Health & Fitness A French hospital used hypnosis to block pain in 150 cancer surgeries

14:20  07 june  2018
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The use of hypnosis prior to breast cancer surgery reduced the amount of anesthesia administered during the operation, the level of pain reported afterwards, and the time and cost of the procedure, according to a new study.

In a study of 150 participants concluding in 2015, a nurse and researcher at the City of Hope Cancer Center studied 150 cancer patients and found that 78% of those who used hypnosis experienced significant, lasting reduction in symptoms such as anxiety, pain , sleeplessness, fatigue

  A French hospital used hypnosis to block pain in 150 cancer surgeries © PA At this year’s largest conference on anesthesia, a new topic was up for discussion: Not using general anesthesia.

Rather than making surgical patients unconscious, doctors at the Institut Curie in Paris have regularly been using hypnosis to help conscious patients withstand the pain of surgery.

At the 2018 Euroanaesthesia conference in Copenhagen, Denmark this week, a team of researchers presented an evaluation of 150 surgeries performed on cancer patients between 2011 and 2017, which relied on hypnosis. In 99% of cases, they found, the method worked absolutely fine. Two patients experienced discomfort at the beginning of surgery, but doctors were able to easily convert to general anesthesia in less than three minutes.

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At the Cliniques Universitaires St. Luc Hospital in Brussels, one-third of all surgeries to remove thyroids and one quarter of all breast cancer surgeries are performed using Doctors say nearly any surgery usually done with a local anesthetic could work with hypnosis and less pain medicine.

During surgery , hypnosis may be applied to limit immunosuppression, while, in the postoperative period, it can reduce pain , anxiety 2. A Brief History of Hypnosis in Breast Cancer Management. Use of hypnosis in the treatment of BC started with a French surgeon , Cloquet, back in 1829 [11, 12].

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Doctors didn’t use hypnosis as the sole form of pain management. Instead, they used a technique called “hypnosedation,” which combines hypnosis with drugs (anti-nausea drugs, an opioid called remifentanil, and further painkillers) to help sedate the patient and keep them relaxed while conscious, as well as a local anesthesia to prevent local pain. Some 90% of the surgeries in the study were for breast cancer (many were mastectomies), while the remaining 10% included gynecological surgeries, colonoscopies, and plastic surgeries. On average, these surgeries lasted about 60 minutes, all of which the patients got through on hypnosedation.

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A French medical team was recently successful in using hypnosedation during a series of brain surgeries . Some hospitals , predominantly in Europe, began to offer hypnosis plus a small dosage of a local anesthetic as a surgical option as early as 1992 while a handful of studies have been

French news. Hypnosis used in cancer operations. Hypnosis used in cancer operations. Patients at Paris hospital are conscious throughout as hypnotherapist puts Patients are treated exactly the same way throughout the operation as if it had been with full anaesthetic and if they feel any pain the

Aurore Marcou, an anesthesiologist at the Institut Curie and lead author of the study, explains that fMRI scans show hypnosis affects the cerebral mode of the brain. “The physiological state is associated with heightened receptivity for suggestions and ability to modulate the sensory perceptions,” she writes in an email. Doctors can effectively use hypnosis to get patients to disassociate from the nervous system’s response to harm. “Suggestions of analgesia [the inability to feel pain] lead to a higher pain threshold and decrease in subjective pain intensity as well as pain unpleasantness,” she adds.

a close up of a window © Provided by Quartz Previous clinical studies have shown that hypnosedation doesn’t work in 1%-2% of cases, notes Marcou, a figure that’s supported by her research. However, the high success rate of hypnosedation in clinical studies suggests maintaining consciousness under hypnosis is a viable alternative to general anesthesia for most people. Patients who used hypnosedation have a quicker recovery time than those under general anesthesia,and also avoided anesthesia side effects, “including throat pains, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, cognitive disorders,” notes Marcou. This makes it especially interesting for elderly patients or those with severe cardiac or respiratory who can suffer especially bad side effects.

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An increasing number of physicians are using hypnosis to ease patients through childbirth The latest research shows that it can ease pain , speed healing, increase fertility, even fight cancer . "But you do not." She reads to him from a script used on all hypnosis patients at the hospital .

28 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, will promote greater use of hypnosis in medical treatments. Side effects such as pain , nausea and fatigue -- both during and after breast cancer surgery Formerly Conjoined Twins Get Send-Off at Hospital Where They Were Separated.

Hypnosedation isn’t exactly rare—Marcou says the University Hospital Center at Liège in Belgium has reported more than 12,000 cases where hypnosis was used to treat pain since 1992—but, as practitioners have to be experts in both anesthesia and hypnosis, it’s still fairly unusual. There are plenty of people who might still choose the risk of myriad anesthesia side effects over staying conscious during surgery but, for those brave enough to face it, hypnosis is far more robust than its snake-charmer connotations would suggest.

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