Health & Fitness Davina McCall on How Menopause Affected Her Memory: 'Please Help Me, I Think I've Got Alzheimer's'

14:36  27 january  2021
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The Menopause Bible Every Woman Should Know About...

  The Menopause Bible Every Woman Should Know About... Sonya Andreia Philippides meets with Meg Mathews to discuss her new book, The New Hot: Taking on the Menopause with Attitude and Style. For the last four years she has lived, breathed and researched this subject to the nth degree, working with top menopause doctors to bring knowledge not just to women but families, employers, the healthcare system and the government so women can truly be supported during what can be a difficult time in their lives. Men can be better equipped to understand what their wives are going through and employers can know how to support their staff.

  • Davina McCall has revealed that she was 'paranoid' that she had contracted Alzheimer's disease, after dealing with menopause-related memory loss
  • The presenter's father has the progressive brain disorder
  • Davina first developed perimenopause symptoms at age 44, and uses hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to help with its effects

Davina McCall has opened up about the impact of menopause on her life in a new interview – including revealing that she was 'paranoid' that she had contracted Alzheimer's disease, due to dealing with memory loss.

Speaking to sport presenter Gabby Logan on her podcast, The Mid.Point, she shared how her fear stems from the fact that her 76-year-old father struggles with progressive brain disorder.

Relaxed and serene through the menopause

 Relaxed and serene through the menopause Menopause - a big change © Silviarita / Pixabay Relaxed and serene through the menopause The female organism has a limited number of egg cells that leave the body every month during the fertile years through ovulation. When this reservoir gradually comes to an end, menopause begins. In the course of this, the estrogen level drops continuously as the ovaries produce smaller and smaller amounts of this hormone. The period becomes increasingly irregular, only to eventually fail completely.

After going to see her doctor, she was told that, instead, she has 'cognitive overload' (when the demands placed on your brain by too many tasks are too great for everything to be processed.)

'I'm on HRT [hormone replacement therapy, which replaces depleted oestrogen in the body] so I have absolutely no excuse to be going doolally but I'm still going doolally on the HRT,' she said.

As a result of being on the medication, she said: 'I am less angry. I don't get night sweats. I don't get hot flushes. These are the things that have gone. My joints feel, my bones feel lubricated and strong, but my memory, and like you Gabby, I work, I've got kids, I have a partner.

'Life is very busy and chaotic and you have to know a lot of stuff in your business about sort of everything. And I do lots of different jobs. So I have a hundred different hats on. I could be going from Long Lost Family one day, to The Masked Singer the next, to a Garnier job, to something else.

Anxiety may accelerate Alzheimer's onset, study suggests

  Anxiety may accelerate Alzheimer's onset, study suggests Anxiety may accelerate the progression of mild cognitive impairment into Alzheimer’s, research suggests. The memory-robbing disease is thought to come about when abnormal clusters of the protein amyloid-beta forms plaques between nerve cells in the brain, causing tissue to die and the vital organ to shrink. In the early stages, a patient may endure memory lapses that cause them to forget recent conversations, misplace items or have trouble finding the right word.

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'And I'm learning different things for everything in my brain sometimes, because when I went to my doctor and I said, "Look, please help me, I think I've got Alzheimer's" because obviously my dad's got Alzheimer's." And I was like, "I'm always paranoid – I know I haven't really got it but am I okay?" to her.

'She said, "It's called cognitive overload". And at our stage in life often our kids are all older. We thought it was going to get easier. It does not.

Okay. But what is the menopause?

Quite simply, it’s when the ovaries can no longer produce the hormone oestrogen. Over a period of years or decades (the perimenopause), they gradually become less active and efficient until, eventually, they fail completely. After this point, no more eggs are produced and there are no more periods. This is what is used to describe women going through this change, who are over the age of 45.

Premature menopause or premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) relates to women below that age threshold. Although it carries many of the same menopause symptoms, a big difference is that the ovaries may not have failed completely – 5-10% of women with POI still conceive. Read up on the key menopause symptoms.

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