Health & Fitness The Scary Truth About Women's Bodies & Alcohol That Is Being Ignored

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Researching her book, ' Woman Of Substances', Jenny Valentish discovered alcohol affects women differently than men – and hardly anyone knows about it. In her research, Valentish discovered that this is the time when women are most likely to relapse – simply because your body wants to go wild.

The Scary Truth About Millennials And Alcohol Abuse. The majority are actually using alcohol to cope with the disorder symptoms, some of which are depression, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, mood swings, and shakiness. #addiction # alcohol #happiness #mind body connection #personal growth.

a man throwing a frisbee: Refinery29 © Photo: Courtesy of Jenny Valentish Refinery29 I spent a ridiculous amount of time picking the location for my interview with Jenny Valentish.

I was nervous, because I’m the type of person who likes to spend their weekend at the pub, and she’s a recovering alcoholic who just wrote a book about her path to sobriety. I perused Google for somewhere unthreatening and settled on an airy café in King’s Cross. Turns out, I needn’t have bothered. When we finally meet, she tells me straight up that after eight years of sobriety, she’s happily drinking again. Not really what you’d expect from someone who’s just released a book about alcohol addiction.

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The Scary Truth About Women ' s Bodies & Alcohol That Is Being Ignored https "I think there should be a vote on the final deal" *Audience boos* Yeah, too right. Fuck having a say on our own futures. Let's just go with whatever bag of magic beans that yawnsome cretin David Davis comes

Women are consuming more alcohol more frequently than ever before—the numbers of those who How scary is that, really? Sadly, alcohol is a dubious remedy for my daily stresses—and it’ s doing the opposite of what I intend. Because for a while now, our bodies and our lives have not been our own.

Valentish was raised in the famously dreary town of Slough, and abused as a child by a family friend who would sneak into her bedroom after everyone had gone to sleep. At 13, she broke into her parents' liquor cabinet and got drunk for the first time. She grew up to become a music journalist and drank her way through her 20s and 30s, doing all the drugs she could get her hands on, until finally, in her 40s, she decided that her body had had enough. In Woman of Substances she shares her story, but the book is much more than that. It’s a deep dive into the way drugs and alcohol affect women – and the path we often take on the road to addiction.

Until she started writing, Valentish didn’t realise how political the book was going to be. But the alcohol industry is rife with sexism, and it didn’t take long for it to rear its head. For example, when she was investigating the reasons why she may have developed an alcohol addiction, one of the first things she realised was that most of the research on substance abuse is based entirely on men.

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  Coffee in pregnancy ‘raises risk of an overweight child’: Women who drink just two cups a day could see their children weighing more than those who don't have caffeine regularly The findings from a study of 51,000 mothers and infants in Norway call into question NHS guidelines which say expectant mothers can safely consume up to two cups of coffee a day. Researchers looked at the link between caffeine intake during pregnancy and the weights of children up to the age of eight.Studying 51,000 mother and infant pairs in Norway between 2002 and 2008, they measured the expectant mothers’ daily intake of caffeine – found in chocolate, tea and many soft drinks as well as coffee – at 22 weeks of pregnancy.

RESOURCES. Substance Abuse. The Scary Truth About Teen Alcohol Poisoning. Other fatalities are due to alcohol -related motor vehicle crashes, homicides, and suicides. What Causes Alcohol Poisoning. The body absorbs alcohol much more quickly than food.

D., the author of Preventing Alcohol Abuse. For instance, some of alcohol 's apparent aphrodisiac effects may be there because we want them to be . By the next morning, while the women ' s beer goggles had come off, men were still being influenced by their perceptions from the night before.

