Health & Fitness One Twin Went Vegan. The Other Didn't. Here's What Happened to Their Bodies

15:30  18 may  2020
15:30  18 may  2020 Source:   menshealth.co.uk

Vegan diet is no healthier if you continue to eat sugar-laden junk food, new study reveals

  Vegan diet is no healthier if you continue to eat sugar-laden junk food, new study reveals Vegans and vegetarians must avoid too many sweets, fruit juice and refined grains such as white bread and white flour to make sure they're feeling the benefits in their heart, researchers say.It found that following a ‘plant-based’ diet is pointless if people continue to eat processed, sugar-laden food.

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Going vegan is becoming increasingly more common, but is it actually good for you? In your first few weeks, you may feel especially tired. Without meat, vegans often have a hard time If you’re like most Americans who get their daily calcium from dairy products, you may see a dip in calcium levels.

a couple of guys posing for a picture: Professional explorers Hugo and Ross Turner wanted to find out how a vegan diet would affect their training. The results are in © Provided by Men's Health UK Professional explorers Hugo and Ross Turner wanted to find out how a vegan diet would affect their training. The results are in

Hugo and Ross Turner – or is that Ross and Hugo? – have earned the nickname “the adventure guinea pigs”. In 2015, the twins scaled Europe’s highest peak, Mt Elbrus in the Caucasus, to compare traditional mountaineering gear with modern equipment (the latter proved to be mostly marketing). They’ve been to Greenland, where a replica of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 expedition kit uniformly outperformed the contemporary equivalent, from the Sunspel jumper and Crockett & Jones boots to a wooden sled.

Makeup, hair care, nail polish ... 9 brands that formulate Vegan care

 Makeup, hair care, nail polish ... 9 brands that formulate Vegan care Some brands formulate Vegan care ... and you might not have known it! If you plan to replenish your vanity for cocooning days in full containment, here are some brands to (re) discover, for a sharp and natural beauty routine. © Instagram / deardahlia_beauty Make-up, hair care, nail polish ...

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Most recently, they embarked on a trial of a vegan diet versus a typical omnivorous one, with their body composition monitored by Virgin Active and their biomarkers tested by King’s College London’s Department of Twin Research. We caught up with them two months in to see what they'd learnt.

MH: This isn’t the first time you’ve compared diets...

Ross: At the end of last year we did a test of high-fat vs high-carb. I was on a high-fat diet and I shredded. I lost about 3kg of fat; Hugo was on high-carb and he put on 3kg.

Hugo: Ross has always been slightly heavier, so, we met each other in the middle. At the end, we were 85kg each.

Ross: But I was much, much leaner.

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Pina Colada Ice Cream

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“ Vegan in Austin… expect to eat all the guacamole,” warned fellow vegan and Byrdie editor Victoria. Well, their heart was in the right place, I shrugged. If these menu options were a sign, there was certainly other vegan I Tried Going Vegan for a Week, and This Is What Happened to My Body .

What would happen if every person on Earth adopted a vegan diet – without milk, meat, honey, or In other words, having enough to eat is as much about politics and big business as dietary choices – so These animals are vegans building and supporting their bodies with the food which they take

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MH: How fun – or not – were those diets to follow?

Ross: I did miss carbs. I really did miss carbs. But as soon as I had them, I felt bloated, straight away.

MH: So, what are the main takeaways from meat versus veg?

Ross: My cholesterol has stayed the same – about 6.5, quite high – and Hugo [on the vegan diet] is down to 4.9.

Hugo: I was about 5.9 at the start, so it’s dropped drastically.

Ross: As well as your libido.

Hugo: Yeah, my libido went out the window. But my energy levels [were better]. I didn’t get that sugar drop. Most snacks – chocolate, biscuits, sweets – I couldn’t have. I was pretty much just on nuts and fruit.

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Turning vegan is more appealing for many with coronavirus crisis accelerating trend

  Turning vegan is more appealing for many with coronavirus crisis accelerating trend Pandemic also appears to have started a long-term interest in cooking and baking as more people create more dishes from scratch than they did before the crisis began. Some 2,000 people across Britain were surveyed during April and May.

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Ross: We had Mindful Chef delivering our food, so we had exactly the same calories going in – give or take 50 calories across the day.

MH: How did going vegan affect your training?

Hugo: My energy levels in the gym were much, much better. We were going to the gym five, six times a week and I didn’t have a session where I thought, “I don’t really have any energy.”

Ross: I was the opposite. I was very hungry at 10 or 11 o’clock. I had those big spikes of energy and then I’d crash. But then the results [of our training] have been very different – I put on weight, and Hugo has lost it.

Hugo: I’ve shredded. I lost 4kg of fat in the first two or three weeks.

Ross: We wore continuous glucose monitors: they go on the back of your triceps and connect to your phone. I was spiking, going down, having that sugar low – or meat low – and Hugo was far more satiated.

MH: What kind of training were you doing?

Hugo: It’s endurance-focused, so high-rep, low-weight, rather than trying to build up mass. On our expeditions, we don’t want to be carrying extra weight.

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Ross: One of the ways we measure how fit we’re getting is with a submaximal test: what resistance you’re on when you get to a certain heart rate on a Wattbike. It’s simple but quite effective if you want to find out what your fitness level is.

MH: And less unpleasant than a VO2 max.

Ross: I don’t mind the VO2 max. It’s quite fun. An effective way we’ve found [to track] our endurance training is to count the “total” mass lifted. We’ve gone from about three tonnes – which sounds epic – to 10 or 11 tonnes in an hour. If you add the weight up, it becomes really motivating.

MH: “How much do you bench?” “A tonne…”

Ross: It is, though – if you lift 100kg, 10 times, that’s a tonne. If you’ve lost weight and you’ve doubled your lifting capacity, you’re getting “expedition fit”.

Lizzo's favourite vegan dishes

  Lizzo's favourite vegan dishes Singing sensation Lizzo, who has become the poster girl for proud curvy women everywhere, recently revealed to fans that she's tuned her back on her old eating habits and is trying out a vegan lifestyle. But in true Lizzo fashion, she assured her followers that while plant-based eating is now her go-to diet of choice, there's still plenty of room for snack and desserts. First up, she's swapping old food choices, like her cheesy egg cravings when she's hungover, for an omelette made with plant-based Just Egg products and a vegan version of carne asada (grilled sliced beef) leftovers.

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Hugo: Half of it is looking after your body. What’s the chassis like? Is it healthy? We’ve got quite rusty chassis in the sense that we’ve always got painful backs, tight hamstrings and quads. So, it’s using a good proportion of a gym session on stretching, rolling and core.

Ross: And the other 10% is mindset. I’ve been to the gym over the past few months and gone, “I really can’t be bothered.” That’s the point at which you become expedition “mind fit”. Even if you do very little, but you do the full hour, you’re training your mind not to give up. It’s so easy not to flex the mental muscle.

Crunching the Numbers

On the vegan diet: Hugo lost 1kg of fat and gained 1.2kg of muscle massOn the omnivore diet: Ross gained 2.8kg of fat and 4kg of muscle mass

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Doctor Mike addresses some of the claims that the film makes about plant-based eating"I do feel it was made from an activist scientist standpoint," he says. "They didn't present any counterarguments, and when you're making a documentary I think it's in the documentary's best interest to put all the perspectives in there, or at least the most common ones, so that we as viewers can decide for ourselves what's real and what's not.

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