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Selena Gomez felt under 'immense pressure' as a child

Sunday  22:55,   17 october 2021

Selena Gomez has confessed to feeling under "immense" pressure during her rise to stardom.The 29-year-old actress shot to fame as a child, starring on 'Barney & Friends' and 'Wizards of Waverly Place', and Selena admits she initially struggled to... >>>

Vitamin A deficiency: Three signs on your skin and hair - can it be prevented?

Sunday  19:58,   17 october 2021

VITAMIN A, also known as retinol, has several important functions, such as keeping skin and the lining of some parts of the body healthy. You should be able to get all the vitamin A you need by eating a varied and balanced diet, though some people... >>>

Parkinson's disease: The ‘often overlooked' sign which can occur before motor symptoms

Sunday  17:41,   17 october 2021

PARKINSON'S disease symptoms are not limited to your movement. There are many potential signs and symptoms of Parkinson's and each person can experience them... >>>

Why do we wake up around 3am and dwell on our fears and shortcomings?

Sunday  17:05,   17 october 2021

These concerns vaporise in the daylight , proving that the 3am thinking was completely irrational and unproductive. So, what’s going on? I’m a psychology researcher with expertise in mood, sleep, and the circadian system (the internal clock... >>>

Retiree who ‘walked around world’ steps out on new mission to demystify pensions

Sunday  15:16,   17 october 2021

Retired business consultant Vinod Bajaj, 71, wrote the book during lockdown.Retired business consultant Vinod Bajaj, 71, said his self-published work Pension Without Tension is the first dedicated guide to the pension system in... >>>

Heart disease early signs: The 5 symptoms to watch for before a heart attack

Sunday  13:41,   17 october 2021

HEART DISEASE can lead to fatal heart attacks - here are five symptoms that could indicate an imminent attack. >>>

Coronavirus: The signs in your eyes and nose - what to do if you get symptoms again

Sunday  13:41,   17 october 2021

SIGNS and symptoms of COVID-19 may appear two to 14 days after exposure. They can be mistaken for signs of the flu or common cold, but there are some differences to be aware of. So, if you have symptoms should you still isolate even if you've... >>>

Earls praised after revealing he suffers from mental health problems

Sunday  10:52,   17 october 2021

The 34-year-old winger gave an interview on Irish programme The Late Late Show , where he revealed suffering panic attacks, depression and christening the other voice inside his head 'Hank'.The 34-year-old winger gave an interview on Irish... >>>

Most lies are told by 'superliars' and the rest of people are honest

Sunday  05:05,   17 october 2021

Social scientists led by Kim Serota at Oakland University who were trying to uncover the truth about lying analysed 116,336 fibs told by 632 undergraduates over a period of 91 days.But according to a new study, most untruths are told by a few... >>>

Staggering extent of GP surgery waiting times, remote appointments and lack of GPs - data

Sunday  00:55,   17 october 2021

THE NHS and GPs under its umbrella have negotiated the bulk of Britain's pandemic only to come out the other side to a "bleak" care landscape dominated by lengthening waiting times, shortages and a lack of patient... >>>

Bachelorette maxim served winner Raphael by phone from

Sunday  00:37,   17 october 2021

that there would be no common future for show winners Raphael Carn (23) and Bachelorette Maxime Herbord (27) has been known for some days. On Monday , both the woman who had given Raphael on TV to the last rose, as well as the slightly radiant... >>>

How do the French eat today?

Saturday  23:20,   16 october 2021

© Pixabay Blanquette of veal, steak fries or burgers ... The eating habits of the French have changed in recent years as explains Jean-Laurent Cassel, journalist specializing in lifestyles and territorial matters, co-author of "France before our... >>>

SQUAD Instagram Live: Movement Clinic With Faisal on Wednesday

Saturday  22:40,   16 october 2021

This week's Live session will be hosted by MH Elite coach Faisal, who will be breaking down how to master the movements that are giving you trouble Well, we've got you. In our weekly Instagram Live coaching session on Wednesday 20th at 12.15pm,... >>>

The Hit List's Rochelle Humes' home with Marvin belongs in Hollywood - inside

Saturday  22:20,   16 october 2021

Rochelle Humes house: see inside the new house the host of The Hit List and her husband Marvin Humes moved into in July... >>>

Ireland and Lions star Keith Earls reveals he has bipolar disorder

Saturday  15:10,   16 october 2021

The Irish legend was speaking amid the launch of his revealing new autobiography The Irish legend talks about his mental health struggles in his new book, and he opened up about his diagnosis during an appearance on Friday night's Late Late... >>>