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That cocktail could be making you fat and increasing your risk of disease.: Alcohol is doing more than just expanding your waistline — find out how it's harming your health. “Man, I need to find a new job,” my friend, Tim, told me during our monthly meet-up at his favorite Korean barbecue place. “These early mornings are killing me. I’m tired all day, my doctor says my blood pressure is higher than last year, and I’m definitely not getting thinner sitting on my butt all day.”As Tim continued to lament the seemingly endless list of health problems he’d developed since taking the job, I noticed something else. When we first sat down, he ordered a beer. As he discussed the toll his work was taking on his body, he ordered one more. And when our food arrived, he ordered yet another. It occurred to me that Tim’s problem might not be entirely job-related — from the exhaustion to the increase in his blood pressure, it seemed as though his drinking habit could be taking its toll.“I don’t mean to step on any toes here,” I said. “But have you ever wondered if the beers you’re drinking have anything to do with it? You may not be drinking a reckless amount, but booze can wreak havoc on everything from your health to your waistline without you even realizing it.”“Seriously?” he asked. “I was just trying to unwind. I didn’t realize a drink here or there would have much of an effect.”After I told him all about the restorative power of the 40 Drinks That Melt Fat, I explained to him just how even his moderate drinking could be affecting his body. To find out if those cocktails you’re consuming are slowing you down and making you gain weight, read on for the 42 Ways Alcohol Ruins Your Diet and Health! 41 Ways Alcohol Ruins Your Diet and Health

Scientists, using male rats to test how the human body responds to alcohol withdrawal, have come to conclusions that totally disregard the female experience of alcohol, assuming our bodies will act in the same way. But our hormones, and menstrual cycle, make us much more sensitive to the effects of drugs and alcohol - meaning the results of these studies won’t apply to us at all. "Drinking and taking drugs during your menstrual cycle can have a bigger effect on you than you might have been aware," she says. “When you’re ovulating, you’re in party mode – you smoke more, you’re horny and you desire more drugs and alcohol.” That explains why a glass of wine has no effect one week, but the next week sends you to the bathroom with your head in your hands. This kind of information is little known, even in the medical industry. This knowledge is particularly important for women who are trying to kick the habit of drinking to excess.

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  Just one alcoholic drink a day raises the risk of mouth cancer, gum disease AND heart disease A New York University study revealed that people who drank one or more alcoholic beverage per day had an excess of harmful oral bacteria and a drought of healthy bacteria to fight off harmful strains. Related: These Methods Will Help You Lose That Beer Belly (provided by Wochit news) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer", "#video_player_05407df0-7ff7-44c6-8ff1-219850483a75").

(Note: the average woman needs at least 46g of protein a day, which does add up quickly with a I I also want to emphasize that you should look to whole foods that are easy to grab and go, as well. Lower Body Workout for The Everygirl. Giveaway: Win Invisalign® Teeth Straightening Treatment!

That is because women are more vulnerable than men to the toxic effects of alcohol : their bodies have more fat, and less water, than men’ s .

In her research, Valentish discovered that this is the time when women are most likely to relapse – simply because your body wants to go wild. That’s really something doctors should know about and be telling women who are trying to quit. But most don’t, because there's so little research on the female experience of alcohol.

  The Scary Truth About Women's Bodies & Alcohol That Is Being Ignored © Provided by Refinery29 Inc. So why doesn’t anyone want to study the ladies? Valentish says the simple answer is the patriarchy, of course. "Research tends to be a really patriarchal field, and the people at the top are usually men. They see drinking as a male issue, but it’s not at all." Because they can’t be bothered dealing with the complexities of the menstrual cycle, and think alcoholism is a male issue (even though men and women are drinking equally now, and women born after 1981 are drinking more than men), researchers Valentish interviewed said that male scientists at the top of their game were actively discouraging them from conducting studies on women.

"The more and more research I did, the clearer it became," Valentish says. "I didn’t realise the book was going to be quite so political."

Over One Third Of Women Experience Period Shaming

  Over One Third Of Women Experience Period Shaming 'We have the right to control and make choices about our own bodies'From Amika George's campaign to introduce free sanitary products in UK schools to men fighting negative perceptions of menstruation in Kenya, people all over the world people are waking up to the fact that our bodies' natural bleed every month should never be a taboo.

