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6 rules of great sleep hygiene, according to an expert

Sunday  15:20,   17 april 2022

Increase your chances of a restful night with these essential sleep hygiene tipsChristina Graham, nurse practitioner and sleep specialist for Noom, believes that good sleep hygiene can go a long way in solving most of our sleep issues, long before... >>>

Drug that harmed 20,000 babies 'still being given to pregnant women'

Sunday  15:15,   17 april 2022

There are growing calls for an 'immediate fix' to the problems the epilepsy medication causes.The anti-epilepsy medication sodium valproate – which has been linked to physical malformations, autism and developmental delay in many children... >>>

Mrs Hinch posts pictures of bad bruises amid blood disorder fight with fans sharing concern

Sunday  13:05,   17 april 2022

She's bravely opened up about her blood disorder on InstagramShe shared an Instagram story on Saturday (April 16) of black and purple bruises on her thighs. She explained she would love nothing more than to wear a mini dress or skirt and bask in >>>

People who have died and come back to life reveal what it is like

Sunday  13:05,   17 april 2022

People who have died and come back to life reveal what it is likeNo matter how many studies or pieces of research are carried out, we are unlikely to ever learn what lies in the great... >>>

Expert on what we know about the Omicron XE variant spreading through the UK

Sunday  13:05,   17 april 2022

Virus contains a combination of genetic material from multiple variants, producing a new version of Covid Now we are seeing recombinant variants such as omicron XE. These are not viruses which have picked up a few mutations. Instead, they are... >>>

Covid vaccine boosters - why healthy people aren't being offered them yet

Sunday  13:05,   17 april 2022

Should you get in line for a second booster ASAP? But, following a resurgence of COVID cases in the UK, the government has followed some other countries such as Israel, Germany and Sweden, and expanded the eligibility for a second booster shot.... >>>

School calls poison control after 'woozy' toddlers accidentally drink tequila during snack time

Sunday  13:05,   17 april 2022

School calls poison control after 'woozy' toddlers accidentally drink tequila during snack timeAccording to reports from Fox 2 Detroit, a child brought a bottle of ready-to-drink Jose Cuervo margaritas to Grand River Academy Livonia in her... >>>

Build muscle and burn fat with this stress-busting 15-minute dumbbell home workout

Sunday  12:05,   17 april 2022

Just 15 minutes of high-intensity exercise can protect your mind and improve your moodWhether you choose to go for a casual walk, fit in a short HIIT workout early in the day, or build muscle with a set of the best adjustable dumbbells, you'll keep... >>>

NHS doctor shares how calligraphy helps her with mindfulness and reduces anxiety

Sunday  12:05,   17 april 2022

'No matter how uncertain the rest of the world looks, I know that I have a way to switch off.'But sometimes when we try to be mindful – and shut out the world around us – our brains do the opposite and spiral with... >>>

Couple to create legacy for 'little miracle' son by buying toys for Leicester Children's Hospital

Sunday  08:15,   17 april 2022

Little Yahya was born with serious heart complications but lived on for two yearsBut, Yahya confounded those expectations and lived on longer than doctors had told the family to hope for. He died in his mother's arms, aged two, during Ramadan, in... >>>

These are Australia's most picturesque national parks

Sunday  07:15,   17 april 2022

From multicoloured reefs to emerald rainforests, arid deserts to snow-capped mountains, Australia’s vast network of diverse national parks covers virtually every landscape imaginable. Here are some of the most spectacular protected reserves around... >>>

'Never expected it!' Pair make £70,000 in just six months - starting out with just £2,000

Sunday  07:15,   17 april 2022

UNLIKELY business partners Ted Lawlor and Robert Hisee have created a six-figure business and became bestselling authors during lockdown.The journal has also garnered them roughly £70,000 in just the first six months, after starting with just £1,000 >>>

Jeremy Hunt calls for ‘immediate fix’ to prevent avoidable harm to babies

Sunday  07:15,   17 april 2022

Call for pregnant women to be banned from taking drugA review published in 2020 estimated 20,000 Britons had been affected after being exposed to the drug as developing babies. At that time, the review said “hundreds” of babies were still being born >>>

Unusual Parkinson's symptoms to look out for as expert says disease has '40 different signs'

Sunday  04:50,   17 april 2022

Symptoms you might not be aware of include small handwriting and having very vivid dreamsOther unfamiliar symptoms include losing your sense of smell and sleep problems, including experiencing vivid dreams. April is awareness month for the long-term >>>

NHS doctors gave pregnant women drug known to cause birth defects

Sunday  03:25,   17 april 2022

The NHS is facing a thalidomide-style (pictured) scandal over doctors prescribing an epilepsy drug to pregnant women that is known to cause birth defects, it was claimed last night. Sodium valproate was hailed as a breakthrough drug for epileptics... >>>