Health & Fitness Young people find full stops intimidating, experts say

06:05  24 august  2020
06:05  24 august  2020 Source:   dailymail.co.uk

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Linguists believe that full stops have fallen out of fashion with young people because they 'signify an abrupt or angry tone of voice'. Full stops have become the latest casualty of youthful sensitivity as experts say they can be “ intimidating ”. As teenagers and those in their early twenties, Generation Z

A language expert says using a full stop to end sentences in text messages can look rude. A full stop is used in British English; in American English, this punctuation mark is called a period. Linguist Gretchen McCulloch says more and more people think ending messages with a full stop is rude.

Language experts have claimed that young people find the full stop intimidating as it is seen as a sign of anger in text messages.

As Generation Z - teenagers or those in their early twenties - have grown up in the age of instant messaging, the punctuation mark is no longer commonly used.

Linguists experts from across the world have been investigating the purposefulness of the full stop as communication habits have evolved.

Dr Lauren Fonteyn tweeted: If you send a text message without a full stop, it's already obvious that you've concluded the message.

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'So if you add that additional marker for completion, they will read something into it and it tends to be a falling intonation or negative tone.'

Julian Cleophas sitting on the grass: The full stop is 'intimidating' to young people who interpret it as a sign of anger (file photo) © Provided by Daily Mail The full stop is 'intimidating' to young people who interpret it as a sign of anger (file photo)

According to the Telegraph, linguists are divided on whether the full stop has become redundant given that text messages are concluded by pressing send so there is arguably no need for the full stop.

However, some experts have claimed the context matters.

Owen McArdle, a linguist at the University of Cambridge, told the Telegraph: 'I'm not sure I agree about emails. I guess it depends how formal they are.

'But full stops are, in my experience, very much the exception and not the norm in [young people's] instant messages, and have a new role in signifying an abrupt or angry tone of voice.'

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The expert said younger people who use messaging apps prefer to send a completely new message instead of ending a sentence with a full stop . Teachers use red ink if a student forgets the full stop . Technology is changing how we write. Most people now use abbreviations, emojis or emoticons

Experts say youngsters used to electronic communication send separate messages instead to break up their thoughts. Writer Rhiannon Cosslett tweeted: “Older people – do you realise that ending a sentence with a full stop comes across as sort of abrupt and unfriendly to younger people in an

In 2015, study from Binghamton University in New York suggested that people who finish messages with full stops are perceived as insincere.

The study involved 126 undergraduates and the researchers found that text messages ending in the most final of punctuation marks – eg 'lol.', 'let's go to Nando's.', 'send nudes.' – were perceived as being less sincere.

Unusually, texts ending in an exclamation point – 'lmao!', 'just a cheeky one!', 'what body part even is that? I hope it's your arm!' – are deemed heartfelt or more profound.

Research leader Celia Klin said at the time: 'When speaking, people easily convey social and emotional information with eye gaze, facial expressions, tone of voice, pauses and so on.

'People obviously can't use these mechanisms when they are texting. Thus, it makes sense that texters rely on what they have available to them – emoticons, deliberate misspellings that mimic speech sounds and, according to our data, punctuation.'

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