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  Best yoga mat: 6 top exercise mats for working out at home These are the best yoga mats to cushion your knees and elbows for a safe and comfortable yet heart-racing workout. For yoga, pilates and moreWe've rounded up six top exercise mats for doing yoga and more from home. Or, if you are ready to head back to the gym, you can bring one of these mats with you. When choosing which yoga mats are best, we considered everything from what they are made of – and whether they are eco-friendly or not – to their size, thickness, and much more. Depending on what type of exercise you are doing, you will need one that's non-slip, while we've also listed a yoga mat to suit all budget types, too.

Learn everything you need to start an at - home yoga practice. Plus, investing in a nice yoga mat and a few props may make you feel like you have to follow through on your good intentions and earn back the money you've put into your home practice.

Doing yoga at home has loads of benefits and is easy to incorporate into your life - read our top tips. Best of all, yoga at home teaches you to pay attention to your own body, to understand what it needs on any given day and practice in a way that supports you both physically, mentally and emotionally.

We all know someone who is a yoga-obsessed and swears by the mindful practice for improving their health and wellbeing. While you might not be interested in getting up at 5am every morning for a Vinyasa, if you’re curious about yoga for beginners and want to know more, you’re in the right place.

a person standing in a room: The ultimate guide to yoga for beginners, including the benefits of yoga, best yoga practices and the yoga equipment you need to get started. © Brooke Schaal Photography - Getty Images The ultimate guide to yoga for beginners, including the benefits of yoga, best yoga practices and the yoga equipment you need to get started.

Forget the images you’ve seen of yogis standing on their heads or doing back bends, the essence of yoga is doing what feels good for you. Moving your body and relaxing your mind is the ultimate goal.

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Attending instructor-led yoga classes outside of your home is an excellent way to acquaint yourself with yoga or deepen an existing practice. Make sure to start with easier asanas and move on to more difficult poses as you master basic ones.[31] X Research source.

Upa Yoga Upa Yoga essentially means “sub- yoga ” or “pre- yoga ”. This program offers a simple yet powerful set of 10 practices that activate the joints, muscles and energy How to entirely empty your bowels every morning (revealed). World renowned cardiologist explains how with at home trick.

To help you get started we spoke to yoga teacher Jonelle Lewis and founder of Compass Chelsea yoga and fitness studio Alexandra Baldi.

From the benefits of yoga to the best yoga practices for beginners, if you’re ready to try something new and find your flow, read on…

What is yoga?

Developed thousands of years ago in ancient India, yoga is a practice that connects the body and mind. It's a form of exercise that focuses on building strength and increasing flexibility through a series of yoga poses done on a mat. The combination of moving mindfully and focusing on the breath can improve physical and mental wellbeing.

"It’s a mind and body connection," Alexandra told us, "How you feel physically can be a direct result of where you’re at mentally. Yoga can help you to connect those dots".

Why pregnant women should practise yoga

  Why pregnant women should practise yoga You don’t have to be an experienced yogi to reap the benefits of pregnancy yoga . The postures for beginners are simple, and suit any fitness level. Best of all, you’ll meet other mums-to-be at your classes. But don’t just take our word for it – here, we speak to midwife Manijeh Nedas and antenatal yoga teacher Andrea Fox about the various benefits of pregnancy yoga:What is pregnancy yoga?Also called prenatal yoga, pregnancy yoga typically involves breathing exercises, gentle stretching, simple postures, and potentially a short meditation at the end.

At home Yoga & Stretches Workouts and detailed description of poses. Great for beginner to advanced levels, perfect for home fitness training & wellness. 5 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss, Strength & Flexibility | Daily Routine, 15 Mins, At Home , Intermediate.

How to Start A Yoga Practice At Home . 1.Create a space you love. You don’t need to have a whole room dedicated to yoga , although that would be Ally is the co-founder of Yoga Rove with her fiance Victor. She began practicing yoga at the beginning of her career as a Registered Nurse to cope with

In a beginner's yoga class, you can expect to focus on the importance of breathing along with building on your flexibility.

"I say this to everybody, breathing is key and I'm absolute stickler for it," Alexandra said.

a person sitting on a bed: Woman doing yoga at home © Silke Woweries - Getty Images Woman doing yoga at home

"The deeper the breath, the more oxygen that goes into the muscles and the deeper they can go into the poses. I often see beginners failing to breathe, and hammer home that I need to hear the breath, because otherwise you’re not allowing yourself to fully release and surrender into the pose," she added.

"This takes time, so beginners should expect to learn how to breathe first before being able to touch their toes. Over time they will an increase in their ability to stretch and their flexion."

Who can do yoga?

Everyone and anyone can do yoga and the practice is not 'one size fits all', according to Alexandra. It's about finding a type of yoga that makes you feel good.

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Then begin with doing yoga at home . Here is a complete guide on how you can work out from home like a pro. There is nothing as convenient and easy as doing yoga at home . Be it several of our lame and lazy excuses, of not wanting to go out, of not finding enough time to exercise or having busy

Yoga for Beginners - This video features the 1st video of my Pure Beginner series. These beginner yoga classes are designed for Real People with I've put together the ultimate series to make learning yoga at home , safe easy and fun! We're gonna see each pose broken down, go in an achievable

Often we see pictures on social media of people doing headstands, but Jonelle emphasised how misleading this is.

