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11:15  19 september  2020
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Families living on a inner city council estate that the town hall wants to knock down and re-build say they are open to the move – so long as promises about new housing are kept.

The latest plans for the Northern Gateway – an overhaul of Collyhurst and the Irk Valley in north Manchester were announced this week.

Around 15,000 new homes, as well as new schools, healthcare facilities and transport links are promised for the 155-hectare area stretching two miles out from the city centre over the new two decades.

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The first phase would see 270 new homes built with 130 for social rent in Collyhurst village and South Collyhurst.

However it will involve the demolition of around 28 homes near the existing Collyhurst Park, which will be replaced along with the creation of a new green space, Manchester City Council say.

A further round of consultation will take place before the plans, a joint venture with the Far East Consortium, are finalised.

And no existing homes will be demolished until replacements have been built so that existing residents can move 'seamlessly' into the new properties the council insist.

a large brick building with grass in front of a house: Houses on Johnny King Close - among 28 proposed for demolition in phase one of the Northern Gateway regeneration © Manchester Evening News Houses on Johnny King Close - among 28 proposed for demolition in phase one of the Northern Gateway regeneration

The Northern Gateway project featured prominently in the BBC documentary Manctopia which charted Collyhurst resident Anne Worthington, 66, and her battle to remain in her home.

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The Manchester Evening News this week visited the area – bounded by Thornton Street North, Churnet Street, Johnny King Close and Harroby Drive – where the first proposed set of demolitions are proposed.

They said they had already had in-depth discussions with housing officers about the plans and future properties.

And despite questioning the financial sense of it, many of the residents said they welcomed the prospect of new homes – so long as they as they are at least of the same size and standard they have now.

Social tenant Tara Boyd, 37, has lived on Johnny King Close, her with her brother Jason O'Reilly, 45, who is disabled for 10 years.

The house has been specially adapted and she said it was vital any new home meets his needs.

"This has been on the cards for years now", she said.

"Ever since I moved here people have been saying 'these are going.'

"But we found out for definite about about a year ago.

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"We don't really know why they are doing it.

a person standing in front of a brick building: Tara Boyd (right) with mum Marie (left) © Manchester Evening News Tara Boyd (right) with mum Marie (left)

"These aren't falling down they are fairly solid.

"We've been told they are going to build new houses on the park, then move the park where we are, they are basically swapping us.

"I am not bothered as long as they do what they say are going to do, and give me what I want.

"It's been a bit of a battle to get them to promise and offer me what I need for my brother.

"I've got a lift here but I want everything on one floor, I don't want to take that stress with me.

"If they're going to knock my house down they need to give me what's right for me.

"I just hope it isn't empty promises.

"My heart isn't here anymore now.

"I don't want to get new carpets or anything like that as I think 'what's the point?'.

"But my guess is I'll still be here in 10 years time with the same wooden floor."

a fenced in area: Collyhurst Park which is to be built on and relocated © Manchester Evening News Collyhurst Park which is to be built on and relocated

Stacey Jones, 38, lives with her 18 year-old daughter and sons aged 12, 7 and 4 on Thornton Street North.

She has already had to move, having previously lived on Whitley Road, an area of Collyhurst closer to the city centre where regeneration is also planned.

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However she is optimistic about the plans.

"I am quite excited about it, the idea of getting a new house," she said.

"But I think it'll be good for the area as well.

"Some people don't like it and don't really want to move.

"I don't want to move too far but we've been told we'll still be in this area.

"I really know how it's going to work or exactly where we'll be going. There hasn't been that much communication.

"But the kids are excited as well. It's like a fresh start for us all.

"I just hope it isn't too long a process.

"Obviously with the this corona stuff everything has been set back. But we don't want to be left in limbo.

a brick building: On the streets around Johnny King Close, Collyhurst there's plenty of cautious optimism - and questions about future © Manchester Evening News On the streets around Johnny King Close, Collyhurst there's plenty of cautious optimism - and questions about future

Asked if she feared the community may be lost she said: "I am assuming its still going to be quite tight knit.

