Health & Fitness Ways To Help Your Children Cope With Stress

12:03  03 june  2020
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Since the beginning of the school year, you’ve been concerned about your child . You’ve noticed some troubling changes. Over the summer, she was always laughing but now that she’s in school, she’s irritable and crabby. Her homework is taking longer and longer.

Before you begin helping your child cope with stress , be certain what they are stressed about is within their circle of control. Use this Circle of Control Help your child shift from a “ stress hurts” mindset to a “ stress helps ” mindset. Stress can be an impetus to growth if children understand that

  Ways To Help Your Children Cope With Stress © Getty Finding some difficulty in managing your child’s emotional and social needs amid the pandemic? These pointers might help.

Best Ways To Help Children Cope With Stress Amid The Pandemic

It’s safe to say that a lot of us are stressed these days because we’re all living under an unprecedented pandemic that seemingly came out of nowhere. However, since all of us are stressed, we tend to forget that the children in our families can go through the same thing and that they may not be able to cope with it as well as we do.

As such, if you’re a parent that’s finding some difficulty in managing your child’s emotional and social needs, here are the best ways you can care for your child/children:

Dads warned coronavirus fear could lead to mental health problems in kids

  Dads warned coronavirus fear could lead to mental health problems in kids Stress causes damage to men's sperm - harming brain development in future offspring, say scientists . The findings are alarming as millions of younger men fear losing their jobs - and elderly loved ones. © Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF Stress can cause damage to sperm Study corresponding author Professor Tracy Bale, said: "There are so many reasons reducing stress is beneficial, especially now when our stress levels are chronically elevated - and will remain so for the next few months.

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If your child is dealing with school stress , here are 10 ways you can help him or her cope . 1. Stop the chaos. “A rushed child is never a calm child ,” said Lori Lite, author of Deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and positive thinking are proven ways to reduce stress that also work for kids.

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Build stronger emotional connections

This should come as no surprise because having strong emotional connections within the family help construct a support system where everyone has each other’s backs. A better way to do this is to have one-on-one interactions with your child because it helps us feel more connected.

Stick to a routine

Doing so will help create a feeling of consistency for children, which for them can be reassuring. However, a rigid schedule can be stressful, too, so let them step away when it gets too overwhelming.

  Ways To Help Your Children Cope With Stress © Getty

Be a helper

This means asking them for assistance on easy tasks that they can master or already do on their own. Doing so gives them confidence and make them feel more empowered and positive.

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  5 yoga poses that can help ease anxiety Yoga is increasingly being used to help manage symptoms of stress and anxiety. Here are five poses you can do at home.Try this simple yoga flow to help ground you and bring you back to the present. Bring your focus to your breath, moving slowly and mindfully and noticing how each movement feels.

Everyone—adults, teens, and even children , experiences stress . Stress is a reaction to a situation where a person feels threatened or anxious. Learning healthy ways to cope and getting the right care and support can help reduce stressful feelings and symptoms.

Find out how to help your child through the stress of school exams and tests, including what you can do to help them cope with nerves and anxiety Tests and exams can be a challenging part of school life for children and young people and their parents or carers. But there are ways to ease the stress .

Demonstrate self-care

Children learn by examples, and so as an adult you need to be a good one. As such, make sure that you eat healthily, drink water, exercise and even sleep at the right time. Doing these simple activities together can also help you be closer as a family.

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Always maintain hope

Of course, life is not all rainbows. It’s okay to be sad and show your children that right now, things just aren’t ok. Doing so helps validate their feelings, too, and teaches them to handle it in a healthy way. However, it’s also important to teach them about hope and that with enough time, things can be better. Doing so nurtures their optimism and helps them learn about perspective. Change is scary, but it’s a part of life and should be welcomed.


Stay at home as much as possible to stop coronavirus spreading - here is the latest government guidance. If you think you have the virus, don't go to the GP or hospital, stay indoors and get advice online. Only call NHS 111 if you cannot cope with your symptoms at home; your condition gets worse; or your symptoms do not get better after seven days. In parts of Wales where 111 isn't available, call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47. In Scotland, anyone with symptoms is advised to self-isolate for seven days. In Northern Ireland, call your GP.

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