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14:17  08 july  2020
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Low-riding pushchairs could be exposing children to alarming levels of pollution

  Low-riding pushchairs could be exposing children to alarming levels of pollution A study comparing types of pushchairs and prams has been conducted by the University of SurreyResearchers at the University of Surrey investigated the amounts of harmful pollutants potentially being inhaled by babies in different types of prams and pushchairs.

Looking for summer baby names that are beautiful , unique, cute and popular? Check out our list of 32 summer names to find the perfect one for your This cheery, bright English name for a baby girl or baby boy means exactly what it sounds like and is a great choice for your bundle of sunshine.

And since many summer babies are born under the Leo zodiac sign, it's a fun nod to the new king of your jungle. 12. Brooklyn. These names are perfect for summer -born twins – Aidan has Gaelic roots and means "fire", while Amaya has Spanish/Japanese roots and means "rain".

Baby names inspired by summer sound wonderful, make you happy and are something very special. Click here for our favorites

Wir lieben diese wundervoll sommerlichen Namen istockphoto © istockphoto We love these wonderful summer names istockphoto

If you have your baby in summer and are still trying to find a name, we can remedy the situation. For example, how about a name inspired by the warmest season? These pretty and summery baby names are exceptional and perfect for June, July, August and September babies. These are our top five:

summer names for girls:

1. Aurora . The name means "goddess of dawn" in Latin.

2. Isla . This Scottish baby name refers to a river in Iceland and is also reminiscent of the English word "Iceland" - meaning island and thus also summer.

Parents Are Naming Their Babies After COVID-19 In These Pandemic Times

  Parents Are Naming Their Babies After COVID-19 In These Pandemic Times Parents Are Naming Their Babies After COVID-19 In These Pandemic TimesThat’s what one couple in India just did. The father, Omveer Singh, said that this was the couple’s way of contributing. “Whenever people will talk of corona, they will remember that it was sanitiser that saved them,” the proud dad told the Deccan Herald.

Beach baby names are also right for summer babies , as are names relating to warm weather.Along with Summer , Juliet, and August, popular Summer is one of the nicest times of year to have a baby , the warm weather and slow pace making it that much easier to relax into new motherhood.

Then these names that have been voted to be the most beautiful are exactly the choices parents need! When looking for a name that says “ beauty Literary characters, authors, and dancers are all lovely sources for names both classic and unique. Others see the beauty in nature’s adornments of

3. Lin . The name is Burmese for "bright" and can also be seen as a unique variation of Linda.

4. Luna . means "moon" and is reminiscent of a clear, bright moon in the mild summer night sky.

5. Maresa . This unusual name means something like "the summer".

These baby names are causing a stir

Summer names for boys:

1. Julian . A popular boy's name that means "young" and "carefree", which fits perfectly with summer.

2. Kai . This now well-known name means "sea" in Hawaii and "willow tree" in the Navajo.

3. Leo , means lion and can stand for the zodiac sign of the same name, which people born in summer have.

4th Luca . In Latin, the variant Lucius also means "Bringer of Light".

5. Robin / Robert means "the sun-like" and "the radiant".

Baby born with amazing head of hair after it was so thick it was spotted on the scan .
A baby whose hair was so thick it was visible in her mother’s 34 week scan, surprised doctors after being born with a full head of dark hair. Though her mum Alexandra Jechorek, 21, from Dublin had been expecting some hair as it had been seen on a scan while daughter Maya was in the womb, she was still surprised at her newborn’s glossy locks. “We’d already found out we were expecting a girl at the previous scan, so at 34 weeks, we were just excited to see how much she’d grown,” Jechorek says .“When the midwife turned the screen around, I honestly couldn't believe my eyes.“There was this tiny little baby on the scan with a full head of hair.

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