Health & Fitness strawberry legs? This is how you get rid of the dark pimples on your skin (according to dermatologists)

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How To Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs . Medically reviewed by Sara Perkins, MD — Written by Ana At a glance, the small bumps associated with keratosis pilaris might look like tiny pimples Removing dead skin on your legs will give new hair a chance to break through the skin ’s surface more easily.

Strawberry legs are exactly what they sound like— dark pores on your legs that resemble the skin and seeds of a strawberry . The good news is that the condition is easy to prevent and is treatable. Below, dermatologists share tips and products on how to get rid of strawberry legs for good.

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Small, dark dots sometimes even pimples on the legs that simply do not want to disappear - in the USA, with “Strawberry Legs ”has long since found a name for this annoying beauty problem. And we also include the term - in English strawberry legs - in our beauty glossary. The Munich specialist in dermatology Dr. explains how the stubborn spots on the legs develop and how you can prevent them. Miriam Rehbein in an ELLE interview.

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strawberry legs are black, small dots that are often noticeable on the thighs and lower legs after the shave - particularly annoying in summer when we want smooth and well-groomed legs in mini dress and shorts. The phenomenon is also known in dermatology: “Basically it is a kind of keratosis pilaris (grater skin). The small inflammations of the hair follicles and calluses look like a 'strawberry skin', ”explains Dr. Miriam Rehbein. This also explains the name: because the skin problem actually reminds a little of the small seeds on the surface of the berries. By the way, the problem can occur particularly often in women with heavy leg hair or very dark hair.

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#skincare #skincareproducts #dermatologistadvice TODAY I TALK ABOUT STRAWBERRY LEGS AND THE BEST Hi and welcome to my channel! I am a dermatologist and skin care enthusiast with a passion for skin care and a healthy lifestyle. Get Rid Of Keratosis Pilaris And Dark Spots On Legs .

Strawberry legs is caused by ingrown hairs or dirt that gets trapped in the hair follicles, which causes the skin on your legs to look similar to strawberry flesh. Shower daily and any time you get sweaty. Regular showers are important for good hygiene and they may also help to prevent strawberry legs .

Strawberry legs: This is how the dark spots appear on the legs

"The spots are openings in the hair follicles and these can sometimes become inflamed, reddened and restless due to shaving or predisposition. Sebum and oil residues in the pores and the decomposition of bacteria can also turn black, ”explains the dermatologist. But don't worry: strawberry legs are not a health problem: “It is not a disease, but completely normal. We all have hair and almost everywhere. Every hair has a hair follicle and thus a pore in the skin that can be visible. "But shaving is not always the reason for strawberry legs:" Rubbing tight clothing, for example, can also ignite or irritate the follicles and thus make them clearer become visible. ”

You can do this against strawberry legs

Never shave again? Not a satisfactory solution. Dr. Miriam Rehbein has therefore put together her most important tips for preventing strawberry legs in the future and improving existing dots.

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Banish the dark pores on your legs for good. The best dermatologist -approved treatments. Combining strategies to prevent strawberry legs and implementing the right products into your skincare routine can "Did it make you feel better? Did you got the reaction from me that you wanted?

How To Get Rid of Strawberry Legs – The Best Home Remedies Strawberry legs (otherwise known as comedones) are those little dark bumps you get on your legs

Regular peels: Just like the pores on the face, the pores on the legs can become clogged. Cosmetic residues, oil, dirt or sebum are deposited in it. It is therefore important to clean them regularly with a gentle peeling. In this way, the deposits cannot change to dark spots.

changing blades: If you shave your legs, you should make sure that the blades are always clean and sharp and are changed regularly. Dull, rusty blades can promote inflammation and ingrown hairs and irritate the skin unnecessarily.

Use toner: Those who already have strawberry legs should treat them with a clarifying facial toner. Dr. Miriam Rehbein particularly recommends products with salicylic acid . The active ingredient penetrates deep into the skin's layers, thoroughly cleanses old calluses and dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal and regulates sebum production. Inflammation can subside faster, the pores remain free. "Simply put the toner on a cotton pad and rub your legs with it - that works little miracles," explains the dermatologist. Das kannst du gegen Erdbeer-Beine tun PR © PR You can do this against strawberry legs PR

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