Health & Fitness Get big arms at home or in the gym with this brilliant dumbbell curl variation

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Everything You Need to Know About Tricep Dips, From Building Huge Arms to Gaining Strength

  Everything You Need to Know About Tricep Dips, From Building Huge Arms to Gaining Strength Every guy should have a solid set of dips in his locker. Here's how to get thereThey didn't earn this crown for nothing. Tricep dips, bodyweight dips, bench dips — whatever you call them, they're a tried-and-tested bodyweight exercise that can thicken your arms without a dumbbell in sight.

Do you want to get big arms? You'd better start doing this biceps curl variation now for faster upper arm gains, especially if you want to grow arms as big as Chris Hemsworth or Henry Cavill by next summer. This biceps workout finisher move will bomb the upper arm and make you squeal like a rubber duck. You have been warned.

Dumbbell Biceps Iso Curls © Provided by T3 Dumbbell Biceps Iso Curls

There are a myriad of ways to get shredded. If you prefer the classic bodybuilding method, the Arnold Schwarzenegger muscle building workout plan can bulk you up in eight weeks, albeit it won't be easy to hit those rep counts without having access to a commercial gym. The Mike Tyson bodyweight workout is equally as brutal as Arnie's plan but it uses only calisthenics moves, ideal for people on the budget. Of course, in order to build muscle effectively, you will have to work out 10 times a day.

Our Cover Model Shares His Go-To Upper-Body and Six-Pack Workout

  Our Cover Model Shares His Go-To Upper-Body and Six-Pack Workout Simmonds' follow-along dumbbell session is the ideal home workoutSimmonds' latest workout follows a similar formula, using six exercises in a 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off format for a total of five rounds to smoke your upper-body muscle groups and core. All in, you'll be pushing hard for 30 minutes. You'll find the video above and a how-to guide on the six exercises below.

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There is the Henry Cavill workout too, although that focuses on full body strength as opposed to arm bulk. Not like the Man of steel hasn't got big arms but this particular workout doesn't focus on the upper arm muscles for sure. Let's not forget the best home dumbbell exercises for beginners: these can help you build strength using only dumbbells.

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  This 6-Move Cover Model Leg Workout Builds Bigger Quads, Stronger Glutes and Harder Abs Sizzle body fat with Bradley Simmonds' 30-minute follow-along workout This is common denominator in our latest YouTube series with PT and cover model Bradley Simmonds, who's created several follow-along workouts that you can sweat through at the gym, at home or wherever you are. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, a space to burpee in, and a bottle of water. The second and latest video, above, is designed to smoke your legs and your core using just six exercises. You'll be working in a 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off format for five total rounds lasting 30 minutes overall.

All that said, only of the above workouts has this biceps move. What makes it special is just how much it overloads the biceps. Most usually, you curl the dumbbells with one arm, letting the other side rest. Apparently, "training one arm can improve strength and decrease muscle loss in the other arm – without even moving it", so even just curling one arm could be a good idea.

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  Build Boulder Shoulders and Blast Calories With Our Quick Dumbbell Ladder Workout A broad set of shoulders really packs out a t-shirt and screams strength, even more so when they taper into a chiselled midline. Get your fill of both with this dumbbell and bodyweight sessionGrab a pair of dumbbells (or kettlebells) at about 25% each of your bodyweight and work your way through our ladder, paying close attention to nailing your form and tempo on each muscle-scorching rep.

But really, if you want big arms, you will need to overload both biceps so they can grow faster. One way to go about is to not let them rest between cults and to introduce what's called an 'isometric' movement to your biceps curls. Without going into too much detail here, there are three basic muscle movements or phases we can speak of:

  • Concentric: when the muscle gets shorter throughout the movement, such as curling the dumbbell during biceps curls
  • Eccentric: when the muscle gets longer throughout the movement, such as lowering the dumbbell during biceps curls
  • Isometric: when muscles do not move. Instead, they stay contracted, such as holding the dumbbell with your lower arms pointing forward during biceps curls.

And that is exactly what you are going to do here. During dumbbell iso biceps curls – the exercise we are discussing here – you will be required to hold the dumbbell in the 'halfway' position when you curl with the other arm. It's like doing a biceps superset: you'll go from working one arm to the other without any break. Guaranteed burn.

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How to do dumbbell iso biceps curls

Stand tall with both dumbbells in your hands, shoulders open, spine neutral, core engaged. Lift one dumbbell up to the halfway position, then start curling with the other arm. Make sure that you keep your upper arm straight: you only want to contract the biceps, not the shoulders.

Do 3-5 curls with one arm then lower the curling arm down to the halfway position and start curling with the other arm. Do 3-5 curls then repeat. Around halfway through you should start feeling the biceps burning like hell, that is exactly what you want.

One final note: dumbbell iso biceps curls are ideal when you haven't got heavy dumbbells at home. Your muscles will have to work double time doing iso curls and that will be taxing even using smaller weights only. Try these today and get pumped!

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