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The late Geraldine Fitzgerald suffered from the 'most common' form of dementia - signs

Tuesday  09:30,   06 december 2022

A star in Hollywood's Golden Age, actress Geraldine Fitzgerald spent her final years battling Alzheimer's disease.Signed by a Warner Bros talent scout, Geraldine read lines for productions such as Shining Victory (1941) and The Gay Sisters... >>>

NI joins other home nations in offering vital PKU drug in victory for Express campaign

Tuesday  09:30,   06 december 2022

A Daily Express campaign for Britain's PKU sufferers to access a life-changing drug has won a united victory - after Northern Ireland finally joined England, Wales and Scotland in securing it.Now finally health bosses in Northern Ireland have... >>>

Family living in hotel room after eviction as baby fought for life

Tuesday  09:30,   06 december 2022

"All I want is to be able to make a nice home for my kids."For the past few weeks, Billie-Ann Wylie and her youngsters have been washing their clothes in the bath and surviving on food that can be prepared using a... >>>

TikTok's Noodle the Pug has died aged 14

Tuesday  09:30,   06 december 2022

TikTok's Noodle the Pug has died aged 14The 14-year-old dog and owner Jonathan Graziano (@jongraz) amassed 4.5m followers on the platform after playing the "no bones" game each morning where Noodle would either stand up or plop back over onto... >>>

NHS workers are 'very tired and very fatigued' - hospital boss warns many find it hard to see 'light at the end of the tunnel'

Tuesday  09:30,   06 december 2022

Sir James Mackey has spoken of the "never ending" pressure health workers feel. Sir James, speaking on the Voices of Care podcast produced by Newcross Healthcare spoke about how the wider NHS workforce is - in many cases - struggling to cope. He... >>>

Antibiotics could be given to children en masse in ‘rare’ move by officials

Tuesday  06:50,   06 december 2022

It comes after an eighth child died from Strep A.A government minister revealed the plan in response to the eighth death of a child from the... >>>

Join the fight to beat children's cancer: As new figures predict a surge in cases among young people

Tuesday  04:20,   06 december 2022

At least a dozen families every day are given the news their child has cancer and faces life-changing treatment to survive. The Daily Mail today launches campaign with Cancer Research UK.At least a dozen families every day are given the devastating... >>>

5 Fastest Ways To Get Better At Golf

Tuesday  04:20,   06 december 2022

One of Golf Monthly's Top 50 Coaches discusses five quick ways to get better at golf and lower your scoresThis is a simple way to lower your scores quickly. It's one of the things tour players do that you don't and it's costing you shots. The... >>>

The 5 best core exercises for hikers – expert tips on hiking efficiency

Tuesday  03:50,   06 december 2022

We speak to an experienced physical therapist on why core strength matters for hiking, and how to get it Bergeron explains that the first area where improving core strength can make a huge difference, of course, is in pain reduction.“Improving core... >>>

Good news! Your favourite foods are surprisingly healthy

Tuesday  01:40,   06 december 2022

It’s OK to include some treats in an overall balanced diet. In fact, our favourite foods can have surprising health... >>>

Downsides of cranberry: See what the experts say

Tuesday  01:40,   06 december 2022

Downsides of cranberry: See what the experts say→See benefits of Cranberry from this... >>>

Claudication in five areas could be the 'first noticeable' symptom of high cholesterol

Tuesday  01:40,   06 december 2022

Claudication describes a muscle pain, triggered by a lack of oxygen, that appears during physical activity.High cholesterol doesn't extend any kindness to your arteries, promoting plaque build-up in this... >>>

Dad who lost his limbs and needed facial reconstruction due to Strep A warns parents to be vigilant

Tuesday  01:40,   06 december 2022

Alex Lewis thought he had 'man flu' back in 2013 but collapsed and was rushed to hospital where he was given just a three per cent chance of survival. He had contracted Strep A, followed by Septicaemia. Reports today that a primary school... >>>

Amazfit Band 7 vs. Fitbit Inspire 3

Tuesday  01:20,   06 december 2022

Both the Amazfit Band 7 and Fitbit Inspire 3 are solid considerations in the entry-level fitness tracker space. Choosing between them is a tough decision.Good value for the... >>>

‘Emesis' can be a side effect of the Covid booster vaccine - what is it?

Monday  23:10,   05 december 2022

It is a phenomenon common to many other conditions too.While this term may sound unfamiliar, it is the clinical term for vomiting, defined as "the oral eviction of gastrointestinal contents of the gut and the muscles of the thoracoabdominal wall",... >>>