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Recipe for success: best baking equipment

Tuesday  21:25,   13 october 2020

Perfect your home bakes with these must-have kitchen itemsAs Reuters reported back in April, Britain has been home to a “baking frenzy”, with online recipe searches hitting all-time highs and flour stocks running... >>>

The best recipes you can make with pantry ingredients

Tuesday  21:25,   13 october 2020

Want a surefire way to guarantee you’ll never look at your cupboards and say “we have nothing to eat” ever again? Check out these 20 recipes. Each combines a variety of staple ingredients that you’re likely to have on hand, and twists them into... >>>

Everyone Will Be Fighting Over This Gluten Free Stuffing

Tuesday  14:05,   13 october 2020

Good enough to be the only stuffing on the table.Still, most packaged gluten free breads could use some help in the flavour department: buy 225 grams of sausage meat (or remove from fresh sausage in casings) and brown it in a pan, transfer it to a... >>>

Spinach & Artichoke Stuffing

Tuesday  14:05,   13 october 2020

This is what your stuffing has been missing. Yields: 1Prep Time: 20 minsTotal Time: 50 minsIngredients1 large loaf French bread90 g frozen spinach, defrosted and drained1 can artichoke hearts, drained and chopped200 g mozzarella1 tbsp. butter1/2... >>>

Plum season: three delicious recipes with plums

Monday  23:50,   12 october 2020

You can find healthy recipes with fruit and vegetables in the book "Fruit and Vegetable Juices for Health" - order here Roasted plums like at Grandma Ingredients: 1 kg plums, 200 g granulated sugar, some cinnamon bark , Cloves Preparation: Open the >>>

Vegan banana bread – the best recipe for gorgeous results

Monday  23:45,   12 october 2020

If you're craving vegan banana bread (who isn't?) then this is the perfect recipe for you. Sure to deliver on taste, this is a really easy method, that will give you sweet resultsWhy? First of all it's delicious, and second of all, it's a... >>>

Shakshuka – two delicious recipes to try for brunch, lunch or dinner

Monday  22:30,   12 october 2020

These gorgeous shakshuka recipes will have you changing up your menu at home. Lightly spiced, with meat or without, a little decadent but actually super healthy – it ticks every boxHere we have brought together a vegetarian Shakshuka, as well as a... >>>

Super squash recipes everyone will love

Monday  17:10,   12 october 2020

The beginning of autumn heralds the start of the squash and pumpkin season. Both are such versatile vegetables which can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes. If you need ideas for what to do with the flesh of your carved Halloween pumpkin or... >>>

Dobos torte

Monday  17:10,   12 october 2020

From Budapest, this delight takes a bit of effort but is so worth it. Prep Time: 1 hour 30 minsProcess Time: 30 minsTotal Time: 2 hoursCalories per Serving: 635IngredientsFor the buttercream400 g granulated sugar200 mL double cream350 g salted... >>>

Roast Chicken with Orzo

Monday  16:30,   12 october 2020

Make sure to buy a free-range bird here – you’ll be rewarded with better flavour in the meat as well as the pasta, as it absorbs the juices. Yields: 6 servingsPrep Time: 30 minsProcess Time: 1 hour 30 minsTotal Time: 2 hoursCalories per Serving:... >>>

Smarties Cookies Are The Easiest Cookie Ever

Monday  16:30,   12 october 2020

Smarties cookies are so easy and fun to bake. These cookies are more brownie like in texture and taste but that's how we like them. Dollop ice-cream on top if you're feeling extra boujee. © Vicky Chandler Smarties cookie These cookies are more... >>>

Dutch apple pie bites: Whip up an easy take on a fall classic

Sunday  16:56,   11 october 2020

Calling all fall bakers: It's time to add Dutch Apple Pie Bites to your repertoire.Enter: Dutch apple pie... >>>

Autumn kitchen: Three exotic recipes with October vegetables

Saturday  19:50,   10 october 2020

Order the book "Power vegetables pumpkin: Fit and healthy through autumn with the 60 most beautiful pumpkin recipes" to your home. Pumpkin soup with coconut milk and ginger Ingredients for four servings: 550 g Hokkaido pumpkin, 400 g carrots, 350... >>>

Jamie Oliver's pepper and tomato pasta tray bake is a warming winner

Saturday  15:45,   10 october 2020

This pasta tray bake from dear Jamie Oliver is tasty, packed with goodness, very affordable and a dream to make. It's the perfect meal for the whole family, especially when it's chilly outsideWhether your cooking skills are on par with... >>>

How did the vinaigrette come about?

Saturday  13:05,   10 october 2020

© Pixapay In "Historically Yours", Olivier Poels looks back on the origins of the vinaigrette, which is given to a certain Chevalier d'Albignac, a Frenchman who became a star of his time in England thanks to its seasoning, now available to... >>>