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7 ovarian cancer signs that are incredibly easy to miss

Friday  08:25,   14 september 2018

Feel like you’ve got heartburn more than usual?Often though, those symptoms aren't easy to spot.'They’re very discrete, easy to ignore, and can easily be attributed to other things like changing their diet,' says Shannon Westin, M.D., an associate... >>>

Your Period Can Actually Change The Way You Experience Illness

Thursday  17:31,   13 september 2018

Your Period Can Actually Change The Way You Experience IllnessA paper published by Oxford University, in collaboration with female health and period-tracking app Clue, showed that susceptibility to infection is higher during the second (luteal)... >>>

How to tell if you could be a functioning alcoholic

Thursday  15:47,   13 september 2018

It is possible to have a drink problem while holding down a job and going about normal life. Alcohol is a huge part of our social culture, and Brits in particular are known to drink in... >>>

The science behind why your online dating advances are being rejected

Thursday  15:47,   13 september 2018

The science behind why your online dating advances are being rejectedA user's desirability was determined by an algorithm which analysed how many messages users in four American cities received from fellow desirable... >>>

The top 30 impossible questions asked by children revealed

Thursday  15:46,   13 september 2018

The top 30 impossible questions asked by children revealedA poll, of 2,000 parents, found 54 per cent are regularly flummoxed by the deep and meaningful or scientific questions put to them by their... >>>

These Are The Top 10 Things Parents Would Like To Hear Their Children Say

Thursday  15:45,   13 september 2018

Every parent knows the power of hearing your child’s first word: that heart-fluttering moment where a simple grunt has never sounded so exciting. But after they add a few more to their vocabulary, the novelty starts to wear off a little and you >>>

Kate Middleton Releases Thank You Cards For Prince Louis' Christening, George's Birthday

Thursday  15:45,   13 september 2018

Kate Middleton released thank you Cards for Prince Louis' christening and Prince George's birthday.Kate Middleton and Prince William are thankful for the warm wishes their sons received from supportive royal... >>>

Should You Wish Your Ex Partner a Happy Birthday?

Thursday  15:44,   13 september 2018

Facebook has alerted me multiple times that today is my ex's birthday.But the question is, should I? If you find yourself in the same bemusing predicament, join me in hashing it... >>>

Looking on the upside really DOES cut the risk of heart attack: Positivity puts less strain on your organs, study finds

Thursday  12:21,   13 september 2018

Scientists at Northwestern University in Chicago and Harvard School of Public Health in Boston examined all existing evidence linking psychological well-being to cardiovascular health. Video: Cheese and red meat are good for your heart, claims study >>>

Autumn allergies are a thing - here's what to know

Tuesday  09:00,   11 september 2018

What are autumn allergies and how can you help them? We look at the signs you need to look out for about ragweed pollenWhen autumn arrives there are of course many, many things to look forward to: long Sundays spent in the pub by a roaring fire;... >>>

Pippa Middleton reveals how she stays fit during pregnancy

Sunday  13:35,   09 september 2018

The mum-to-be is keeping active with a ballet-inspired exercise regime.In her recent column for Waitrose Weekend, Middleton, who turned 35 on Thursday, wrote (via Hello!): "I feel far from a ballerina, but I'm equally determined not to break into a... >>>

I'm a cancer expert - this is why it is not a 'man-made' disease

Saturday  14:25,   08 september 2018

I'm a cancer expert - this is why it is not a 'man-made' diseaseAlthough there are no links between these factors and cancer, it is certainly true that global lifestyle-related diseases like cancer are on the rise, perhaps adding fuel to >>>

Dangerous Fat Is Inherited From Fathers: Study

Friday  17:23,   07 september 2018

In a new study from Europe, researchers were able to identify a new gene in brown fat cells which could help in the development of anti-obesity treatments in the future.The study titled "LincRNA H19 protects from dietary obesity by constraining... >>>

New fertility treatment offers fresh hope to women after failed IVF

Friday  16:00,   07 september 2018

A new fertility treatment could offer fresh hope to women who have struggled to conceive, even using IVF. An international study which was led by Irish fertility expert Dr Phil Boyce, has discovered a new treatment which has seen an increase in >>>

Daily exercise REVERSED Alzheimer's symptoms in mice, study claims

Friday  12:06,   07 september 2018

The revolutionary therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital generated new neurons, improving the lab animals' thinking skills by destroying rogue proteins that cause the devastating illness. It raises the possibility of developing medications... >>>