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The Huge Parenting Mistake I Didn't Realize I was Making

Monday  08:20,   16 january 2017

"What I'm seeing is that your son feels like he has too much power in your home," the therapist said. "He needs you guys to be in charge, not him." The words felt like a slap in the face, but I got it. I'd meant well. A natural nurturer, I'd...[...]

Why Do We Choose To Have Children?

Monday  08:20,   16 january 2017

During one of my son's infamous sleep strikes, I posed the question to my husband, 'Why do people have children?' My husband's answer was a typically male pragmatic one: 'because we have an innate need to...[...]

4 tips to stand out during the busiest online dating season of the year

Sunday  15:55,   15 january 2017

The first week of the year is generally the busiest time for online-dating services. PlentyofFish, for example, expected to see a whopping 48% increase in traffic on January 1, according to a press release. And Bustle reports that other services —...[...]

This Is Who You're More Likely To Swipe Right On As You Age

Sunday  15:55,   15 january 2017

When it comes to relationships, we tend to be attracted to people who are really similar to us, right down to the genetics. The study, conducted by researchers at Queensland University of Technology and published in the journal Personality and...[...]

This photo shows what breast cancer can look and feel like

Friday  15:00,   13 january 2017

This photo shows what breast cancer can look and feel likeErin Smith Chieze decided to share her story on Facebook, in retaliation to a “game” going round where people post a heart to supposedly raise awareness for breast...[...]

8 common myths about mental health

Friday  07:45,   13 january 2017

We teamed up with Rethink Mental Illness to dispel some of the more common and harmful myths around mental health.Despite a quarter of the population experiencing mental health problems in their lifetime, there is clearly still a distinct lack of...[...]

Rash on woman's legs thought to be from shaving turned out to be cancer

Thursday  14:35,   12 january 2017

Rhiannon Douglas, 21, was later told the rash on her legs was a rare indicator of her Hodgkin's lymphoma.When Rhiannon Douglas, 21, of Staffordshire, England, noticed red patches up and down her legs, she was quick to dismiss...[...]

This fit young woman was having strokes, and doctors didn’t know why

Wednesday  10:00,   11 january 2017

Adrift on a sea of possible causes, she took charge of her health and found the answer.The 33-year-old knew she had to get to a hospital — and fast. Hardeman was fairly sure she had just had a stroke, her second in less than three years. But she had [...]

How Bad Is It to Reuse a Tissue?

Wednesday  08:25,   11 january 2017

Battling a cold is exhausting: Battling symptoms like sore throat, cough, congestion, and sneezing can steal your will to get up and go. Still, work beckons so you force yourself to head back in. Unfortunately because you are still exhausted...[...]

If you have dark circles around your eyes it could be a sign of something more serious

Tuesday  11:50,   10 january 2017

If you have dark circles around your eyes it could be a sign of something more seriousNormally that’s just a sign that you shouldn’t have had that third drink/ binged those six episodes on Netflix last...[...]

These tough baby names for boys will stand the test of time

Tuesday  08:05,   10 january 2017

We scoured the internet (and talked with some moms) to come up with a long list of rugged baby boy names — that still have a little bit of sweetness to them.The following tough baby names with an edge are rock-star cool, yet are also fairly easy to...[...]

Is this why you feel achy in the morning?

Thursday  16:30,   05 january 2017

Scientists have discovered the reason we wake up feeling sore and stiffThe scientists at Manchester University found a type of protein called cryptochrome blocks biological pathways controlling inflammation during night-time sleep, delaying symptoms [...]

10 Health Myths You Heard From Your Doctor

Thursday  07:35,   05 january 2017

You should listen to your doctor — but these health "facts" may actually be myth.The video covers common pieces of medical advice about eating breakfast and digesting gum, as well as the success rate of...[...]

Wayne Rooney reveals hair transplant

Thursday  07:20,   05 january 2017

Footballer showed his sense of humour in announcement.He took to Twitter this weekend to let his fans know as he recovered from the procedure,...[...]

Scissors left in surgery patient for 18 years

Wednesday  14:20,   04 january 2017

A pair of surgical scissors have been removed from a man’s abdomen after being left there during a procedure 18 years ago. A good surgeon should never leave a tool behind — but these mistakes do happen, as a man in Vietnam recently...[...]