Food & Drink Hot chocolate: The best recipe for cold days

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Eine heiße Schokolade wärmt Körper und Seele. © Provided by WUNDERWEIB A hot chocolate warms body and soul. A delicious hot chocolate is not only a dream in the dead of winter, but actually always when it gets cool outside and you want to be cozy on the sofa inside. But then it has to be more than powder cocoa. We have the best homemade hot chocolate recipe.

As soon as it quickly gets dark and cold outside, the couch is one of our best friends. Together with great series, films or a good book, we can spend a few wonderful hours on it. But there is one thing we shouldn't forget about : a hot chocolate! Because what better soul food to drink when it's cold outside? No! That's why we have the best hot chocolate recipe for you.

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Make broken chocolate yourself: As a gift or to eat yourself

Hot chocolate: Recipe with real chocolate

This recipe is good for body and soul. To cuddle up on the couch with your sweetheart and a cup of hot chocolate each, you need…

225 g dark chocolate 350 ml whole milk 120 ml cream 3 tablespoons powdered sugar

How it works:

Chop the chocolate as finely as possible. Because here the following applies: the finer you chop, the better the chocolate melts in the cream-milk mix. Mix the milk, cream, and powdered sugar in a saucepan. Heat the mix without letting it boil. Take the pot off the stove as soon as bubbles form on the edge and there is a bit of smoke. Now add the chocolate and stir it in with a wooden spoon until it has completely dissolved. Now fill two cups with the hot chocolate in . Finished!

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How to spice up your hot chocolate

Is normal hot chocolate too boring for you or is it just lacking a bit of oomph? No problem! Coffee junkies can mix 1 tablespoon of soluble espresso powder into the milk-cream mix . For chai fans there is the option of heating an chai tea bag in the milk with . If you like Lumumba more: A good shot of amaretto has never hurt.

But also the dark chocolate allows creative freedom. Because there is also with orange, strawberry pepper, chilli,…. Caution: The chocolate should not have a liquid center! Make

pudding yourself: From vanilla to caramel

Topping ideas for your hot chocolate

As with cake toppings, you can also let off steam with a hot chocolate. We have a few ideas ...

Cream with chocolate or espresso powder, caramel sauce, .... Marshmallows: Whether small, big, colorful, white or with a chocolate face, candy cane, vanilla ice cream ...

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