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Kaki jam yourself: 3 great recipe ideas

Wednesday  17:30,   07 december 2022

simple instructions kaki jam yourself: 3 great recipe ideas © t-online kakis can not only be enjoyed as a fresh raw food, you can also from the fruits as delicious Make spread. For a simple cockatom jam you only need a few ingredients. Basic recipe >>>

Oriental recipe for potato pot with yoghurt sauce

Wednesday  15:20,   07 december 2022

If you love oriental cuisine as much as we do, you should definitely try our recipe. The potato pot tastes wonderfully hearty - and gets that certain a little © Jörn Sunderbrink/Die -Kätoffel.de Oriental Schmor dishes with the yoghurt sauce - Jörn... >>>

Brilliant baked potato ideas beyond beans

Wednesday  15:01,   07 december 2022

Comfort food doesn't get much better than a baked potato. From using up leftovers to indulgent toppings, here's some inspiration to raise your spud... >>>

Cyril Lignac ("All in the kitchen, holiday menu") reveals the recipe for her grilled prawns, vegetable virgin, an express recipe to make for Christmas Eve

Wednesday  12:50,   07 december 2022

Cyril Lignac is back in "Tous en Cuisine, menu of festivals (M6). On the menu of Tuesday, December 6, 2022? Grilled prawns, virgin of vegetables. A light and quick recipe to make for ... all in the kitchen, holiday menu, it's (re) left! Since... >>>

Tasty and simple smoothie recipes you’ll love

Wednesday  04:50,   07 december 2022

From the tantalisingly tropical, to glorious green concoctions, here are 30 smoothie ideas to help kick-start your... >>>

Incredible sweet and savoury peanut butter recipes for any meal

Tuesday  23:40,   06 december 2022

From easy smoothies, cookies and cakes to noodles, spicy satay sauces and salads, here are our favourite peanut butter... >>>

From omelettes to meringues: amazing egg recipes and tips you need to know

Tuesday  23:40,   06 december 2022

From breakfast to dessert, our tips and tricks will help to ensure you achieve perfect eggs every... >>>

Crowd-pleasing dip ideas for the party season

Tuesday  21:10,   06 december 2022

From classics like queso to new ideas, here are 28 dip recipes that'll be better than... >>>

Simple secrets for yummy cookies, every time

Tuesday  21:10,   06 december 2022

All your cookie questions answered, plus some of our favourite traditional and with-a-twist... >>>

sooo creamy: With these secret tricks you can do the best scrambled egg in the world - recipe including

Tuesday  20:30,   06 december 2022

How can you turn a simple dish like scrambled eggs to a science. We understand that well. But this is not about normal scrambled eggs. It is about optimization, the best scrambled egg in the world. And for the real connoisseurs we have to talk... >>>

Recipe for sugar-free black and white pastries

Tuesday  18:10,   06 december 2022

black and white pastries is one of the classics among Advent snacks. So prepare the delicious biscuits without sugar to © Anja Giersberg So sugar-free black and white biscuits Anja Giersberg , especially in the Christmas season, is very large in... >>>

Favorite recipe: Juicy chocolate buttermilk cake from the sheet metal

Tuesday  18:10,   06 december 2022

chocolate cake becomes dry quickly. With our recipe and the miracle ingredient buttermilk, you conjure up the juicy chocolate cake of your life - and that from the sheet metal © istockphoto the perfect flash recipe iStockphoto This juicy sheet cake >>>

Fast recipe for bolognes soup with minced meat and melting cheese

Tuesday  12:40,   06 december 2022

Would you like a hearty soup that is quickly made? Then be sure to try our flash recipe for tomato minced meat soup with melting cheese! © Getty Images You have to try this recipe Getty Images There is nothing about delicious soups and stews on... >>>

This tenderstem broccoli recipe make the ultimate side dish ????

Tuesday  05:30,   06 december 2022

Tenderstem broccoli, the catwalk model of the veg worldThis recipe can be served up with your Christmas dinner or even next to a beef burger on a summers day. The broccoli is tender and clean tasting but is wrapped in a twisted, salty coat of crispy >>>

Aperitif for Cold Days: Recipe for glowing wort

Monday  23:40,   05 december 2022

winter time is mulled wine time! If you would like to test a new variant of the classic: This mulled wine alternative is less cute, but all the more aromatic! © ISTOCKPHOTO This mulled wine variant is guaranteed to come with every guest well on... >>>