Food & Drink Summer Recipe: Light Melon Feta Salad

14:25  29 may  2021
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Looking For a quick recipe for the next picnic outdoor? This melon feta salad tastes after summer pure

Sommer-Rezept: Leichter Melonen-Feta-Salat Foodboom © Foodboom Summer Recipe: Lightweight Melon Feta Salad Foodboom

Spontaneous Invitation to Barbecue or Picnicks Received? When a supplement quickly has to be prepared for bringing, you can easily panic - so far. With this recipe for melon feta salad, you are always on the safe side and magic jerking a delicious, refreshing side dish.

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(for 2 portions)

150 g Watermelon 100 g Feta 80g Field Salad 1 Organic Lemon 20 ml Olive Oil 1 Tl Honey Salt Pepper Preparation: Watermelon in Cut the slices and release them from the shell. Cut feta and watermelon frems into uniform cubes. Wash the salt lettuce, pat dry and pluck small. Wash the lemon hot, dab dry, rub a shell and squeeze juice into a separate shell. Mix with olive oil, honey, salt and pepper and give the dressing over the salad.

Tip: In a large glass with screw cap or a bowl with lid you can take the salad wonderfully to barbecue evenings or picnics and consume in between. So that the salad is not muddy, you can also give the dressing on the spot above the salad. Simply fill salad and dressing in two different closable containers and mix before consumption.

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with the second half of 2021 also starts the test phase for the e-recipe. From 2022 it should replace the "pink note" completely. © Hryshchyse Serhii / Shutterstock Thanks to the e-recipe, doctors can soon also exhive with recipes in videosPrecht hours. Slow, but certainly the digitization also penetrates into numerous corners in Germany, in which so far nothing went without paper. This also includes the health sector.

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