Food & Drink Here's the recipe of the famous "Squid Game" sugar cookies

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The Squid Game cookie or the Dalgona cookie is a traditional toffee from South Korea. The snack is also known as Bbopgi in some areas. The cookie uses only two ingredients, sugar and baking powder. While Korean viewers have grown up with the Dalgona cookie , international fans of Squid Game were curious to know how to make it. Surprisingly, several fans of the band EXO claimed to have already learned it since it was shown on Exo' s Showtime, a documentary featuring the popular band.

Lynja really plays the Squid Game scaredness well, she’ s even shaking whilst making the cookies . After placing some star shapes into the sugar cookies she finally gets a thumbs up from the menacing character. Hilariously, she remarks at the end “Of course I beat the Squid Game .” Where did Dalgona Cookies originate from? Dalgona cookies are a sweet treat traditionally made in South Korea with honeycomb. The cookies have a shape placed into the mixture before it hardens. In the game, the outer edges must be broken off of the cookie and the inner shape must stay as a whole.

La recette du dalgona de Squid Game © Netflix The Squid Game

Dalgona recipe The Squid Game series no longer stops creating phenomena at the height of the planetary tide wave that she created. Dangerous Games imported into the Rental Courses Improbable Mode to Language Courses , the Korean show is everywhere and infuses in society up to ... in our kitchens.

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Indeed, if you have seen the nine episodes of the number 1 series in 90 countries, one of the challenges faced by the unfortunate candidates of the game is the "Dalgona Challenge". The competitors must cut off delicate sugar cookies using a needle without breaking themselves on the grounds of being shot on the field. A challenge inspired by the traditional game of Korean children, the PPOPGI.

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The cookie is fragile, and participants have to cut out triangles, hearts, and umbrellas to move on. Sounds pretty deadly, right? Well, as pop culture goes, one of the games on Squid Game has spurred a TikTok challenge. In the show, contestants carve out shapes from a honeycomb-like mixture called Dalgona candy (not to be confused with Dalgona coffee). It may sound simple, but the cookie is fragile, only made from sugar and baking soda, and participants have to cut out triangles, hearts, and umbrellas to move on.

Are you looking for "World Famous Sugar Cookie Recipe "? We collect results from multiple sources and sorted by user interest. Picture: Netflix How to make the viral Squid Game Dalgona cookie . The Dalgona cookies appear in the second round of the players’ challenges in Squid Game ..

Video: Biscuit of Squid Game: the recipe of Dalgona Candy! (Dailymotion)

This challenge has emulated on social networks, spreading as a trail of powder in our actagram real or tiktok (where the hashtag "Dalgona" has already been seen 1.2 billion times). A study emanating from Maxima Kitchen Equipment could see that searches for "Honeycomb Recipe" ("Honey Radius Recipe") had exploded 10,000% since the beginning of the broadcast on Netflix of Squid Game on September 17th latest.

You too are wondering what taste have these famous sugar cookies? Figure you want this recipe only requests two ingredients and is ultra-simple.

Here is the recipe of the "Dalgonas" of Squid Game sugar: In a small saucepan, add two tablespoons of granulated white sugar. Put the pan above your hob over medium heat (or over medium heat if you have a gas stove). Then stir the sweet substance with a wand. Continue stirring until the sugar is melted. When the sugar took a golden brown color, it means that it melted. Once melted, add a pinch of chemical yeast (or baking soda) until the sweet syrup "swells" and becomes "soft" and golden color .. Then, pour the sweet syrup on a pastry plate. (Sulfurized paper shirt to prevent it from sticking), then pour one or two circles from this mixture to the paper. Using a flat surface (such as the bottom of a glass), coat it slightly from a small touch of olive oil, then press the syrup to cool it .. Finally, at the Help of a cookie cutter of the shape of your choice, press very slightly to print the candy. Let us completely cool, then it's time to grasp, switch and cut your shape.

And here is the video of Dalgona's recipe video on tiktok!

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