Health & Fitness Coronavirus: "We must not be clever about Italians", warns the president of the Federation of Doctors of France

20:45  12 march  2020
20:45  12 march  2020 Source:   francetvinfo.fr

Coronavirus self-isolation: how to self-quarantine, and the latest advice on who needs to in the UK

  Coronavirus self-isolation: how to self-quarantine, and the latest advice on who needs to in the UK 'If there's a chance you could have coronavirus, call 111 and isolate yourself from other people'But what does that mean?

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Italy is entering its fourth week of the worst national crisis since World War II with no end in sight.

"Everyone crosses his fingers", so that France does not find itself in the same situation as Italy facing the coronavirus epidemic explains the president of the Federation of doctors of France.

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For Jean-Paul Hamon, guest of Franceinfo, "we must not be clever about the Italians because we don't know at all what will fall on us".

Italy, the biggest center for coronavirus in Europe, counts its dead: 827 in all, and more than 12,000 patients. Drastic measures have been taken in the country to fight the epidemic. In France, despite precautions taken throughout its territory, the virus is also progressing with at least 48 deaths Thursday, March 12.

‘Coronavirus Has Me Worried Sick’

  ‘Coronavirus Has Me Worried Sick’ ‘Coronavirus Has Me Worried Sick’Are you A) the naysayer, scoffing anyone who’ll listen that the outbreak is ‘no worse than a cold!!’? Or B) the alarmist, stockpiling baked beans and booming updates on every new diagnosis and worse-case-scenario across the pub like a Fox News auditionee?

Former NHS doctor trapped in coronavirus -hit Italy begs the UK Government to shut down EVERYTHING in the fight against the killer infection as he Professor Mohamed Abu Hilal, writing from Brescia, north Italy , warned officials must prepare more beds, doctors and nurses in light of the

The UK, France and Germany introduce new measures to control the virus as infections grow. Play video Coronavirus : ' We owe citizens the truth' - EU President from BBCCoronavirus: ' We owe Head of the Creative Industries Federation and Creative England Caroline Norbury says the measures

Franceinfo: Are we going to experience the same situation as in Italy with regard to the coronavirus?

Jean-Paul Hamon: Everyone crosses his fingers so that this is not the case. For the moment, we have managed to curb the development of the virus, even if the number of positive diagnoses in France currently does not represent much, since there are certainly many more cases that are really affected. I think it would be better to count the number of people in intensive care with coronavirus and the number of deaths. This would reflect the state of the epidemic much more.

There are infinitely more cases in circulation than the number given. We don't test them all.

Jean-Paul Hamon, president of the Federation of Doctors of France

at franceinfo

Coronavirus: Will I Have To Cancel My Summer Wedding?

  Coronavirus: Will I Have To Cancel My Summer Wedding? Coronavirus: Will I Have To Cancel My Summer Wedding?In normal times, if you tell someone you’re getting married in a couple of months they’d be likely to comment on how exciting this is. At the moment, though, it is more likely to be met with a cringe and a cursory: ‘Oh God, sorry to hear that.’ After months spent trying to figure out how to tactfully send a delayed invite to drunk uncle Ian so there’s no way he could possibly make it, the worst guest of all threatens to show up and take out half of your guests: coronavirus.

However, even the countries that the new coronavirus has hit less aggressively are still under considerable strain. As many as 213 countries and territories have registered COVID-19 cases, and the entire world is buzzing with uncertainty and questions: How long will the pandemic last?

Exclusive: Public health epidemiologist says other countries should consider adopting China-style containment measures.

In my office for example, I tested seven people between yesterday and today. I will have the results during the day and the laboratory that provides me with the tests tells me that there are only two left. Therefore, this may interfere with the accounting of Covid-19 cases.

In hospitals, should we avoid overcharging, as is the case in Italy?

Yes, in particular the surcharge for resuscitation beds. We must have, in all, between 5,000 and 12,000 resuscitation beds in France, which are already occupied by quite a few other pathologies. Each day won, these are days that will free up intensive care beds and allow French people who are affected to be taken care of properly.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi urged France to "not make the same mistake" as Italy. Could the Italian assessment of the epidemic have been different if the authorities had done otherwise?

I think they were faced with hyper-contaminating cases. The person who was identified as patient 1, who was sailing between Veneto and Lombardy, infected a lot of people. Italy has not been as reactive as us, but frankly, we should not be clever compared to the Italians, because we do not know at all what will fall on us.

It must be remembered that we are cured of coronavirus in 98% of cases. There are 15% of people who will require hospitalization, and there are 6 or 7% who will go to intensive care. In intensive care, we may find young people. But those who were in good health before being there will do well, unlike the elderly and those with several pathologies. We have to protect fragile people, which we are currently doing. But there is particular attention to have with people who are diabetic, obese, who have respiratory problems, heart, those who are in chemotherapy treatment or who have immune depressions. Do not visit them unnecessarily, even if you are in good health, because you can be a carrier of the coronavirus without having any symptoms.

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