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5 Healthy Seeds To Add To Your Diet

Friday  08:40,   14 december 2018

Seeds can be easily introduced into any diet, packing everything from protein to fiber. Here are five kinds of healthy seeds you can add to your... >>>

How Halle Berry stays in such incredible shape

Friday  05:30,   14 december 2018

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Why Does Scratching Make Itching Worse?

Friday  04:30,   14 december 2018

Blame your... >>>

The juice diet: a health fix or just plain crazy?

Friday  04:30,   14 december 2018

Tempted by a quick-fix diet that promises rapid weight loss? We speak to a nutrition specialist to get the facts straight about... >>>

Caroline Flack's Comments On Antidepressants Reflect Dangerous Stigmas Around Medication

Friday  03:40,   14 december 2018

This weekend The Sun released an article interviewing television presenter Caroline Flack, in which she discussed her year-long battle with depression, and her experience with antidepressants. Using her platform to open up about suffering with... >>>

Party-proof your body in 12 steps

Thursday  19:15,   13 december 2018

From the supplements you should be taking to the yoga poses to... >>>

Is Your Mental Health Making You Broke?

Thursday  14:45,   13 december 2018

A top hat, shoes that didn’t fit and an abundance of art materials all seemed like reasonable purchases to Leah Milner during one of her high phases. "Everything I saw seemed to scream out to me. It was like everything I saw, I needed," says... >>>

These Are Google's 10 Most Searched Diets of the Year

Thursday  14:15,   13 december 2018

Data from Google showed us which diets were the trendiest of the year, and we have some advice on which should stay and which should go in... >>>

How to know if you're not getting enough vitamin B

Thursday  11:40,   13 december 2018

There's a lot vitamin B can do for you — and, if you don't get enough of it, the results can be pretty grim. Here's what you should... >>>

Can You Really Lose Weight Simply by Taking the Stairs? Here's What a Trainer Had to Say

Thursday  06:15,   13 december 2018

The treadmill and elliptical are probably part of your cardio routine, but if you haven't added the StairMaster (or just regular stairs) into the mix, you're missing out. While climbing steps can sculpt and tone your butt, it can also help you lose... >>>

The science of “vibes” shows how everything is connected

Thursday  05:15,   13 december 2018

Sometimes a person, creature, or thing really resonates with you. That sense of “vibing” may be more than a figure of speech, it turns... >>>

Intermittent fasting: should you skip breakfast?

Thursday  04:05,   13 december 2018

We speak to a dietician about weight loss and the most important meal of the day. But with intermittent fasting diets gaining popularity, is it really crucial to eat first thing in the morning or is skipping breakfast the secret to weight loss?... >>>

7 surprising ways sugar can affect your body

Wednesday  19:15,   12 december 2018

Sugar is notorious for making you put on weight and rotting your teeth - but it can do more than just that to your insides. There's a reason sweet foods taste so nice: they contain sugar. And while we enjoy consuming sugary foods (especially those... >>>

'Why Christmas is the hardest time of year for me'

Wednesday  18:05,   12 december 2018

It's not the most 'wonderful time of the year' for... >>>

7 reasons to visit your pharmacist

Wednesday  17:31,   12 december 2018

Can't get an GP appointment with your GP? The health experts on the high street can... >>>