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22:16  28 july  2020
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Why Your Diet Isn't Working For You

  Why Your Diet Isn't Working For You Ever wondered why your diet plan isn’t working for you? It may be one or two of these reasons. Why Your Diet Plan Is Failing There is no shortage of diet fads that people can follow nowadays, starting from the easy ones to the ones that require a lot of patience and discipline. Among the more popular ones include the keto diet, the paleo diet, intermittent fasting and the highly-regarded Mediterranean diet. Whatever the diet, there is a common goal to be found in these people, which is the fact that a lot of them want to lose weight and hopefully start developing healthier choices along the way.

Das gesündeste Fast Food © provided by COSMOPOLITAN the healthiest fast food fast food is not necessarily a flattering figure and is considered unhealthy. In fact, there is a quick dish that can even be described as healthy.

fast food sometimes has to be easy! Whether burger, currywurst, french fries, pizza or kebab - from time to time we feel like eating fatty food. Naturally well-aware that fast food does not get any points on the nutritional scale, which makes jeans tighter with regular consumption and is simply unhealthy for our body (the US document "Supersize Me" has shown it impressively). But there is also fast food that you can confidently eat without feeling guilty.

Food blogger shares secret ingredient to perfectly crispy roast potatoes – and you'll either love or hate it!

  Food blogger shares secret ingredient to perfectly crispy roast potatoes – and you'll either love or hate it! Food blogger shares secret ingredient to perfectly crispy roast potatoes – and you'll either love or hate it!Sometimes too much oil makes them soggy, too little oil and there's no golden crunch.

This is the healthiest fast food

By fast food we mean fast dishes that are intended for immediate consumption. In addition to the classics mentioned above, this also includes burritos, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, sweets such as cakes or donuts and hot dogs. Many foods drip with fat, are made from wheat flour or wrapped in a thick breadcrumbs. Dietary fiber, vitamins , minerals? Nothing.

Not so with the following fast food: falafel! Yes, exactly, the small, round balls from the Middle East. At this point, however, we must note that the word "healthy" may be an exaggeration, since falafel balls are fried. Nevertheless, they represent the "lesser evil" and at least supply our body with more nutrients than a portion of french fries.

The healthy fast food alternative: Falafel

A portion of fries (100 grams) have 312 calories. The same amount of falafel balls has 333 calories (a falafel ball weighs about 20 grams) - and is still healthier because the balls score with their nutrients. The main ingredient in falafel balls is chickpeas. And a serving of these legumes (around 165 grams) covers

The 5:2 diet: it requires willpower but can be powerfully effective

  The 5:2 diet: it requires willpower but can be powerfully effective The 5:2 diet is an intermittent fasting plan that some say lets you have your cake, eat it AND lose weightThe term intermittent fasting refers to meal plans that revolve around regulated, periods of eating and then not eating, and there are several ways you can use intermittent fasting for weight loss. The most popular variations of intermittent fasting are the 5:2 and the 16:8 diets. On the 16:8 diet you only eat during an eight hour period, and therefore fast for 16 hours a day (obviously, the period when you are asleep is included in this, which helps a tad.

70 percent of the daily folic acid requirement, 65 percent of the copper requirement and 50 percent of the fiber requirement.

falafel also provide iron and zinc, have a low glycemic index and are therefore also suitable for diabetics. The additional spices, including cumin and curry, stimulate digestion. The plant substance saponine contained in them has a lipid-lowering effect and protects the heart and circulation. The only downside is frying - but that's all. Add a bit of salad and quick, you have a healthy fast food meal!

And if you are in the mood for fries, burgers and Co., we have a trick for you that avoids unnecessary calories .

Ketchup or Mayo? Which is the Healthiest Condiment? .
Can one truly reign supreme in the health stakes when the chips are down? We dip into the facts It's a debate that's been raging on for years, and quite rightly so. There are just some things not to be taken lightly, and when it comes down to what you dunk your chips in, well, it doesn't get any bigger, or serious, than this. Note: for those of you who mix both ketchup and mayo together, kindly leave. You simply aren't welcome here. The Big NumbersMayo£171.1mThe total sales of mayo in the UK per year. Made possible by the 6.6 million people sticking a knife into a jar at least once a week.

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