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18:55  20 february  2020
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Meanwhile, despite claims by advocates, there is no evidence that puberty blocking is “reversible,” nor that Most concerning of all is that these treatments run the risk that children may persist in their So talk about these treatments being reversible is inherently misleading. And yet all of the major

Girls there are not supposed to look at or talk to boys, "as this might raise suspicion that they were "Maybe I befriend a girl and someone would see me and would go tell her dad, and problems Gender -nonconforming has consequences. A recurring theme in conversations with adolescents and

Joan McAlpine wearing a neck tie © Provided by PinkNews

Politicians in Scotland have been invited to a seminar hosted by the SNP’s Joan McAlpine to hear “concerns” about the impact on children of medical treatments for “gender confusion”.

Scottish National Party politician Joan McAlpine is to host a seminar in Holyrood that has already been accused of “disingenuously” conflating medical treatment for young trans people with potential reforms to Scotland’s gender-recognition laws.

McAlpine, who last year invited an academic who brands trans women “parasites” to speak in the Scottish Parliament on Transgender Day of Remembrance, has invited all MSPs to attend the March 5 seminar.

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Gender confusion is often temporary. About three-quarters of little kids who have issues with their gender – boys who want to be princesses, girls who And in the hotly politicized world of gender politics , that makes him, in many people' s eyes, a dangerous reactionary. They argue that a child' s

Depression ( major depressive disorder or clinical depression) is a common but serious mood disorder. It causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or working. To be diagnosed with depression, the symptoms must be present for at least two

The seminar is titled “Gender dysphoria/confusion in children and young people” and is “one of several being held to encourage informed discussion and debate about the government’s proposals for reform of the law on gender recognition”, according to the invite seen by PinkNews.

“The seminar is particularly focussed on concerns about the impact on children of medical treatments for gender dysphoria or confusion,” the invite says.

Sisters Scotland, a group of Scottish feminists, said that despite the event being “framed as a reasonable discussion”, it is unlikely to be that, given McAlpine is “entrenched in her views against Gender Recognition Act reform”.

When the Scottish Government announced its plans for GRA reforms – including removing the need for trans people to have a diagnosis of gender dysphoria before being able to update the gender on their birth certificate – last July, following a public consultation, McAlpine said: “I continue to oppose the proposal that will allow any man to identify as female, without the current medical diagnosis, and change the sex on their birth certificate.

Puberty blockers can literally save the lives of transgender teens, new study confirms

  Puberty blockers can literally save the lives of transgender teens, new study confirms Puberty blockers can be “life-saving” drugs for trans teenagers, according to a landmark study that is the first to examine access to puberty blockers and suicide risk. The study, published in medical journal Pediatrics, found that if trans teenagers have access to the medication their chance of suicide and mental health problems significantly declines. Access to puberty blockers for a trans teen who wants them reduces their likelihood of trying to die by suicide in both the short and long term, the study found, as well as significantly reducing their likelihood of experiencing mental-health problems.

There are two major heart attack symptoms that everyone is aware of: sudden and severe chest pain that feels like a clenched fist and pain radiating down the arm. But it’ s possible other warning signs may have cropped up on the way to that cardiovascular event, and not been recognized as heart failure.

Gender confusion identity crisis is a very complex issue. I heard of one boy here in Australia who injured himself trying to cut off his penis “because he There are also gender -bending chemicals in the environment today that might be causing problems . For example, there are various estrogen-like

“Most people identifying as ‘trans women’ still have male genitals,” she added, going on to say that she belies “biological sex is immutable”.

“The conflation of gender dysphoria with ‘confusion’ and an implied link to the ‘dangers’ of reform for children and young people (when there indeed are none) is disingenuous and ill intended,” Sisters Scotland said.

A spokesperson for the group added: “GRA reform aims to improve the lives of trans people, making it easier to change birth certificates, death certificates and pension details by obtaining a GRC [Gender Recognition Certificate].

“It will not have any effect on the medical treatment available to young trans people. This has been clarified repeatedly by professionals in this field.”

The most common way young trans people with gender dysphoria are helped is by supporting them socially transitioning, which usually involves them changing their name, pronouns, haircut or way of dressing.

Nurse’s baby joy after using national lottery win to fulfil IVF dream

  Nurse’s baby joy after using national lottery win to fulfil IVF dream Rebecca Brown spent part of her windfall to get pregnant with little Ethel and she says her new child is now 'priceless'.Rebecca Brown, who spent £12,000 of her £250,000 windfall to get pregnant, has described little Ethel as “priceless”.