"What’s really important, and usually a big selling point for people who might be a little apprehensive, is that it’s not like traditional forms of exercise," Jonelle said.

She added: "Sometimes we see pictures of people doing yoga with their legs behind their head or doing lots of complicated poses, but it’s not really like that. I'd say that’s less than 1% of what people who practice yoga do.

"Most people are just everyday people who are practicing yoga because it really does feel good and it makes them feel better."

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What are the benefits of yoga?

There are lots of benefits of yoga, and with consistent practice beginners can expect to see changes to their mental wellbeing and physical health.

Mental wellbeing

"It’s a holistic process that really forces you to be present, to become in tune with how you’re feeling and become more mindful," Alexandra said.

Alexandra incorporates three key principles into her yoga classes to help her students be more mindful. These include being mindful of how you’re treating yourself and others, focusing on and delving deeper into the breath, and loving yourself exactly as you are without judgment.

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"It's a gradual process, but once you open your mind to yoga you start to see that mental shift. You start to see an awareness with how you’re moving throughout your day and become more in tune with how you’re feeling," Alexandra added.

Woman with yoga mat © ljubaphoto - Getty Images Woman with yoga mat

Jonelle experienced similar positive effects of yoga after taking up the practice when she was pregnant with her now 16-year-old daughter and subsequently going on to train as a yoga teacher.

"When I first started practicing yoga I noticed it helped me respond to challenges that came up, as opposed to reacting to everything. It made me feel a lot less stressed and able to live my life a little bit better," Jonelle said.

"The benefits for my mind really started to outweigh the benefits for my body. It was making me a lot more reflective and thoughtful, a lot more compassionate towards myself and a lot more compassionate towards other people."

Physical health

A consistent yoga practice can also have lots of benefits for physical health. According to Alexandra, these can include an increase in flexibility, toned and defined muscles, a lowering of blood pressure, weight loss, stress and tension release in the hip flexors, and overall yoga can leave you feeling more balanced.

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"It can aid in weight loss in the sense that you’re moving more and using your body weight, but it will make you more mindful and conscious of how you’re living your daily life too," Alexandra said.

What is the best type of yoga for beginners?

If you’re keen to get stuck into combining movement with the breath, Alexandra recommended starting out with a beginner’s class that will incorporate some traditional yoga poses.

If you want to ease into the practice instead, you can try a Yin Yoga class that combines light stretching and breathing.

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Alexandra often tells beginners to stick with the same yoga class for a month, to build confidence and routine before moving onto a more advanced class such as a slow restorative Vinyasa which involves the smooth transition of one yoga pose to another.

What are yoga clothes?

You don’t need to buy new sports clothes for yoga but comfortable leggings and a supportive sports bra are best. Ideally you should take your socks off for a better grip during practice, or you can buy specific high-grip socks so you don't slip on the mat.

Can I do yoga at home?

Starting off by practicing yoga at home is a great way to get comfortable with coming to the mat, focusing on your breath and moving slowly and mindfully.

11 best apps for every yoga lover – from beginner to advanced yogis

  11 best apps for every yoga lover – from beginner to advanced yogis Whether you want to learn the foundations or level up, we've got youWhich is why we’ve trawled Apple’s App Store and Google Play to bring you the best of the bunch, specific to your needs. Whether you’re a yoga beginner or a champion chaturanger, there’s one on this list for you. Most of these yoga apps feature some sort of subscription model, but if you’re looking for the best free yoga app, don’t click away just yet! All of our top picks offer free trials or some sort of free content – and there’s one that’s completely free, too. Told you, we got you.

With that said, you don’t need fancy yoga kit to begin, Jonelle suggests finding a beginner’s yoga class on YouTube and just getting started from the comfort of your own home, by laying down a blanket or a towel.

a person sitting at a table using a laptop computer: Woman doing online yoga at home © Alistair Berg - Getty Images Woman doing online yoga at home

"Do it in the privacy of your home and do it on a regular basis. Then you can see the improvement and if you like what's happening and how it makes you feel, you can invest more time into your practice," Jonelle said.

Top tips for beginners

Ignore everyone else

If you’re taking a class at a studio, Alexandra’s top tip is always ignore everyone else in the room.

"Don't look around you, focus on the instructor and listen to what they’re saying," she said, "Even if you sit on the mat and you don't do anything, being present and in the room, listening and watching, is the first step towards understanding yoga".

"It’s just you, the mat and the sound of the instructor’s voice, that’s all you need," Alexandra added.

Commit to a routine

Committing time to yourself and your practice is key to getting into a yoga routine.

Jonelle suggested committing to 10 to 30 minutes, three times a week to get started and build your confidence.

a dog that is standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera: Woman doing morning yoga with dog © RyanJLane - Getty Images Woman doing morning yoga with dog

"You don’t have to do something that’s long and complicated. Making that commitment to the time and finding a routine that suits you is going to help build your confidence," Jonelle said.

Try an online class

There are so many resources online to help you get started. From Youtube videos to apps like Down Dog and online video services such as Movement for Modern Life (where Jonelle hosts her online classes), it couldn't be easier to dip your toe into the mindful exercise and start practising yoga at home.

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