Health & Fitness High blood pressure in midlife ‘linked to increased brain damage in later life’

04:05  26 november  2020
04:05  26 november  2020 Source:   pressassociation.com

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Blood pressure in midlife has previously been linked to a higher risk of dementia, but the mechanism by which this happens, and the time when blood “The findings show that blood pressure monitoring and interventions aimed at maximizing brain health later in life need to be targeted at least by early

High blood pressure was linked most closely with slowdowns in two key thinking skills High blood pressure was associated with above-normal declines. Almost everyone showed some signs of fuzzy People who had high blood pressure at midlife and controlled it with medication had better results

Higher than normal blood pressure in midlife may be linked to more extensive brain damage in the elderly, new research suggests.

High blood pressure in midlife ‘linked to increased brain damage in later life’ (Anthony Devlin/PA) © Anthony Devlin High blood pressure in midlife ‘linked to increased brain damage in later life’ (Anthony Devlin/PA)

The new study indicates there is a strong association between diastolic blood pressure (the blood pressure between heartbeats) before the age of 50 and brain damage in later life.

According to the research, this also applied if the diastolic blood pressure was within what is normally considered to be a healthy range.

The findings come from a study of 37,041 participants enrolled in UK Biobank, a large group of people recruited from the general population aged between 40 and 69 years.

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But high blood pressure in middle age was clearly linked with an increased risk of loss of memory and thinking skills It showed that the longer a person lives with high blood pressure , the more likely he or she is to develop It is the first study to track blood pressure and brain function over 20 years.

Conclusions: Elevated blood pressure during midlife , persistence of elevated blood pressure into late life , and, among nonhypertensives, a steep Our data highlight the potential sustained cognitive benefits of lower blood pressures in midlife but also suggest that declining blood pressure in older

Dr Karolina Wartolowska, a clinical research fellow at the University of Oxford, looked for damage in the brain called white matter hyperintensities (WMH).

These hyperintensities show up on MRI brain scans as brighter regions and indicate damage to the brain’s small blood vessels. This damage increases with age and blood pressure.

WMH are associated with an increased risk of stroke, dementia, physical disabilities, depression and a decline in thinking abilities.

Dr Wartolowska said: “Not all people develop these changes as they age but they are present in more than 50% of patients over the age of 65 and most people over the age of 80 even without high blood pressure.

“But it is more likely to develop with higher blood pressure and more likely to become severe.”

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Treating high blood pressure is good for heart and brain ». You've probably heard about tests to measure chemicals in the blood that indicate chronic 1, 2017, in Neurology found that having certain inflammatory markers in midlife was associated with brain shrinkage and poor memory in older age.

High blood pressure is already damaging people's hearts in their 40s and 50s. Having high blood pressure before the age of 55 dramatically increases the risk of a heart attack in later life The researchers assessed 34 different genes that are linked to high blood pressure – and then looked

Systolic blood pressure is the maximum blood pressure reached each time the heart beats and is the top number in blood pressure measurements.

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The study, published in the European Heart Journal, found that a higher load of WMH was strongly associated with current systolic blood pressure.

The strongest association was for past diastolic blood pressure, particularly when under the age of 50, researchers found.

For every 10mmHg (millimetres of mercury) increase in systolic blood pressure above the normal range, the proportion of WMH load increased by an average of 1.126-fold, and by 1.106-fold for every five mmHg increase in diastolic blood pressure.

Among the top 10% of people with the greatest WMH load, 24% of the load could be attributed to having a systolic blood pressure above 120mmHg.

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High blood pressure , or hypertension, occurs when your blood pressure increases to unhealthy levels. Developing hypertension during pregnancy may increase your risk for developing hypertension later in life . High blood pressure can reduce your brain ’s supply of blood

High blood pressure can damage your arteries by making them less elastic, which decreases the flow of blood and Having high blood pressure , especially in midlife , is linked to having poorer cognitive function and dementia later in life . Find out what increases your risk for high blood pressure .

Dr Wartolowska said: “We made two important findings.

“Firstly, the study showed that diastolic blood pressure in people in their 40s and 50s is associated with more extensive brain damage years later.

“This means that it is not just the systolic blood pressure, the first, higher number, but the diastolic blood pressure, the second, lower number, that is important to prevent brain tissue damage.

”The second important finding is that any increase in blood pressure beyond the normal range is associated with a higher amount of white matter hyperintensities.

“This suggests that even slightly elevated blood pressure before it meets the criteria for treating hypertension has a damaging effect on brain tissue.”

Potential mechanisms for the development of WMH include damage to the delicate blood vessels in the brain through sustained elevated pressures, this leads to the lining of the vessels becoming leaky and results in WMH.

Alternatively, diastolic pressure might cause large blood vessels to become stiffer with time which increases pulsations of blood pressure to the brain.

As MRI scans were only available at one time point, the researchers could not quantify the progression of WMH directly.

Further analysis is also needed to identify differences in different regions of white matter.

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