Health & Fitness Certain types of sugar can negatively impact brain function, says new study

12:50  05 january  2018
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Black tea can promote weight loss, apparently

  Black tea can promote weight loss, apparently Good news if you love a brew

Certain Types of Sugar Can Negatively Impact Brain Function , Says New Study . Doug88888 / Getty Images. by Adam Bible.

Studies on brain activity have provided evidence supporting the idea that overeating alters our brain ’s reward system, which then further drives overeating. Impacts of Excess Sugar on the Body.

  Certain types of sugar can negatively impact brain function, says new study © Provided by Getty You probably already know you should be limiting how much sugar you eat. Too much of the sweet stuff can increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, make getting diabetes more likely, and even help cancer thrive, studies have shown.

But when it comes to your body, not all sugars are created equal. Different kinds of sugar can affect physiological processes differently, and even influence how quickly your brain can function and deal with information, according to new research published in the journal Physiology & Behavior.

In the study, scientists gave 49 college students a drink that contained one of three common sugars people regularly consume—fructose (from fruit), glucose (found in fruits, soda, cabbage, pizza, etc.), and sucrose (found in table sugar, syrup, cookies, cakes, etc.)—or a placebo over a 16-week period. After each beverage, the researchers tested the frontal lobes of the students' brains with cognitive tests focusing on response time, math, and mental interference.

Eating alone could be bad for your health, study says

  Eating alone could be bad for your health, study says And it's especially bad for menIt was concluded that men who dined solo at least twice a day were more likely to display symptoms such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and prediabetes when compared to those who always dined with others.

"Insulin is important in the body for controlling blood sugar , but it may play a different role in the brain ," Dr. Fernando Gomez-Pinilla, the study 's lead author, said in a statement. Impact : Project Zero. Impact : This New World. Highline.

Brain functions such as thinking, memory, and learning are closely linked to glucose levels and how “The brain is dependent on sugar as its main fuel,” says Vera Novak, MD, PhD, an HMS associate In her laboratory, Novak is studying ways to prevent these effects in people with type 2 diabetes.

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" src="/upload/images/real/2018/01/05/healthy-desserts-for-the-sugar-obsessed-p-dont-ignore-your-dessert-cravings-when-that-sweet-tooth-ca_12834_.jpg?content=1" /> Healthy Desserts For the Sugar-Obsessed Their findings? The students who drank glucose or sucrose performed significantly worse than those who drank fructose or the placebo.

'Overall, these results indicate that cognitive effects of sugar are unlikely to be mediated by the perception of sweetness,' according to one of the study's authors. 'Rather, the effects are mediated by glucose. Further research should systematically assess effects of dietary sugars on other cognitive domains, such as memory, to give further insights on general cognitive effects of sugar consumption.

Still, that doesn't mean that all sugar is bad for your body—check out this primer on what types of sugar to eat and when.

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5 signs you’re actually eating too much sugar .
The recommended daily amount of sugar intake for a woman is around 25 grams or six teaspoons. However, everyone’s body is different so you may have to consume even less sugar than this. As well as that, so many people eat far too much sugar anyway.If you are eating too much sugar, your body will let you know with a few tell tale signs – but what are they?1. Headaches © Provided by Associated News Unfortunately, too much sugar can lead to headaches because of the sudden spike of sugar and then the drop in blood glucose levels.

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