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32 tips and tricks for sleeping during a heatwave

  32 tips and tricks for sleeping during a heatwave After a couple of weeks of meh weather, the return of the summer sun has had everyone rejoicing. And with reports predicting the mercury to soar to record temperatures this week we’re looking forward to a socially distanced scorcher. Happy days. If only heatwaves didn’t make it so hard to sleep. As the sun in the UK only really gets its hat on for a few weeks of the year, most of us haven’t bothered to invest in sophisticated air con systems and research has revealed sleeping with the fan on all night can have negatives impacts on our health.

Mattress protectors should be washed regularly, given all that dirt they're keeping at bay! Think at least once every two months, but more if spillages Our dedicated team of bedroom elves tested 22 mattress protectors to find the best in show, judging everything from how easy they are to fit and

Find the best mattress protector to refresh your old – or protect your new – mattress in our expert Best mattress protector for luxury: feels reeeally lovely, and it's waterproof, breathable and This is the best mattress protector for keeping bacteria at bay; in fact, thanks to its Micro- Fresh technology

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A scheme that saw GP surgeries given cash incentives to tell women about long-acting reversible methods of contraception has been linked to a sharp fall in abortion rates.

Long-acting reversible contraceptives, known as Larcs, include the implant, intrauterine device and contraceptive injection and are highly effective.

Researchers have found that when GPs in Britain were given financial incentives to tell women about such contraceptive methods in 2009, uptake increased and abortion rates fell markedly, particularly among younger women and those from more disadvantaged backgrounds.

Best cooling mattress pad 2020: 7 cooling mattress toppers for hot nights

  Best cooling mattress pad 2020: 7 cooling mattress toppers for hot nights Owning a cooling mattress pad will keep you comfortable through hot sweats, fevers and clammy nights – and it will work as mattress protector, too. We've picked the best for you to buyBut what is a cooling mattress pad, exactly? Essentially it's a cooling mattress topper made with materials, such as latex or gel-infused foam, that absorb extra heat and regulate your body's temperature for a comfortable night's sleep. You simply slip it on top of your mattress and beneath your sheets... and drift off in comfort.

A quality mattress protector will make your bed more comfortable than it already is and will reduce the risk of your mattress pad coming loose while you sleep. Here are the best mattress protectors to keep your mattress in pristine condition for years to come.

These include waterproof mattress protectors , cooling mattress protectors , anti-allergy mattress protectors , eco-friendly mattress protectors , and more. In the following guide, we've brought together a range of the best mattress protectors for all budgets and bed sizes, in one handy place.

The study prompted calls for the incentives scheme, which was scrapped this year, to be reinstated.

Financial incentives are commonly used in healthcare settings to encourage the uptake of certain interventions, including flu vaccinations.

In 2009/10 a system was introduced by the UK government whereby GP surgeries received a payment for reaching targets on offering information about Larcs to female patients aged 13 to 54 who had previously used prescription contraception, including the morning-after pill. The incentives were not linked to actual uptake of the methods.

Prescriptions for contraceptives such as this intrauterine device were 13% higher than expected from trends before the incentive scheme was introduced. © Photograph: Phanie/Alamy Prescriptions for contraceptives such as this intrauterine device were 13% higher than expected from trends before the incentive scheme was introduced.

Overall, the team say that for a practice of about 6,000 patients, this would equate to a financial boost for the practice of about £700 a year if 90% or more of eligible women were given Larc advice.

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  Best dog beds: 7 comfy picks for your pooch The lowdown on the best dog beds according to trusted reviews from happy pooches (and their humans)You’ll know your dog’s tastes best and you’ll know if they like a sleepy spot by the radiator or a cosy den under furniture. You’ll also know if you’ve got a pup who likes to chew which will mean the bed will need to be hardy. Other considerations include if the new bed needs to be water-resistant, machine washable or if it simply needs to look stylish if in a prominent position. You can see more tips on choosing the best dog bed below.

Durable protection : A protector should stop leaks from reaching your mattress . Surprisingly, we found many user reviews complaining about The SafeRest feels more like a sheet than the thicker, stiffer protectors we tried. This made it easier to wash than the more expensive protectors in our test group.

We've review 5 best bed bug matress and covers which will protect bug infestation in your bed . Read our detailed review. Mattress encasements are cases made of strong materials (polyurethane, polyester, etc.), which are designed to protect the mattress from bed bugs getting inside and outside.

The incentive scheme was scrapped in part in 2014/15 and completely by 2019/20.

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Writing in the journal PLOS Medicine, the researchers report how they analysed health records of more than 3 million women in England, Wales and Scotland covering the period 2004/05 to 2013/14.

The team looked at the trend for prescriptions of different contraceptives, as well as abortions, before the incentive scheme was introduced – and from this predicted the number of prescriptions that would be expected for different contraceptives in 2013/14, as well as the number of abortions.

When they looked at the figures for 2013/14 itself, they found the number of Larc prescriptions was 13% higher than expected from trends before the incentive scheme was introduced. By contrast, total prescriptions for other hormonal contraceptives were 17% lower than expected.

Best mattress protector 2020: Top-rated mattress pads for every budget

  Best mattress protector 2020: Top-rated mattress pads for every budget Looking for the best mattress protector to keep yours smelling and looking like new? Find our top picks at the best prices hereWhether it’s sweat, dust-mites, or spills from enjoying breakfast in bed, the best mattress protector can help keep your mattress stain- and smell-free, and help reduce allergen buildup. Plus, the right buy can even help hot sleepers feel more comfortable if it has heat-regulating properties. And, if you're renting a furnished space or sending a child off to a college dorm, it's the perfect way to cover up a well-used mattress, too.

Best Mattresses of 2020. Best Mattress Overall: Amerisleep AS3. The bed ’s triangular cutouts increase flexibility, letting the mattress provide more pressure relief to your shoulders and legs. The core of the mattress keeps you lifted upright and prevents uncomfortable sinkage or sagging.

You can keep bed bugs off your mattress with the LINENSPA Zippered Encasement Breathable Mattress Protector . This affordable product comes in every mattress size, including Twin XL, Full XL, and California King, and it provides 360-degree protection for your bed .

Dr Richard Ma of Imperial College London, a co-author of the study, said the findings implied the uptick in Larc use is unlikely to be largely down to a general increase in awareness of contraception, but potentially a result of women switching to a better method for them.

While abortion rates were already falling before the scheme was introduced, the number of abortions was 38% lower in 2013/14 than would have been predicted.

“The trend of abortion has been coming down quite slowly, but it came down a lot more after the incentive was introduced,” said Ma.

Ma said it is not known whether GPs are continuing to ensure women are given information about Larcs, or whether scrapping the incentive scheme has had an impact on measures such as abortion rates.

“Incentive or not, it is definitely good practice to give women more options about contraception,” he said.

Dr Asha Kasliwal, the president of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, said the financial incentives should be reinstated, noting fewer and fewer women are accessing contraception in primary care as result of factors including budget cuts.

[The study shows] when GPs have more time and are rightly supported to provide information about intrauterine contraception, contraceptive implants and injections, their patients are more likely to try these methods,” she said. “It is a win-win situation for both doctors and patients.”

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If you, or know someone who, has a struggle to sleep at night then these gifts from eve sleep could helpWith a recent survey commissioned by eve sleep revealing that for one in four Brits quality of sleep is worse than ever as they are kept up by worries and the change in their life and work routine, rituals to help with winding down before bed are now more vital now than ever before.

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