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How long should you wash your hands for?

Tuesday  16:30,   22 october 2019

How long should you wash your hands for?Washing your hands is the one most effective method to prevent cross-contamination which can cause the spread of illness and infections. And many research studies have shown how improvements in hand hygiene... >>>

Can drinking more water really help you lose weight?

Tuesday  16:00,   22 october 2019

Can drinking more water really help you lose weight?Drinking enough water has even been linked to weight loss, with experts waxing lyrical about the positive effects H2O can have on the waist... >>>

One In Five Adults Is Affected By Passive Alcoholism, But What Is It?

Tuesday  15:35,   22 october 2019

As we all know, passive smoking is extremely bad for the health, as is alcohol. But how? Allow us to explain.What is passive... >>>

Brain tumour patient gains 10 stone and three shoe sizes after treatment

Tuesday  15:35,   22 october 2019

Jay Cramb said his body weight has almost doubled since surgery for a tumour above his pituitary gland.Jay Cramb from Glasgow said his weight soared from 15 to 25 stone and he now takes a size 15 shoe after being diagnosed with a tumour above the... >>>

Women Don't Realise That The Morning After Pill Doesn't Work If You Have Already Ovulated

Tuesday  15:35,   22 october 2019


Mum saved newborn baby's life from deadly illness after doctors said he was fine

Tuesday  15:35,   22 october 2019

Anna Santos-Witkowska, 29, used her mother's instinct to insist her son Oliver was unwell and could be suffering from a life-threatening condition Anna Santos-Witkowska, 29, couldn't ignore the niggling feeling that something was wrong with her... >>>

Wonder drug gives Scots schoolgirl with incurable cancer 'normal life'

Tuesday  15:35,   22 october 2019

Kira Noble, 16, was first diagnosed with Neuroblastoma aged 11 and has undergone five years of exhausting treatment. The Edinburgh teen has endured 20 rounds of gruelling chemotherapy since being diagnosed, leaving her "institutionalised" in... >>>

These daily habits might keep you from getting sick

Tuesday  14:05,   22 october 2019

These daily habits might keep you from getting... >>>

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon credit fasting for their youthful looks - we explain the benefits

Tuesday  13:55,   22 october 2019

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are almost as famous for their youthful looks as their successful acting careers. Now, the firm friends have revealed how they stay looking so young without resorting to expensive skincare, botox or surgery.... >>>

Living near a park is good for your health: People who can walk to a park are less likely to be overweight by 18 and have lower risks of developing chronic diseases, study finds

Tuesday  13:35,   22 october 2019

A University of California, Los Angeles report found that teens work out more if they can walk to parks, adults are less at-risk for obesity and heart disease, and everyone is less stressed out by screens.Researchers at the University of California, >>>

The Complicated Truth About Goop's Suggestion We Stay At Our 'Leanest Liveable Weight'

Tuesday  11:30,   22 october 2019

Daisy Buchanan says women need to talk about weight loss without fearing reprisal.In it, Dr Mann suggested that we should aim to stay at our ‘leanest liveable weight’, which she describes as ‘around what you weigh when you are eating sensibly –... >>>

We Still Need To Talk About Sexist Stereotypes Surrounding ADHD

Tuesday  11:30,   22 october 2019

Sexist stereotypes mean many women with ADHD go undiagnosed. Isabelle O’Carroll was one of them, and struggled to make sense of her life.Finally, after 36 years of feeling like something wasn’t right, last year I was diagnosed with attention deficit >>>

Why cold weather is actually good for your skin!

Tuesday  06:35,   22 october 2019

A cosmetic doctor explains the beauty benefits of a chill in the air.Winter weather can suck the moisture out of your skin, leaving it dull, dry and flaky and don't get us started on chapped lips. But there are actually some perks to those dark,... >>>

Is detox tea the secret to effective weight loss?

Tuesday  05:25,   22 october 2019

8 reasons why you should avoid detox tea for the sake of your health.We speak to GP Dr Louise Newson about the truth behind the detox tea... >>>

Pregnancy Effects May Lead To Faster Aging In Women

Tuesday  05:20,   22 october 2019

Researchers continued to explore the effects of pregnancy on women and the latest findings suggest it could lead to faster aging process.Researchers continued to explore the effects of pregnancy on women. Now, the latest findings suggest it could... >>>