Gender bias has received significant attention in recent years, and has been scrutinized as a factor in the dearth of female chief executives, the treatment of presidential candidates and the lower pay of Hollywood actresses. In health care, gender disparities are especially pernicious.

One concern about the wording of questions in polls is that the person being sampled will be on one hand we want our opinions to be heard , on the other hand we don't want politicians to blindly follow Which of the following is NOT true regarding polling? a. Sampling bias is not generally a problem that

Some young trans people with gender dysphoria are prescribed puberty blockers as they approach puberty – a medical treatment that pauses puberty and has been used for decades.

A first-of-its kind study into the links between access to puberty blockers for trans teens who want them and suicide risk found that puberty blockers are “life-saving” and significantly reduce the likelihood of suicide and mental-health problems.

Responding to the news of McAlpine’s event, Colin Macfarlane, director of Stonewall Scotland, said: “There’s widespread misunderstanding about what reform of the Gender Recognition Act means. Reforming the Gender Recognition Act is just about making it easier for trans people to have their gender identity legally recognised on their birth certificate.

Graham Linehan compares doctors treating trans kids to Nazi experiments in concentration camps

  Graham Linehan compares doctors treating trans kids to Nazi experiments in concentration camps Graham Linehan has compared doctors treating trans youth to Nazis experimenting on children in concentration camps during the Holocaust. He said there are “a couple of parallels” between Nazi doctors and the doctors treating transgender children today. “Children are basically being experimented on with puberty blockers,” Linehan said. When asked if he was “seriously trying to say that children going to the doctor and saying they’re worried about their gender is akin to children being experimented on in Nazi concentration camps?” Linehan replied: “I’m afraid I am.

“Currently, trans people don’t need to undergo medical transition to access a Gender Recognition Certificate and legal recognition has no impact on a person’s ability to access transition-related care.

“Trans people have waited far too long for equality, so it’s more important than ever that all LGBT+ people and allies come together and respond to the Scottish government’s consultation on the draft bill.”

Grimes says she will let her baby discover their own gender identity

  Grimes says she will let her baby discover their own gender identity Grimes says she will let her baby discover their own gender identity .The 31-year-old singer announced that she was expecting a baby in January, and has said that she is now seven months pregnant.In a Twitter Q and A, Grimes was asked by a fan: “You will have a girl or boy?”To which she responded: “They may decide their fate and destiny.”While some accused her of “denying science” by not forcing a label onto her child before it has even left the womb, most agreed that she was “an icon”.

The three speakers at McAlpine’s event – which is being held 12 days before a public consultation on Scotland’s draft gender-recognition bill closes – are Dr David Bell, Dr Margaret McCartney and Sinead Watson.

Asked by PinkNews whether any transgender people were asked to speak at the seminar, Joan McAlpine said: “One of the speakers [Sinead Watson] underwent transition including hormone treatment and surgery. Transgender people have also been invited to attend and speak from the floor.”

Watson’s bio for the seminar says she “regrets the hormone treatment and surgery that she was encouraged to believe would provide a cure for her distress” and that she “believes that the proposal to allow children of 16 to make life-changing decision about their bodies is dangerous” – despite being in her 20s when undergoing medical treatment and despite GRA reform not impacting trans healthcare.

Joan McAlpine also came under fire last year for inviting Canadian anti-trans journalist Meghan Murphy – who is banned from Twitter for hate speech against trans people – to speak at the Scottish parliament.

McAlpine said of her March 5 event: “Some clinicians are concerned at the rise in diagnosis of gender dysphoria in confused children and young people whose difficulties may be the result of other problems – including, sometimes, homophobia in the family and wider society.

“It is important that MSPs are allowed to hear clinicians who have these concerns.”

Sisters Scotland said that implying GRA reform will “encourage ‘confused’ young people to transition” is “the same narrative used throughout history that suggested LGB rights would ‘make young people gay'”.

Cis doctor who specialises in treating trans patients gives himself gender dysphoria after taking too much oestrogen .
William Powers, a cisgender doctor who specialises in treating trans people, accidentally gave himself gender dysphoria for two days, giving him a major insight into the experiences of his patients. Dr William Powers made headlines last year because of his unusual journey to opening a clinic for trans people. The doctor raised two Guinness World Record-breaking cats, but lost everything in a house fire started by a massage chair, including his pets. Losing everything gave him a new perspective, but it led him to opening his dream doctor’s surgery – a video game themed, queer-inclusive clinic in Michigan full of therapy cats.

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