Food & Drink Flash Recipe for Macadamia Chocolate Cookies

21:05  03 december  2021
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You want to open a Christmas bakery in your kitchen soon? Then you should remember this lightning recipe for Macadamia chocolate cookies

Diese köstlichen Plätzchen kommen bei Gästen garantiert gut an BITTERLIEBE © Bitterliebe These delicious cookies are guaranteed by guests guaranteed well on Bitterliebe

Every year again, the kitchens of the nation transform into small bakes and ringing with refined biscuit and cookie creations (In front) Christmas time. And this will this time with gingerbread cookies , cinnamic sneeze cookies and the macadamia cookies guaranteed exceptional tasty:

ingredients (for 12-14 pieces) 250 g butter 360 g brown sugar 1 tsp salt 480 g wheat flour (type 405) 1 Tl baking powder 2 eggs (M) 200 g White chocolate 250 g Macadamian nuts 150 g of pistachio cores 10 g of bitter powder (eg from Bitterliebe)

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1. butter, sugar and salt stir until creamy. Mix flour and baking powder. Stir in eggs and flour baking powder mixture one after the other.

2. chocolate roughly chop. Lift with macadamian nuts under the dough. Lay out two baking trays with baking paper. Each 6 large piles put on it and press something flat. Bake one after the other in preheated oven (top / bottom heat: 180 ° C) for 13-15 minutes. Chop

3. pistachios roughly chop and sprinkle with the bitter powder on the hot cookies. Cool and enjoy.

cookies recipe for fine mulled wine stars: Now ran to the sheet! .
This cookie recipe for fragrant mulled wine stars transforms your kitchen into your personal Christmas market. © Le Creuset Small Gluhweinplatzchen.jpg Back-Endspurt: with a cookie recipe for mulled wine stars! Do you know how much starette stand? If you try our cookie recipe today, there are any amount of it in your oven and soon on the chef.

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