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You Asked: Which Is the Better Fitness Fuel, Rice or Pasta?

  You Asked: Which Is the Better Fitness Fuel, Rice or Pasta? Quickly absorbed carbs can provide crucial fuel for your training. But which is the superior energy supplier?Rice: Tuck into wholegrains. A review of 45 studies by Imperial College London found that choosing brown carbs over white can cut your heart disease risk by 18%.

Join Giuseppe and learn how to make pasta all by yourself . For lots of useful resources and activities to accompany this video, visit our website

Homemade pasta is easy to make with a few ingredients you already have at home and the best part is, you don't need a machine or any expensive equipment. Please make sure you wash your hands when cooking for yourself and loved ones and always sanitize your work surfaces.

Make Nudeln selber machen? Mit Zeit und Ruhe kein Problem! © provided by COSMOPOLITAN make pasta yourself? No problem with time and rest! You always wanted to make pasta yourself, but never had the peace to do it? Then combine the two: Treat yourself to a few meditative moments while kneading the dough, rolling it out and bringing it into a pasta shape.

sounds like an eco joke, but anyone who has ever made pasta himself can confirm it: the almost two hours it takes to pass in heavenly calm. Because hardly any kitchen campaign can relax as much as kneading pasta dough, rolling it out and finally bringing it into shape.

And don't worry: You can make delicious pasta yourself without a high-tech pasta machine. It is much more important to use the right flour. Make

Recipe: Hummus Spaghetti

 Recipe: Hummus Spaghetti If things have to be quick at noon and you want a different kind of "pesto" for your pasta: Try Hummus Spaghetti © Planet Plant-Based Recipe: Hummus Spaghetti Planet Plant-Based pasta does not always have to be eaten with tomato sauce or classic pesto. A great alternative is hummus, for example. You can either do it yourself or just buy it ready. And if you want to give the whole thing a new twist, take a different type than the classic spaghetti.

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Considering how amazingly cheap the majority of storebought pasta is, unless you're going for something high-end or something unique that isn't If you're making your own pasta because you like how it tastes better than storebought, then yes, it 's probably worth it . But if you've never made your

pasta yourself: a question of flour

wheat flour is not just wheat flour, because there are different types. 405 and 550 are the two most common in Germany.

To make pasta yourself, you need type 00 durum wheat flour. This very fine flour is often referred to as pasta or pizza flour. It has a particularly high adhesive content and makes the dough more elastic.

In larger supermarkets you will find durum wheat flour type 00 mostly under the Italian name "Tipo 00".

If you cannot find Tipo 00, you can alternatively mix durum wheat semolina with wheat flour 405 or 550 in a ratio of 1: 1. Make

pasta yourself: With only four ingredients

• 500 g Italian pasta flour (Tipo 00)

• 6 eggs

• 5 g salt

• 2 tablespoons olive oil

This amount gives approx. 6 to 8 portions of homemade pasta.

7 mistakes you should avoid when cooking pasta

 7 mistakes you should avoid when cooking pasta Spaghetti, Penne, Tagliatelle & Co. Who doesn't love them? To make them perfectly al dente, you should avoid these 7 common mistakes. © Provided by Heimgourmet Boil Over Boil Over The worst mistake we can make when preparing pasta is boiling over. For your next perfect pasta creation, try to boil over the pasta slightly. Take the cooking time recommended on the pasta packaging and pour it off about one to two minutes before this time.

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C You have to look hard to find a job yourself . D It ’s changing all the time. 3 When Daniel was a I can eat a lot of pasta without gaining weight because dancing increases your metabolism so much.” “I have a little sister I adore, who is also training to be a dancer.” How does it feel to have someone

Leave time for preparation

Mix the four ingredients in a bowl with a fork .

Then comes the promised, meditative part of homemade pasta: Knead the flour, egg, salt and olive oil mix to a smooth dough with moistened hands. It takes a good ten minutes, so don't be in a hurry. To do this, keep forming a ball of dough, flatten it and shape it again.

At the end, the dough should only be slightly sticky and shiny oily.

Now the dough has to go for another 30 minutes: Wrap the dough ball in cling film and let it rest at room temperature.

After the rest phase, either roll the dough thinly on a floured surface with the rolling pin (leave time here and don't rush) and then cut your pasta into the desired shape. Or you use a pasta machine.

Make pasta yourself: love, air and water

Next, let the shaped pasta dry for 30 minutes in the air . It is best to hang them up for this: the clothes horse, the drain strainer in the kitchen or even a taut cord are ideal for this.

In the last step you cook your homemade noodles in salt water as usual until they are firm to the bite.

Bon appetit!

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