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5 Vegan Dinner Recipes to Take You Through a Whole Working Week

  5 Vegan Dinner Recipes to Take You Through a Whole Working Week 5 Vegan Dinner Recipes to Take You Through a Whole Working WeekThing is, after a few days of dhal, you might start to feel like something else for dinner. All good, because chef Bettina Campolucci Bordi has created an entire book of recipes on the theme: The 7 Day Vegan Plan.

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Banana cake without flour , sugar or milk, but with an unforgettable taste, with the fluffiest coconut frosting you have ever tried. This cinnamon spice crazy cake is an amazing fall cake recipe ! Also called a wacky cake and made without eggs, milk or butter.

  7 Rezepte ohne Mehl für Kuchen und Desserts © provided by SevenCooks

You feel like sweets, but there is no flour in the house? No problem, we have selected 7 dessert and cake recipes for you that you can prepare without flour. This can also impress visitors. Promised.

Rice Pudding Dessert

The small milk rice tartlets not only look good, they also taste good. You don't need any flour and egg. The bottom consists of cookies, coconut oil and dates and therefore does not need to be baked. You can use seasonal fruit for the topping.

Milchreis Dessert © provided by SevenCooks milk rice dessert Does not need to be baked: milk rice dessert. Photo: SevenCooks

Vegan Raffaellos

Raffaellos are a dream! The small vegan balls melt so wonderfully in the mouth. Our recipe is largely based on coconut. With coconut oil and maple syrup, everything sticks together nicely, so you don't need any flour or egg. The finished mass of nuts, coconut and Co. is rolled by hand and also does not require any baking.

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  The Easiest Way To Make Yorkshire Puddings Every. Single. Time. Yorkshire puddings >>> Everything else in a roast dinnerWhen making at home, things can get tricky if you don't follow the right steps and you can end up with what can only be described as the doughy equivalent of something you really don't want to find on the bottom of your shoe.

Best Sponge cake recipe | Delicious Victoria sponge for Mothers day by Food with Chetna. Oreo cake with Chocolate sponge and cream cheese buttercream - Food with Chetna.

Eggless Chocolate Mocha Cake Recipe Without Oven | How to Make Coffee Mocha Cake . 3. All purpose flour - 1 cup ( 140 gm ) 4. powdered sugar - 2/3 cup (80 gm) 5. cocoa powder Chocolate Truffle Cake ,Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe , Eggless and without oven,eggless chocolate sponge.

Vegane Raffaellos © Provided by SevenCooks Vegan Raffaellos No flour or eggs: Vegan Raffaellos. Photo: SevenCooks

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coconut chocolate tart in a glass

This coconut chocolate tart in a glass is also completely gluten-free. To set the dough, you only need two tablespoons of cornstarch. Nevertheless, it is not a light snack, thanks to a lot of chocolate and butter, one serving makes up an impressive 505 calories.

Schoko-Kokos-Tarte im Glas © Provided by SevenCooks Chocolate and coconut tart in a glass Chocolate and gluten-free: Coconut and chocolate tart in a glass. Photo: SevenCooks

Raspberry Raw Food Cake

This raw food cake has it all: in terms of taste. The basis is a date-walnut-almond base, which is coated with a layer of lemon and raspberry cheesecake cream. The purely vegetable ingredients mean that the cake does not have to be in the oven and, like the other recipes, does not require flour.

Baking Substitutions You Probably Already Have in Your Kitchen

  Baking Substitutions You Probably Already Have in Your Kitchen Use these pantry and fridge staples as substitutes for common baking ingredients when you're in a pinch.While it's true that you can't improvise as freely with baking recipes as you can with your dinner plans, there are a number of regular pantry and refrigerator staples that you can substitute for flour, butter, eggs and other standard ingredients.

Rice Cooker Dessert Recipes . 83 видео. Life Of Pang. 2) Add flour and corn starch to cream cheese mixture, then mix well; scrapping the sides 3) Add egg yolks to DIY No oven milo cake with yummy milo chocolate ganache | how to bake milo cake without oven!!!

Savoury Cake Yummy Cakes Best Carrot Cake Dessert Recipes Diy Food Recipes Baking Cake Recipes Cupcake Cakes Desserts . This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy for details.I love finding easy dessert recipes to surprise my family with after dinner.

Himbeer-Rohkost-Torte © provided by SevenCooks raw raspberry cake fresh and fruity: raw raspberry cake. Photo: SevenCooks

energy balls

You can enjoy our energy balls without a guilty conscience. With oatmeal and dried fruit as the basis, you do not need to use flour and they are also completely vegetable. A real treat!

Energiebällchen © provided by SevenCooks energy balls For healthy snacking: energy balls. Photo: SevenCooks

No Bake Chocolate Nut Tart

This tart is a chocolate dream come true for all chocolate lovers. Almost 500 grams of dark chocolate lie on a no bake nut base made from hazelnuts, almonds, coconut oil and coconut flakes. A layer of roasted almond leaves round off the chocolate-nut dream.

No bake Schoko-Nuss-Tarte © provided by SevenCooks No bake chocolate nut tart Does not bake: No Bake chocolate nut tart. Photo: SevenCooks

Raw Carrot Bites

As an alternative to the carrot cake, we have our recipe for raw Carrot Bites without flour and egg. The healthy variant is based on carrots, hazelnuts, walnuts and dates and is topped with a fine cashew cream. Fresh from the fridge, it is the perfect, healthy dessert for afternoon coffee in the warm season.

Raw Carrot Bites © Provided by SevenCooks Raw Carrot Bites Tastes best when chilled: Raw Carrot Bites. Photo: SevenCooks

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