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23:15  27 april  2021
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Almost 4,000 Covid variants exist around the world, minister says

  Almost 4,000 Covid variants exist around the world, minister says The Government vaccines tsar Nadhim Zahawi said that the UK was storing the mutations so it is better prepared to ensure vaccines can be updated as needed.Nadhim Zahawi said that the UK is keeping a 'library' of the mutations so it is better prepared to ensure jabs can be updated as needed in the future.

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Global health experts are calling on the U.S. government to send its stockpile of AstraZeneca-University of Oxford coronavirus vaccines to India immediately as health officials say they don't anticipate using any of the doses.

During a news briefing on Tuesday, Andy Slavitt, the White House senior COVID-19 advisor, addressed a report stating that the country will be shipping 60 million doses to countries like India over the next two months.

'We are in a position now where we can foresee that we will not be using the AztraZeneca doses that we expect to come on line,' he said.

Italy blacklists AstraZeneca batch days after blocking export of vaccines to Australia

  Italy blacklists AstraZeneca batch days after blocking export of vaccines to Australia ITALY will ban the use of a batch of AstraZeneca vaccines after reports of some serious adverse effects to the UK jab.The move follows seven other EU states after Austria first reported two cases of blood clots among people vaccinated with the UK jab.

He clarified that none of the doses in the stockpile are available now because they have not yet been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but that they will begin sending shots once they are authorized.

However, doctors say India is facing a horrendous surge now and that waiting will only allow more hospitalizations and deaths to occur.

In a separate press conference on Tuesday, President Joe Biden said he has discussed with Prime Minister Nareem Modi about sending shots to the country.

We are sending actual mechanical parts that are needed for the machinery they have to build a vaccine,' he said.

'I've discussed from him when we'll be able to send actual vaccines to India, which is my intention to do'

'We are sitting on 35-40 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine Americans will never use,' Dr Ashish Jha, Dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, wrote on Twitter last week.

AstraZeneca vaccine fears: Berlin hospitals stop using jab for women under 55

  AstraZeneca vaccine fears: Berlin hospitals stop using jab for women under 55 HOSPITALS in Berlin have stopped using AstraZeneca for all women under the age of 55, in the latest blow to the Oxford vaccine suppliers coming from Europe.Some 19,000 people work at the Charite hospitals and 17,000 at Vivantes, which operates clinics as well as care homes.

'Can we please give or lend them to India? Like maybe now? It'll help. A lot.'

Other public health experts agreed, stressing that India is reporting a record number of infections - more than 350,000 - every day.

'We should be diverting vaccine stock to India now,' wrote Dr Adam Gaffney, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School tweeted.

Gallery: COVID: India's health system under strain as virus crisis deepens (dw.com)

a man and a woman looking at the camera: The image shows relatives of a patient mourning outside a hospital in Ahmedabad city. India reported a record 234,692 cases of COVID-19 on Saturday. Experts say the harrowing trend of rising infections can be traced to two factors — extremely virulent mutations of the original virus, and the country's lax approach to restrictions on daily life to slow the spread of infection.

'Patents should be disregarded and technology transferred as needed to maximize global vaccine production everywhere.'

During the conference on Monday, Slavitt said the AstraZeneca vaccine is highly safe and effective, but that the U.S. has enough doses of vaccines already approved by the FDA without the 300 million ordered from the UK.

'Since it is not approved for use in the U.S, we do not need to use the vaccine here during the next few months,' he said.

'We have sufficient supply of vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson to accomodate our needs in the U.S.'

EU attacking AstraZeneca 'because of Brexit' - Antivaxx fears over Brussels scaremongering

  EU attacking AstraZeneca 'because of Brexit' - Antivaxx fears over Brussels scaremongering THE EU is scaremongering over its brutal attacks on vaccine maker AstraZeneca because of Brexit, a UK doctor has suggested, who fears this will be used by antivaxxers as an excuse to encourage others not to take the jab. "This will result in increased incidents of Covid. It would strike me as a political angle with Brexit and the failure of the EU community to vaccinate their populations."He added: "Governments have to weigh up this risk to health when it comes to the vaccine but even if the Oxford jab did increase clots, which is currently unproven, coronavirus itself has been known to cause the medical condition.

Unlike the Pfizer and Moderna shots, both of which use new technology known as messenger RNA (mRNA), AstraZeneca developed what is known as a viral vector vaccine.

The immunization combines genetic material from the new virus with the genes of the adenovirus, which causes the common cold.

It codes for the spike protein that the coronavirus uses to enter and infect cells in order to train the body to recognized the virus and induce an immune response if infected.

The storage requirements between the US and UK vaccines are also different.

Moderna's vaccine needs to be shipped and stored at -4F (-20C) and Pfizer's shot needs needs to be at -94 F (-70C), but AstraZeneca's only requires refrigeration.

However, the White House is increasingly feeling assured about the supply of the three vaccines being administered in the U.S., particularly following the restart of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson shot over the weekend.

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The U.S. has also been under mounting pressure in recent weeks to share more of its vaccine supply with the world, as countries like India experience devastating surges of the virus and others struggle to access doses needed to protect their most vulnerable populations.

Scott Morrison secures 20million more doses of Pfizer vaccine

  Scott Morrison secures 20million more doses of Pfizer vaccine The vaccines - taking Australia's Pfizer jab total to 40 million - are due to arrive in the final three months of 2021. On Thursday night the government received advice from its scientists that the Pfizer vaccine was preferred in adults under 50 because of evidence from Europe that the AstraZeneca vaccines causes blood clots in extremely rare cases. © Provided by Daily Mail Australia has ordered 20million more doses of the Pfizer vaccine after the AstraZeneca vaccine was linked to potentially deadly bloodclots Australia had relied heavily on the AstraZeneca vaccine with 53.8million doses ordered.

'Given the strong portfolio of vaccines that the U.S. already has and that have been authorized by the FDA, and given that the AstraZeneca vaccine is not authorized for use in the U.S., we do not need to use the AstraZeneca vaccine here during the next several months,' said White House COVID-19 coordinator Jeff Zients on Monday.

'Therefore the U.S. is looking at options to share the AstraZeneca doses with other countries as they become available.'

About 10 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine have been produced but have yet to pass review by the FDA to 'meet its expectations for product quality,' Zients said, noting the U.S. regulator is recognized as the 'gold standard' for safety around the world.

That process could be completed in the next several weeks. About 50 million more doses are in various stages of production and could be available to ship in May and June pending FDA sign-off.

The U.S. has yet to finalize where the AstraZeneca doses will go, Zients said.

Neighbors Mexico and Canada have asked the Biden administration to share more doses, while dozens of other countries are looking to access supplies of the vaccine.

'We're in the planning process at this point in time,' said White House press secretary Jen Psaki, when asked where the doses would go.

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Children as young as 12 'will get Covid vaccines in September' .
'Core planning' documents have been leaked showing UK schoolchildren will be given one dose when they go back to class after the summer. There are also reportedly plans for Britons over 50 to be given booster jabs in the autumn amid fears over Covid variants sweeping Europe.It comes as experts say vaccines should be able to control the pandemic as they published new real-world UK data showing jabs slash infection and cut transmission.

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