While (cisgender) men are considered more likely to abuse alcohol than women , women are The difference in body size can’t be ignored here—and it’ s one reason scientists think women are taking a bigger hit. Here Is The Disturbing Truth About How Some Of Your Favorite Foods Are Made Nosh.

The Scary Truth About Alcohol Poisoning in America. Per statistics, the most deaths occur among men (despite women having lower alcohol tolerances and possibly greater risks), and three out of four deaths from alcohol poisoning are adults age 35 to 64, not college students who overdo it at parties.

In a particularly infuriating chapter, Valentish writes about alcopops, those colourful drinks clearly marketed at teenage girls. It turns out they’re designed to get us drunk, fast. Alcohol companies know that women absorb alcohol faster than men (Valentish says it’s down to the particular enzymes in our stomach) and, as you would expect with the advertising industry, they take advantage of it. The alcohol content in a standard alcopop is much higher than in drinks that are marketed to men. If you think that’s not the patriarchy at play, in the '80s, an Australian wine brand called Wolf Blass released its "René Pogel" sparkling wine with a similar alcohol content, "which sounds classy, until you read it backwards," Valentish writes. "I can’t help picturing snickering marketing execs bandying around potential slogans: 'goes down easy'; 'doesn’t taste as bad as you think'."

When she decided to go sober, Valentish realised that even the treatment pathways for substance abuse aren’t designed with women in mind. The stigma surrounding women who drink is huge – so much so that many women can’t bring themselves to ask for help. Often, they’re scared of being branded a "bad mum" or, worse, worried about losing their kids entirely. Additionally, many women can’t check into rehab because they can’t find, or afford, childcare. That’s generally not something men have to think about, says Valentish, and it seriously limits a mother’s ability to seek help when she desperately needs it.

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The Scary Truth About Lying & The Harmful Side Effects On Your Mind & Body . For example, Navarro interviewed one woman who showed all of the nonverbal cues one might associate with deception, but in reality she was nervous because her parking meter had run out and was merely

“After you drink alcohol and it enters your body , the alcohol is absorbed into the blood via the stomach and the small intestine. The effects of this can be felt about 10 minutes after first drinking it. “The effects will then become fully apparent after around

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Time for a Change: Turning 40 is one of life's biggest milestones, but it means adapting to new and potentially serious health concerns. While you might have arrived at this momentous birthday without many medical issues, it's time to take inventory of your body and switch up how you treat it.One significant change you'll need to make is how you consume alcohol. Keep reading to find out how those cocktails and glasses of wine can affect your overall health. 15 Ways Alcohol Affects You After 40

In Alcoholics Anonymous, Valentish found more problems with the way women are treated. She tells me the fundamental philosophy behind the programme is "handing over your personal power to a higher power" but if you’re a victim of domestic violence or sexual abuse – as many women in the programme are – it’s likely your personal power was taken away a long time ago.

"Women actually need to be empowered," says Valentish, "not forced to give what little power they still have away." They especially shouldn’t be placed in recovery groups with men who are perpetrators of domestic violence. This happens a lot, because men with substance abuse issues tend to lash out at the people around them when they’re stressed, whereas women internalise and turn to things like eating disorders and self-harm. Mixing these two very different responses doesn’t exactly create a safe environment for either party to open up about their issues.

For anyone considering cutting down their alcohol intake, or anyone who likes to drink at all, Woman of Substances is an enlightening, sometimes frightening read. Valentish is a natural storyteller; she’s somehow managed to make a neurological research project about a very serious issue entertaining, funny and difficult to put down. Now, like Jenny, every time I have a drink before I meet a friend, I think about why I’m doing it. If that sort of enlightenment is what happens when you quit drinking, maybe more of us will think about following the same path.

Woman of Substances by Jenny Valentish is available in the UK fromFriday 18th May, published by Head of Zeus.

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