"Obviously there will be more people and more houses but they will still be quite close together and lots of the people here will be staying so I'm thinking it won't change too much."

The sense of community was important to Deborah Fashina, 22, who lives on Johnny King Close with her dad Olusegun, 51, mum Oluyemi, 47 and three siblings.

"We just don't want to move too far from our neighbours. We all get on well with each other and there's a proper community spirit so we don't want to lose that" she said.

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"But I think its okay. It will be good to have a new place.

"My parents aren't as keen because we've been here a long time, but I don't mind it.

"They have to be able to offer us something as big as we have now though, which is six bedrooms. We have a big family.

"They have just said they will see if it is possible. I don't know what we'll do if it isn't.

"But if they do we've all agreed as a family we'll move.

"We'd only be moving a matter of minutes away so you do wonder what is the point?

"It's probably a bit of a waste of money ultimately as these aren't old houses really. They probably would have been better refitting them or doing them up rather than pulling them down.

"We've got solar panels on the roof, we had the garden done and they recently installed new fences as well.

"The park is under two years old."

a man standing in front of a building: Olesegun Fashina © Manchester Evening News Olesegun Fashina

Olusegun said: "I have four children so we need six bedrooms. If they give us six bedrooms then we will move but if they don't then we're not going anywhere."

Deborah and her family weren't the only ones concerned with how money had been spent.

Mum-of-two Catherine Grimley, 28, said: "It's the waste of money that winds me up.

"They spend money on them then want to pull them down.

"They could spend that money on a youth centre or something to deal with all the kids that are terrorising people in some of the houses.

"It's mixed feelings really.

"I understand something has to be done in the area.

"But at times it feels like they are trying to fob us off.

"As if they want us to move out further away from town.

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"I have been here 16 years, I used to live on the other side of the park, and I want to stay here.

"But some new people moving in might actually help the community in the end."

a man wearing sunglasses and standing in front of a building: Ola Kotun © Manchester Evening News Ola Kotun

Ola Kotun, 51, who has lived with his wife and children on the estate since 2012 said: "I think it is a good idea for the area.

"We have been given a lot of notice.

"It will mean development, more shops, things like that.

"I think it will make the environment cleaner, safer and maybe make the park more family friendly."

Another resident who did not want to be named she hoped the plans would provide her with the opportunity to leave the area entirely, where she has been plagued by anti-social behaviour, and move to Moston to be closer to her family.

a store in a brick building: The owner has been promised new premises © Manchester Evening News The owner has been promised new premises

Yaser Mehmood, 40, who runs the Collyhurst Village Store on Harrowby Drive said he had previously been resistant to the idea of moving but said he recently had issues with anti-social behaviour and had to stop selling alcohol due to groups of youths loitering and causing damage to his shop which has led him to re-evalutate.

He has been told his premises will be re-built on Rochdale Road.

"We were happy where we are.

"But if the people are happy to change then why not.

"I think it is good they are thinking of Collyhurst and want to make it better.

"Everyone deserves a nice life.

"They have promised me they will look after me. I just want a nice space to build a nice shop for the community. I want to be kind of a mini supermarket for people.

"As they are like my family. My family and my kids know the people of Collyhurst and I want what's best for them."

a brick building: Residents say the houses are in good condition © Manchester Evening News Residents say the houses are in good condition

Coun Suzanne Richards, executive member for housing and Regeneration, said: “Throughout the early stages of the Northern Gateway project input from local people has been invaluable.

"The views of Collyhurst residents have been listened to and taken on board as part of the proposals that we are now about to start consulting on.

“Following this phase of the consultation we will bring back final proposals to the community one last time before planning applications are submitted for Collyhurst. We are asking once again for residents to take some time to look at the proposals now and give us their final thoughts.

Victoria Hunter of the Far East Consortium said: "Wellbeing of the community is at the heart of the proposals, through the creation of a New Collyhurst Park and energy efficient homes suitable for people at all stages of life.

"The homes have been designed with first time buyers and families in mind and with 100 of the new homes being specifically for existing Council tenants, the proposals provide a mix of homes for an inclusive community."

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