Health & Fitness Vaping raises lung disease risks by more than 40%, study finds

05:25  02 december  2020
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Scots mums warned vaping during pregnancy can cause behavioural problems

  Scots mums warned vaping during pregnancy can cause behavioural problems Scientists say the chemicals in vapes could lead to the same issues caused by cigarettes. According to new research, exposure to flavoured e-cig chemicals in the womb leads to hyperactive offspring.

Vaping e-cigarettes raises the risks of having a heart attack, stroke, or heart disease , a new study finds . About one in 20 US adults use e-cigarettes and many of them claim to do so because they are 'healthier' than combustible cigarettes. But the devices are still relatively new and poorly understood.

More than half landed in the ICU, and roughly a third needed intubation and mechanical support to breathe. Experts say the prevalence of lung disease potentially attributable to vaping could be much larger, as doctors may not pick up on some of the milder cases.

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Vaping may drive up the risk of developing lung disease by more than 40 percent, new research suggests.

A new study from Boston University is among the first to establish that vaping alone could raise risks for respiratory problems.

E-cigarettes have been advertised by companies like Juul as safer alternatives to smoking, but because the products are relatively new to the market - gaining massive popularity in the last several years - it has been difficult to say for sure  if the products are linked to long-term health problems.

The new study offers early hints of the answer public health officials assumed and parents feared: no, vaping is not without risks.

Mysterious inflammatory syndrome tied to COVID-19 strikes adults as well as kids

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Is vaping bad for you? There are many unknowns about vaping , including what chemicals make up the “Emerging data suggests links to chronic lung disease and asthma, and associations A recent study found that most people who intended to use e-cigarettes to kick the nicotine habit ended up

The more we know about what you are asking, the better we can answer with more information. I’ve seen that a couple people have developed lung disease or have had lung failure with vaping being the no vitamin E acetate found in nicotine vapes that were tested. of course there’s always risk in

Researchers found higher rates of emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and chronic bronchitis among people who started vaping as young adults and were entering their middle ages.

a woman brushing her teeth: People who vape face 43% higher risks of lung disease, a new Boston University study found © Provided by Daily Mail People who vape face 43% higher risks of lung disease, a new Boston University study found

Perhaps most importantly, the results held true even among vapers who were otherwise healthy.

The researchers also separated out people who had used other tobacco or marijuana products that might raise their risks for respiratory problems, with or without the addition of e-cigarette use.

Findings from the study, published Tuesday in JAMA Network Open, were based on a group of 21,618 adults recruited beginning in 2013 and continuing through 2018.

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These vaping studies always seem to use atypical vaping concentrations or vaping habits as a basis in Every " study " that finds negative effects always uses high nicotine, doesn't say what type of coil, tank By more than a few physicians who will throw in a piece of nicotine gum before a long surgery

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported more than 800 lung injury cases that are Vaping -associated lung injury can be difficult to diagnose, unless clinicians and pathologists are "Everyone should recognize that vaping is not without potential risks , including life-threatening

More than 5,000 of them, or 11.6 percent of the overall group were former e-cigarette users, and 5.2 percent (2,329) were current users at the time they were recruited.

E-cigarettes have been found to have fewer and lower levels of some of the toxic chemicals that make smoking so harmful to the lungs.

But they're not short on the ingredient that makes cigarettes addictive: nicotine.

In fact, some are more potent than combustible cigarettes, and young people who vape are actually more likely to smoke, compared to those who don't vape, according to the Truth Initiative.

The commonality of co-using the two products also makes it difficult to parse out which might be responsible for health problems.

But the group the Boston University team studied was large enough, and followed for a long enough period that they could separate the two out.

In absence of cigarette smoking, people who were former vapers were at a 21 percent higher risk of developing respiratory diseases and people who still vaped were at a 43 percent higher risk.

Scientists discover new organ in the throat

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A vaping -related lung disease has claimed the lives of 11 people in the US in recent weeks. The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has more than 100 officials investigating the cause of the mystery illness, and has warned citizens against smoking e-cigarette products until more is known

Study finds higher lung cancer risk among male smokers taking high levels of certain B vitamin "Is it the disease process that affects the blood levels? I think that the door remains open on that." Lung cancer kills more Americans than any other kind of cancer. "When we're talking about what to be

People who were still using e-cigarettes were 33 percent more at-risk for chronic bronchitis, 69 percent more at risk for emphysema and were 57 percent more likely to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Asthma risks were also about 31 percent higher among vapers than non-vapes.

Last year, before the coronavirus pandemic became the health emergency of the century, the surge in teen and youth vaping coupled with a disturbing spate of life-threatening lung illnesses among people became a top health priority in the U.S.

Eventually, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials discovered that the terrifying illnesses were linked to vitamin D acetate, used to fill vapes with bootlegged cannabis e-liquids.

But it was an early warning sign that the devices weren't wholly safe (in addition to the occasional explosion of a faulty device).

Now, the latest study suggests that trendy vapes could do long-term damage as well.

'In recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in e-cigarette use among youth and young adults which threatens to reverse decades of hard-fought gains [against tobacco use],' said study co-author Dr Andrew Stokes.

'This new evidence also suggests that, [because of vaping], we may see an increase in respiratory disease as youth and young adults age into midlife, including asthma, COPD, and other respiratory conditions.'

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New breathalyser test to diagnose respiratory conditions .
A team from Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust are trialling the new hand-held breathalyser device which could give doctors a new way to diagnose a range of respiratory conditions in as little as two minutes. Lung disease is one of the major causes of illness and death in the UK, with one in five people having a respiratory disease. These include asthma, lung cancer, pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) — an umbrella term for a group of conditions that cause breathing difficulties, which affects three million people.

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