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17:50  31 july  2021
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"ancient", "Nothing well", "underground" - so the German railway sports enthusiasts feel their quarters at Olympia. The performance should not suffer from it.

Schönes Velodrom, aber das Drumherum gefällt zumindest den deutschen Sportlern gar nicht. © Photo: Imago Beautiful Velodrom, but the trumber does not like at least the German athletes.

at the beginning was the shock. "I had somehow different from Rio," said Emma Hinze on Saturday about her accommodation at Olympia in an online press hour. For a few days, the German team is now in Japan, where the railway teams live in their own bubble, because the Izu Velodrom is three hours outside of Tokyo center. And the condominium is even another 45 minutes from the hall, in which the decisions fall from Monday.

Olympia duos fail in the second round of Gstaad

 Olympia duos fail in the second round of Gstaad The German beach volleyball duos are not in shape two weeks before the Olympic Games. Thole / winder and women fail in Gstaad. © Provided by sport1.de Olympia duos failed in the second round of Gstaad The German beach volleyball duos are looking for two weeks before the Olympics (July 23 to 8 August) after their shape.

of the Olympia feeling is missing there, but every trace is missing: "Unfortunately, there was no effort to make our village somehow Olympic," said the Berlin Maximilian Levy, for the fourth Olympic Games . One would have quartered the athletes in the investment of 1964, when Tokyo had ever hosted the summer games. "It's ancient and nothing maintained and maintained. There is also something that suggests that we are here at Olympia, "Levy reported.

National coach Detlef Uibel regretted that his athletes do not even visit the right Olympic village and said, "We are completely among us and castrated." Sportsman who participate in Olympia for the first time would have reacted to the accommodation for the first time. "Because she had imagined that a bit differently", told Emma Hinze .

Olympia farce? It's not that easy

 Olympia farce? It's not that easy The criticism of Olympia in Tokyo is great. For many athletes and athletes, the discharge is supervising. The sports1 comment. © Provided by sport1.de Olympia farce? It's not that easy burning the fire, the Olympic summer games are opened. that Olympia is not a normal pleasure in Tokyo in times of pandemic, everyone has been clear everyone for quite some time. The opening ceremony has confirmed this.

particularly disturbing the athletes feel that everything was so cramped. "We have extremely little place to four or fifth in a 50-square meter apartment. There is a bathroom that is so big that I put in and a bathtub, because I could bathe a child but not two, "Levy told and called the living quality as" underground ". Nonetheless, the team spirit was unbroken even if the whole thing had something of a "youth hostel with rustic charm", so Levy continued.

already the German footballers had complained about the flair at Olympia

Now the railway sports enthusiasts are not football professionals. The German coach Stefan Kuntz had already complained about the lack of atmosphere after the departure of his team. "We were locked up, were not allowed to go to the street. We were only allowed to open a balcony after a long time. I have to say: I would like to have more Olympic flair, "Kuntz had said.

Spectators at Olympia? IOC Power Print

 Spectators at Olympia? IOC Power Print The International Olympic Committee (IOC) sets in Beijing in Beijing at the 1922 Winter Games. © Provided by Sport1.de Spectators at Olympia? IOC Makes Print The International Olympic Committee (IOC) sets the return of the audience at the 1922 winter games in Beijing.

The reactions of the footballers have noted the German cyclists, but they can also properly classify. Ultimately, it does not need much comfort to succeed: "At the end of the day we are getting getting used to grief and worries. We do not care about us, we live four years for it. Our focus is solely on the race, "Levy made it clear.

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The road driver from Germany could not in Tokyo Convincing, on the contrary - the headlines were even pretty negative after the racism eclat for sports director Patrick Moster. Now the railroad drivers want to improve the German balance sheet, as they often succeeded.

"If we do it, we stop," Levy said only briefly. The first medal elevation has Emma Hinze on Monday in the Teamsprint of Women, forecasts, she gives it in advance but as always no. Maybe she can turn the skewer in Izu-Velodrom but then swift the opponents - and then throw a small party with the teammates in their youth hostel.

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