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vegan cookies: This is how vegan vanilla biscuits without egg

Wednesday  11:50,   30 november 2022

vanilla biscuit also manage well without egg yolk, which belongs to the classic recipe. So you get a sheet metal of the golden yellow Kipferl according to the instructions of the nutritional organization Proveg : © Christophe Gateau/dpa/dpa-tmn... >>>

Brilliantly simple recipes you can make with frozen food

Wednesday  07:40,   30 november 2022

From peas and sweetcorn to ready-made pastry, we take a look at some of the most popular freezer foods and the best recipes to make with... >>>

8 best homemade dog treats to spoil your pup with

Tuesday  18:31,   29 november 2022

Whip out that mixing bowl, grab that spatula and tie those apron strings because these homemade dog treats are the perfect way to say I love... >>>

Marvellous midweek meals you can whip up in 15 minutes

Tuesday  18:31,   29 november 2022

Our simple recipes not only look and taste great, but they'll be on the table in 15 minutes or less. Choose from mouth-watering meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan... >>>

The simplest cookie recipe in the world: 3-ingredients from France

Tuesday  17:40,   29 november 2022

Our recipe for Christmas palmiers from France consists of only three ingredients, is wonderfully uncomplicated-and the result looks like great baking art: Curtain for the simplest cookie recipe WELT © Getty Images Cooking recipe for Christmas... >>>

Recipe from Greece: Delicious Metaxa Gyros

Tuesday  15:00,   29 november 2022

This recipe catapults us directly back into the Greece vacation: Our gyros is prepared with delicious metaxa-a palate feast © Getty Images Recipe for Metaxa-GYROS Getty Images Gyros is traditionally involved Pork prepared, but can also be made with >>>

Chicken and Bacon Pie

Tuesday  11:10,   29 november 2022

This hearty chicken and bacon pie is the perfect comfort food.Whether you serve this as a stand-alone dish or pair it with the classic combo of mash and gravy, this pie will satisfy any cravings and will be the ultimate crowd-pleaser if you have... >>>

20 recipes for delicious quiches and savory pies

Tuesday  11:00,   29 november 2022

20 recipes for delicious quiches and savory... >>>

Irresistible! Fancy fries you'll want to try

Tuesday  11:00,   29 november 2022

When it comes to fries, the options are endless. Looking for a new twist on your favourite? Try one of... >>>

Fast recipe for spray pastries: The chocolate at the end is the icing on the cake

Tuesday  00:20,   29 november 2022

cookies there are many in the run-up to Christmas. Spray biscuits are one of these varieties that are so special that you can simply eat them all year round. It's just stupid that the Christmas stocks you bake in December rarely reach until... >>>

Christmas recipe for raspberry marzipan cookies: So fruity delicious-perfect also as a gift

Tuesday  00:20,   29 november 2022

If you want to save energy in the run-up to Christmas, you can use the oven really efficiently with good organization when baking cookies. Instead of baking a new variety every day and having to preheat the oven every time, it is better to put on a >>>

everyone love this apple pie! Great recipe for juicy nut cake with fruity apple cuts and cream cream

Tuesday  00:10,   29 november 2022

This cake is three in one: a juicy nut cake, an apple pie and also a bit of cake - because of the creamy cream hood. In addition crispy-sweet nutcrocant and a hint of cinnamon. A perfect winter cake! For fans of simple batter cake as delicious as... >>>

28 hearty (and cheap) bean recipes to warm up mealtimes

Saturday  01:20,   26 november 2022

From cannellini to kidney, simple tins of beans added straight from the store cupboard add texture and protein and can bulk out recipes to make them go further. Here's why the humble bean should be your new kitchen best... >>>

How to prepare rhubarb?

Friday  19:10,   25 november 2022

© Getty Images How to prepare rhubarb? How to prepare fresh rhubarb? Like all fruits and vegetables, it is recommended to wash and dry the fresh carefully before preparing it. To do this, you have to pass the stems under cold water to remove any... >>>

The Linguine Alla Bottarga: The recipe by Simone Zanoni

Thursday  17:50,   24 november 2022

The Italian Chef of George, in Paris, offers his declination of the pasta in La Boutargue, a must -see of Sardinian cuisine. In addition to the ingredients, its recipe is based on cooking secrets, here delivered. Born in Salo, Lombardy, on the... >>>