Health & Fitness Women who take the pill have much higher levels of the 'love hormone', says new study

13:50  31 may  2020
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Researchers discovered that women on contraception have increased feelings of attachment (Getty Images) Researchers discovered that women on contraception have increased feelings of attachment (Getty Images)

The pill is one of the most popular forms of contraception in the UK - with more than 3.5 million British females currently using it, including a quarter of all those between 16 and 49 years old.

Now, a new study has found that women who take it have higher levels of the “love hormone”.

Scientists at Aarhus University, in Denmark, discovered it raises concentration of oxytocin in their blood, which can increase feelings of attachment - and, of course, love.

The findings, published in journal Scientific Reports, could help researchers understand how and why being on this form of birth control can affect emotions.

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Most women who take the Pill do not have side-effects. ‘These higher levels have an effect on the clotting mechanism, making the blood more likely to clot, especially if a woman has other She’s not taken any oral contraceptive since and thinks all women should be told the risks of the newer Pills .

Women who took the Pill as teenagers may be more at risk of depression, a major study in August 2019 suggested. Studies have suggested changing levels of these sex hormones , particularly progesterone, impacts areas of the brain that control cognitive functioning and the processing of

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Professor Michael Winterdahl, study leader from the university’s Department of Clinical Medicine, said: "Oxytocin is a hormone found naturally in the body and is secreted during social cues and bonding, reinforcing social behaviour.

"A constantly elevated level of oxytocin may mean that it is not secreted in the same dynamic way as under normal conditions. It is precisely these dynamics that are important to our emotional lives.

"This may explain why feelings such as closeness, attachment and love appear to be altered in some women who use birth control pills."

The researchers collected and analysed blood samples from 185 young women in the United States, with participants also answering a variety of questions about their mental wellbeing.

pill - yes or no? And who actually advises me independently?

 pill - yes or no? And who actually advises me independently? Stop taking Many women think about stopping the pill. What to do if you are not sure what is best for your body? © ZEITjUNG "I was a completely new person", is often read in reports from women who have stopped taking the pill after a long time. Although the pill is still the contraceptive of choice for almost half of the people in Germany, according to an study by the BZgA , the trend has continued to decline in recent years.

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Women who took hormonal contraceptives at any point have a lower cancer risk. Women currently taking any kind of hormonal contraception have a 42 per cent lower cancer risk, the study Levels of the hormones oestrogen and progestogen have been getting steadily lower in contraceptive pills

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Professor Winterdahl continued: "Many women have used birth control pills at some point in their lives.

"Our study presents, for the first time, evidence for changes in the levels of oxytocin in response to birth control, providing a mechanism by which some women experience altered mood.

"Since oxytocin is important for attachment to a partner, one can imagine that the constantly elevated level is important - not only for the woman herself, but also in the broader sense of the relationship.

"Humans are super social beings, we are able to put ourselves in the place of others, show empathy, fear loneliness and seek community - all driven by the brain's secretion of oxytocin.

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"Even very small changes in brain oxytocin levels will affect the way we process emotions and thus how we interact with each other.

"Our study can help explain why some women on birth control pills experience a diminished sense of closeness, for example."

The findings come as another new study has suggested the pill could have an impact on who we find attractive - by acting as a sort of ‘beer goggles’.

Researchers found that those in relationships who stop taking it, or switch to a different version, experience a change in how they feel about a partner.

Women who take contraceptive pill less likely to develop severe Covid-19 .
New research has shown that women who take the contraceptive pill are less likely to develop a severe version of the coronavirus. Using data from their symptom tracking app, researchers from King's College London examined the rate of predicted Covid-19 among post-menopausal women, pre-menopausal women using the combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP), and post-menopausal women taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and discovered that high levels of estrogen may protect against the coronavirus.

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