Health & Fitness New nail trend for winter: Oat Milk Nails

18:25  07 november  2020
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keratin treatments are now the best beauty trend for healthy nails

 keratin treatments are now the best beauty trend for healthy nails © Imaxtree keratin treatment nails beauty trend Imaxtree In everyday life, our fingernails as well as our hands are exposed to a lot - which is currently due to frequent hand washing and drying disinfectants hasn't exactly improved. Brittle nails that splinter into their individual layers and dry cuticles are only a result. A new beauty treatment based on the protein keratin is now supposed to help. How the nail treatment works and what it does in the following.

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Nail artist Fariha Ali tells Allure how she invented the manicure that looks like your natural nails — but better. As shown on her Instagram on October 18, oat milk nails look just like real, bare nails — right down the milky Consider them a new alternative to the classic pink and white French manicure.

Do you already know the new "no make-up" counterpart for nails? We'll show you the most beautiful nail styles in the trendy Oat Milk look

Auch bei der Runway-Show vom Stella McCartney waren natürliche Nägel angesagt IMaxTree © IMaxTree Natural nails were also popular at the Stella McCartney runway show IMaxTree

Oat milk is one of the trend drinks. It tastes slightly nutty, is very digestible and has a milky color that is somewhere between transparent white and light beige. And it is precisely this subtle look that is now also popular on the nails.

Nail Trend: Oat Milk Nails

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The oat look are the Almond Milk nails 2.0

The trend goes back to the nail designer Fariha Ali. "I did see-through white nails a few years ago and called them 'Almond Milk Nails', they were an absolute hit back then. So we decided that the 2020 version should be oat milk instead of almond milk."

Do you already know the hip face nail trend?

The Oat Milk Nails look very subtle and are like a no-make-up look for the nails. All you need to recreate the look is a shade of white with a so-called sheer finish (the nail polish is not opaque, but slightly transparent) or a delicate pink that resembles the natural shade of your nails.

The best : Oat Milk Nails look very neat and natural and fit every nail shape, whether long, short, angular or oval.

Wave goodbye to that nasty fungal nail infection .
The causes, symptoms and best treatments for fungal toenail infections.Reluctant to show your feet in public? If your toenails are plagued by unsightly white patches and they've become brittle and started to split, it sounds like you might have a fungal toenail infection.

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