex education will not have had any specialist training in how to impart stigma free, thoughtful information in order to equip young people with a healthy attitude to sex.

West Belfast 'Ats Us Nai Kidz' release sneak peek of song they recorded to help save lives from suicide

  West Belfast 'Ats Us Nai Kidz' release sneak peek of song they recorded to help save lives from suicide Youngsters from 'Ats Us Nai' youth group gave us a sneak peek of their their half term break to make music with a message of hopeSome of the young performers told Belfast Live how mental health has touched their lives in a community being "ripped to shreds through suicide, depression and anxiety".

“ I never pegged you for a dropout,” a family friend said when I moved back home to sleepy I had trained to be a professional ballet dancer in high school and was used to hard work so at first I thought that I just needed to try harder to take advantage I dropped classes and opted out of study abroad.

I thought I might throw up even as relief washed over me and I was hit with all kinds of emotions: Disbelief Now, my children simply text me in between classes if they feel sick. " I think I have a fever. I spend a lot of time telling my kids that they have to wait for some things: Rated R movies.

  I Plan To Take My Kids Out Of Sex Ed Classes - But Not For The Reason You'd Think © Getty My academic education was outstanding, but the quality of sex education was appalling, and predominantly influenced by fire and brimstone - perhaps to be expected at a Catholic boarding school. I was subjected to reems of made up facts such as ‘condoms are only 40% effective’ and ‘the majority of people don’t have sex before marriage’. I was taught that masturbation is a sin, that sex before marriage was always a mistake. I was 18 when I learned how HIV is transmitted or that there were numerous STIs of which I had never previously heard.

Because sex is such a stigmatised conversational topic, steeped in euphemistic language, it’s easy for myths to endure. I’ve met intelligent adults who believe that there is a limit to how many times you can take the morning after pill, or that having an abortion can impact your fertility.

While it is tempting to avoid what can be an uncomfortable conversation, do you really want to trust a complete stranger to do the heavy lifting on your children’s’ sex education? Because until all PSHE teachers are obliged to stick to a prewritten script, created by sexual health professionals, or sex education is taught by visiting experts, I’m just not sure how we can trust something quite so important to them.

  I Plan To Take My Kids Out Of Sex Ed Classes - But Not For The Reason You'd Think © Getty It looks likely that England and Scotland will follow Wales and make sex education obligatory for all state educated children. So while you may no longer have the option to take your child out of the lesson, you can make sure that before they attend a PSHE lesson, you’ve already started a conversation about sex, and made them aware that it’s not dirty or shameful, and that they can ask you any questions they might have. 

Calls for better mental health support for kids in Stockton .
More school kids report feeling dissatisfied with their lives now than in 2016A report by the council acknowledges the decline as an area for improvement, but parents say it's not enough.

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