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I’m Heidi – This site celebrates cooking , and aspires to help you integrate the power of lots of vegetables and whole foods into your everyday meals. I can just imagine the deep, sweet flavor that would result from roasting delicious strawberries . I definitely see a new strawberry jam in my future!

Fruchtige Spieße: Dazu steckt man Frischkäsebällchen zwischen Erdbeerhälften auf Zahnstocher. © Wolfgang Schardt / Gräfe and Unzer / dpa-tmn Fruity skewers: To do this, place cream cheese balls between strawberry halves on toothpicks.

They don't just taste in cake or straight: strawberries can be mashed into champagne soup, processed into summer salads or baked in crispy scones. But they should be fresh.

Finally strawberry time again. As soon as the red fruits conquer the market stalls and fruit shelves, they will end up in every kitchen. As delicious as the berries taste, there are creative ideas that bring strawberries to the table in a completely different way.

strawberry soup

Christin Geweke shows in her book "I love Berries" , for example, how a sweet strawberry soup works. As exotic as it sounds, the preparation is uncomplicated: First, the berries are selected, washed and cleaned dry, then pureed with powdered sugar and champagne or sparkling wine and passed through a fine sieve. “First and foremost, it's a dessert,” says the author. "But on hot days the strawberry soup is just as good as a light, extravagant sweet main course."

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'The French Market Cookbook ' | Cook the Book . Those of us with a penchant for reading food blogs are Created in 2003, it's a light and lively potpourri of recipes and stories with a Parisian bent. Her new book , The French Market Cookbook , offers an unabashedly French focus on vegetable-heavy

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Erdbeeren Kochbuch Tapas © Wolfgang Schardt / Gräfe and Unzer / dpa Strawberry Cookbook Tapas

The soup in the recipe is completed by yoghurt and herb dumplings made from yoghurt and gelatin , Icing sugar, cream, lime and basil, mint and lemon balm. "The soup tastes wonderfully refreshing thanks to the various herbs and lime," says Christin Geweke.

goat cheese and strawberry balls on a skewer

If you are looking for an idea for a starter buffet, a champagne reception or a fruity snack in between, you can serve strawberries with goat cream cheese, which Martin Kintrup presents in his book "Antipasti and Tapas" . For the fruity skewers, balls of cream cheese and green pepper are first formed, which are then breaded with finely chopped herbs such as basil and lemon balm.

Hone your baking skills during lockdown with this strawberry and elderflower cake recipe

  Hone your baking skills during lockdown with this strawberry and elderflower cake recipe Hone your baking skills during lockdown with this strawberry and elderflower cake recipeGallery: 13 Gluten-Free Cakes That'll Make You Want To Throw A Party (Delish)

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, and draw a circle on the paper using an 8- or 9- inch cake pan as a guide. Flip the parchment over so the pencil marking is facing down (this ensures that the pencil Cover cream with strawberries , allowing a small amount of their liquid to dribble onto cream.

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Erdbeeren Berries Kochbuch © Frauke Antholz / Hölker Verlag / dpa-tmn Strawberry Berries Cookbook

These balls are now pressed between two previously prepared strawberry halves, in the end everything is put on toothpicks ─ a summery eye-catcher is finished, which requires neither extensive preparation nor star chef qualities .

Strawberries: What matters when it comes to selection and storage

It is not only important for this recipe to note a few things when shopping for strawberries: “To ensure that they are really aromatic and fresh on the table, I recommend strawberries only seasonally and if possible to buy regionally, ”says Martin Kintrup. That could be at the weekly market, directly from producers for picking yourself or in a well-stocked supermarket. The main harvest time is in June, but it often begins in mid-May and continues into July.

And how do the sweet fruits hold? "If they are to be used on the same day, strawberries are best stored at room temperature," says Kintrup. “They stay in the fridge's fresh compartment for two to three days.”

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strawberries can quickly become moldy, especially at pressure points. Storage in plastic trays is also not recommended, as condensation can form there, which promotes mold growth. Kintrup recommends storing strawberries in a cool, airy place, for example in breathable wooden chip baskets.

Strawberry Scones

Christin Geweke also advises to take a close look when buying strawberries: "You can rely on your eyes and your nose," she says. "The fruits should have a nice, bright dark red color and a fragrant fragrance." Those who have received such berries could test Christin Geweke's recipe for strawberry scones with roasted pine nuts.

Erdbeeren Bild Kochbuch © dpa-tmn strawberry picture cookbook

"Scones are not only incredibly delicious, they can also be prepared and baked quickly," says the author. "You only need a few ingredients that you usually have at home anyway." The not too sweet scones are suitable for breakfast or as a cake alternative for afternoon coffee.

The dough consists of flour, baking powder, sugar, cold butter, egg, milk, roasted pine nuts, strawberry pieces and lemon zest. "The challenge with strawberry scones is to incorporate the chopped fruit without it becoming mushy and the dough getting too moist," says Christin Geweke. "That's why, at the very end, gently mix in the berry pieces and never knead them anymore." (Dpa)

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