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Crumble-Topped Minced Pies

Saturday  03:10,   16 october 2021

The addition of orange zest to the pastry helps add freshness. Yields: 24Prep Time: 25 minsProcess Time: 20 minsTotal Time: 45 minsCalories per Serving: 173Ingredients175 g plain flour, plus extra to dust75 g icing sugar100 g butter, chilled and... >>>

Vegan Mushroom Risotto with Almond Crumb Recipe

Saturday  03:10,   16 october 2021

We think Carnaroli rice gives the creamiest risotto, but if not available, Arborio is a great alternative. Yields: 4Prep Time: 35 minsProcess Time: 50 minsTotal Time: 1 hour 25 minsCalories per Serving: 480Ingredients2 tbsp. olive oil1 large onion,... >>>

Here's the recipe of the famous "Squid Game" sugar cookies

Saturday  00:35,   16 october 2021

© Netflix The Squid Game Dalgona recipe The Squid Game series no longer stops creating phenomena at the height of the planetary tide wave that she created. Dangerous Games imported into the Rental Courses Improbable Mode to Language Courses , the... >>>

Warming Winter Soups You'll Be Making All Season Long

Friday  05:45,   15 october 2021

Got leftover veg laying... >>>

80 quick and easy dinner recipes

Friday  00:55,   15 october 2021

If you're looking for some new ideas, and let's face it, who isn't a little bored of their own cooking these days, here's a fabulous collection of easy midweek recipes which are on the table in under an hour. That's all the... >>>

Why you should give cinnamon in your tomato sauce

Thursday  20:00,   14 october 2021

cinnamon can not only refine sweet food, even for the classic tomato sauce, it is... >>>

Laurent Mariotte gives us his secrets for successful scrambled eggs. He shares a recipe at the Girolles who puts the mouth water

Thursday  18:25,   14 october 2021

simple, fast and tasty, this recipe of scrambled eggs at the Girolles of Laurent Mariotte to all good. Here's how to succeed for sure. © iStock Eggs scrambled at the Girolles at breakfast, the weekend on the hour of brunch or for a healthy and fast >>>

Lamb Rolling Roast

Wednesday  22:37,   13 october 2021

The Easter is the first party in the year. The whole family units and it is eaten extensively. For the Easter menu, a lamb roll roast is exactly the right - juicy and... >>>

Strawberry Tiramisu

Wednesday  20:05,   13 october 2021

When the strawberry time starts, hardly any one can withstand the red fruit. From them numerous fruity sweet treats can be prepared. For example, this creamy strawberry tiramisu. © Provided by My Beautiful Garden Strawberry Tiramisu Portions 4... >>>

Julie Andrieu reveals his recipe of pasta with Ameratriciana sauce, a great Italian classic

Wednesday  16:30,   13 october 2021

Julie Andrieu treats us with his rigatoni all'amatriciana. A specialty of Roman cuisine and its very simple surroundings to realize. © iStock AMATRICIANA sauce paste is now a tradition. Every Wednesday, Julie Andrieu treats us with a delicious... >>>

Beef, Porcini and Ale Pithivier Recipe

Tuesday  21:45,   12 october 2021

Beef cheeks are still a cheap cut, but treat them to long, slow cooking and they transform into a succulent, juicy joy. Perfect for a fancy pie! Yields: 8 servingsPrep Time: 45 minsProcess Time: 4 hoursTotal Time: 4 hours 45 minsCalories per... >>>

Portobello Pithivier Recipe

Tuesday  21:45,   12 october 2021

An elegant main, that can easily be made vegan by using a melted dairy-free spread rather than egg to glaze (and check you are using a vegan pastry, like Jus-Rol). For a cheesy addition, add some crumbled goat’s cheese to the stuffing. Yields: 2Prep >>>

Mercotte shares a simplify recipe of cookies to do with children

Tuesday  20:47,   12 october 2021

This recipe of cookies, ultra soft and very simple to achieve, is perfect for initiating children to pastry. Cookies that will sail small and big gourmands! © iStock Cookies It is undoubtedly one of the favorite children's biscuits. With their... >>>

Wild steak with poached pear and fennel salad

Tuesday  15:50,   12 october 2021

© Provided by Seven Cooks tooltips: Flexitarisch 481 kcal Just 45 minutes fried in rosemary and butter tastes Venison steak juicy, spicy and... >>>

Tomato Sugo Making

Tuesday  14:40,   12 october 2021

A delicious recipe, just in autumn: late harvested tomatoes can be processed with onions and herbs to a fine tomato Sugo. © Provided by my beautiful garden Tomato Sugo Cooking So slowly holds the autumn entry, but some tomato sticks are still set... >>>