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05:10  22 january  2021
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'I Was 35 And Told I Was Too Old And Too Fat To Have A Baby. It Destroyed Me'

  'I Was 35 And Told I Was Too Old And Too Fat To Have A Baby. It Destroyed Me' As part of National Fertility Awareness Week, Ruth Corden - a civil servant and younger sister of comedian and actor James Corden - says that after eight years, she’s learning to live childless. © Credits: Getty Fertility Week Ruth Corden 'So have you got any children?' The question still haunts me. I’m always asked and for years I would lie. I’d brush people off saying I didn’t want any. And then leave the party and cry hot, angry tears in the car all the way home. I’ve gone through eight years of emotional battering while trying to conceive, experiencing loss and failure over and over again.

Paloma Faith . Living with a major inferiority complex coupled with a major superiority complex one day at a time. ‘Infinite Things’ out now. Follow me to comment. www.palomafaith.com.

Brave: Paloma Faith has bravely spoke about her battle with postnatal depression and struggle to adapt to being a mother to her now three-year-old daughter Share or comment on this article: ' I felt broken!' Paloma Faith says devastating postnatal depression made her doubt everything. e-mail.

Paloma Faith feels “permanent guilt” over not being able to do enough for the environment.

Paloma Faith holding a sign © Bang Showbiz Paloma Faith

The ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This’ hitmaker has said she wishes she could do more to help save the planet and reduce her carbon footprint, as she says she feels constantly plagued by a sense of guilt about the ongoing threat of climate change.

Speaking to Greenpeace in a discussion on her Instagram account, she said: “I wanted to get together and have a little chat about how we can do our bit for the planet whilst still being overwhelmed with anxiety because of being pregnant, and in lockdown, and COVID, and overwhelmed by guilt.

Paloma Faith reveals she became a DELIVERY DRIVER during lockdown

  Paloma Faith reveals she became a DELIVERY DRIVER during lockdown Paloma Faith has revealed she became a delivery driver during the first national lockdown as she recorded her new album. The songstress, 39, who is known for her catchy pop hits, decided to help out by doing shopping for elderly people and NHS workers. Speaking at a playback event for her new album, Infinite, she said: 'I was doing four people's shopping, for some old people who live near me and some NHS workers from around the corner.

I feel so much less fragile, so much more resilient." Curled up on a sofa in the penthouse suite of a London hotel, Paloma Faith is in good spirits. Guilty is a self-lacerating ballad about the Brexit vote; the doo-wop vocals of Lost and Lonely convey a stark message about homelessness; while Warrior

Mother-of-one Paloma Faith , 37, who is known for her award-winning work as a singer and actress shared the importance of accepting bad days without beating yourself up. My baby and I both nearly died, and for a year after, I felt lost, isolated and downtrodden. I couldn’t find the person I was before.

“Sometimes when you’re focused on a major problem like the pandemic, that’s all you can focus on. And then you start thinking, ‘Oh my god the planet still needs help, and loads of other things still need help’, and we’re juggling crazy amounts of anxiety.”

And Paloma says her feelings of guilt don’t just surround her relationship with the environment, as being a mother to her three-year-old daughter also makes her feel mum-guilt.

She added: “It doesn’t just revolve around environmental stuff, it’s just generally a prerequisite of being a parent – permanent guilt.”

Meanwhile, the 39-year-old singer is currently expecting her second child, and recently said she is feeling so much anxiety about the world around her that she’s refused to go outside until she’s given birth.

She said: "My anxiety is through the roof ... Some people I knew approached me in the park yesterday as I was taking my little one for a walk for some exercise and I felt like I was going to break down into tears begging them not to come near as I scrambled to put both our masks on. They were so kind and empathetic and kept away but I vowed that would be the last time I step outside my house again until the baby is born."

Paloma Faith's pregnancy scare .
Pregnant Paloma Faith has revealed that she recently started cramping and was worried about her unborn baby but doctors have assured her that the baby is fine.The 39-year-old singer recently had a scare when she started cramping and after being checked over by her doctors, she was told she has a "super thin" womb lining due to scarring from the birth of her first child but the baby is fine.

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