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What is the most popular social media app for teens ? This statistic shows the most popular social network sites used by teens in the U . S .. It was found that two out of three responding internet users aged 13 to 24 used social photo sharing app Instagram.

If social networking sites want to develop, they should focus on this age range, but the opposite is that if this group of people has not had a good impression, they are also easy to eliminate and stop It can be said so far the YouTube ™ video community is the most popular video sharing site in the world.

Social media is an integral part of everyday life for many young people, not only in this country. According to a report by CNBC, over 80 percent of US teenagers use at least one social media service - but which one is the most popular?

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According to the online press service "pressrelations" there are a total of 3.725 billion active social media users worldwide. According to Statista data, Facebook is the market leader among social media platforms with a market share of 75 percent, but is Facebook also the most popular social media service?

Snapchat number one - but one service continues to catch up with

At least for US teenagers, this question is clearly answered in the negative. In this age group, Facebook is even far behind in terms of usage figures, provided that the company's own online service Instagram is excluded. This is used by around 84 percent of teenagers in the USA, followed by Snapchat with 80 percent and TikTok with 69 percent, which increased by seven percentage points compared to the spring. This is the result of the "Taking Stock With Teens" fall poll by "Piper Sandler", in which 9,800 American teenagers were interviewed and the CNBC is exclusive.

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  'I Was Obsessed With Facetune': 71% Of People Won't Post A Picture Online Without Photoshopping It - That Needs To Change 'When our first instinct looking at a picture of ourselves is how to alter it, something is wrong,' writes former photoshop fan Georgia Aspinall.The study, commissioned by phone case retailer Case24, also found that London in particular is the capital of photoshop, with 81% of people refusing to post a picture without touching it up. While most stick to Instagram’s editing tools, 71% of people use Facetune, the editing app that makes reshaping your body terrifyingly easy.

Teenagers have lots of options for socializing on their phones. Here are some of the best platforms for teens to socialize In 2018, YouTube became the most popular social app among American 13- to 18-year-old teens . This is unique to most messaging apps that support image and video files.

Trending social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat have undoubtedly gained immense Now, let’s dive in this social media apps list and see which social media platforms are the most widely The app aims to bring together people across cities. The app works on a simple idea, “when we get

34 percent of teenagers listed Snapchat as their most popular social media app in the survey, followed by TikTok, which ranks first for 29 percent of teenagers. Only 25 percent prefer Instagram to all other social media services. In the spring survey, Instagram was in second place, which has now been taken by TikTok, which, according to the survey, can record continuously growing market shares.

TikTok continues to be a thorn in the side of the US government

The US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told the TV channel "Fox Business" that TikTok must either become American or disappear from the American market: "The President has determined that there can only be two results: Either it becomes an American company, or it is shut down . "

TikTok had already been caught in the crossfire by US President Donald Trump in the past. In mid-August of this year, he announced that TikTok owner ByteDance had 90 days to sell the app to a US company, otherwise the social media service would be banned in the US. According to the "Tagesschau", around 100 million Americans use the Chinese video portal. With the ban, Donald Trump wants to prevent American users' data from reaching the communist ruling party in China via the Chinese company. Finanzen.net editorial team

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