Health & Fitness Sugar-free: Three recipes for a healthy start to the day

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Asparagus, Sundried Tomato, and Chicken Spaghetti

  Asparagus, Sundried Tomato, and Chicken Spaghetti Asparagus lovers, prepare to freak out over this sundried tomato creamy pasta. Looking for more asparagus pasta inspo? Check out our Lemon, Garlic And Asparagus Pasta recipe. Yields: 4Prep Time: 15 minsTotal Time: 30 minsGallery: The Absolute Best Ways To Use Your Fave Green Veg: Asparagus (Delish UK) 1/17 SLIDES © Delish Listen up: you can do SO much with your all-time favourite spring veg, asparagus. This little guy can be used and cooked in plenty of various ways and packs a whole lot of flavour when cooked right.

Healthy Breakfast • 5 Recipes to Start the Day Right. If you are looking to avoid hidden sugar and eat healthy , you should think about preparing your own snacks at home. Try out the following three recipes — you’d never guess that these snacks are sugar - free .

Healthy breakfasts you can whip up fast, including delicious vegan dishes, creamy smoothies, whole But that doesn’t mean we should settle for a sugar rush that’ll leave us sad and hungry a half-hour later. There’s also no need to limit these healthy breakfast recipes to the morning hours, friends.

We have a weakness for New York cheesecake. Strawberries top it off. Here comes our recipe - with a very special secret trick

Erdbeer-Cheesecake iStockphoto © iStockphoto Strawberry Cheesecake iStockphoto Ingredients For the bottom: 90 g butter (+ butter for the mold) 200 g crushed whole wheat biscuits (e.g. McVities Digestive Biscuits) for the filling: 900 g double cream cheese (e.g. Philadelphia) 1 teaspoon vanilla (ground) 30 g corn starch 2 eggs (L) 180 g cream 400 strawberries (washed, cleaned and cut into thin slices) 1 pack red pie infusion 250 ml currant juice 2 tablespoons sugar preparation: Let melt, mix with biscuit crumbs and press into a greased springform pan (26 cm Ø), forming a narrow edge.

★ Mix the cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and starch thoroughly. Then gradually stir in the eggs. Finally, mix in the cream and pour the mixture into the mold.

11 easy baking recipes to help soothe your soul

  11 easy baking recipes to help soothe your soul It's like meditation, but with cakeWhether it's stresses at work, home or the world in general, life can feel overwhelming, and it's hard to put down the screens and relax.

When health is a top concern — whether it is because you’re dieting or simply living a healthy lifestyle — desserts can seem off-limits. There are several ways to satisfy a sweet tooth without jeopardizing your health goals. It’s important to note that when looking for a healthy dessert, what one person

Start with 1 tablespoon of the milk and add more as needed. Finally, continue to mix on medium for 1- 1 1/2 minutes or until you get that The Recipe Card for Sugar Free Buttercream Frosting. Subscribe to the Sugar Free Diva Newsletter! This email newsletter is sent to your mailbox three days a week.

★ Wrap the base of the springform pan with aluminum foil very well from the outside so that it is sealed. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Put water in a deep baking sheet, put the mold in it. It should be about 3 cm high in the water. Bake the cake in the oven for about 1 hour.

★ Then remove and let cool in the mold for 1 hour. Remove the cake from the tin and cover with cling film and let it cool completely in the fridge.

★ Arrange the strawberries nicely on the cake.

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★ Stir the sugar, currant juice and cake icing until smooth. Heat according to package instructions and spread evenly over the strawberries.

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