Health & Fitness 'Fishing Scotland’s Lochs and Rivers' — Fern Britton and other celebs grab their rods for a fun Channel 5 challenge

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Show Guide for Fishing Scotland ' s Lochs and Rivers . Includes an episode list, cast and character list, character guides, gallery, and more. Fern Britton , Ian Botham, Linford Christie, Les Dennis and Rosemary Shrager embark on a road trip which sees them travelling from East to West, from the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. They take in the picturesque sights, the fascinating history, and land the catch of the day.

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In a new Channel 5 series Fishing Scotland’s Lochs and Rivers, Fern Britton is among five gung-ho celebrities tackling the chilly Scottish waters for an adventurous fishing trip.

Les Dennis, Linford Christie sitting at a picnic table: Fishing Scotland’s Lochs and Rivers with (from left), Rosemary Shrager, Les Dennis, Fern Britton, an Botham and Linford Christie. © Provided by WhatToWatch Fishing Scotland’s Lochs and Rivers with (from left), Rosemary Shrager, Les Dennis, Fern Britton, an Botham and Linford Christie.

The five-parter follows Fern and her fellow fishing companions, England cricket hero Lord Ian Botham, Olympic sprinter Linford Christie, Corrie actor, and comedian Les Dennis, and TV chef Rosemary Shrager, as they catch salmon, pit their wits against monster carp, and even fish for shark around the waters of Oban in Scotland.

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Fishing on rivers for these two fish are subject to closed seasons, which vary from river to river . You cannot sell any salmon or sea trout you have caught as this would be a criminal offense. Some rivers have a mandatory catch and release policy. Fishing is generally restricted to rod and line only. Grayling — these fish are only found in certain rivers and streams and are considered a prized catch. You can catch them with bait or use fly- fishing . When you see these fish in the water it is considered a sign of clean water.

Macnab challenge in Scotland . River Tweed Fishing Lodge September/ October. Scotland has some of the finest Grayling rivers in Europe. There are two main rivers we target in the winter The technique is to pitch your flies upstream and aim for a drag free drift. You hold your rod tip up, and

So here's everything you need to know about Fishing Scotland’s Lochs and Rivers and our exclusive chat with the presenter and bestselling author Fern Britton, giving her thoughts on the challenge and on what happened in the show…

Fishing Scotland’s Lochs and Rivers release date

Fishing Scotland’s Lochs and Rivers begins on Channel 5 on Friday 23 July at 7pm and runs for five episodes. The show will then become available on streaming service My5.

Fern, you don’t even like fish, so what made you want to go on a fishing holiday?

Fern Britton says: "It was a filmed during July and August last summer and we’d been in such a long lockdown. The siren call of travel appeals to me and I love Scotland. I’ve worked at the Aberdeen and Edinburgh theatres and cycled a lot of the Highlands."

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See more of River Fishing Scotland on Facebook. the mighty predators of Lochs and Rivers across the country, and have a look at the beauty of fishing without filter. Permits are by the season via the fisheries syndicate but day rods may be available if syndicate rods have not been sold.

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Had you tried fishing before?

Fern says: "My first fishing experience was as a five-year-old in Cornwall. My uncle took me and my cousins on a little putt-putt pleasure boat just off the beach and I caught a pollock! I was very proud. My grandmother cooked it for me and it was the most revolting thing I’ve eaten and so began my dislike of eating fish. I’m not a big fish lover at all. Trout, sole, salmon… no thanks! But I do like large flakey meaty fish like cod and chips."

Did you enjoy fishing this time?

Fern says: "Yes, trying to catch salmon was really exciting. I also learnt to appreciate even more the beauty of nature and the fun of companionship, which I’d missed so much during lockdown. And the rivers were so beautiful. It was the sound of the water, seeing the breeze chasing across it… and the skies! Plus the wee dram in the evening was also something to look forward to!"

Were you togged up in all the fishing gear?

Fern says: "Yes we had waders with the sock bits fixed in so that your feet didn’t get wet, warm jackets, and nets over our heads for the blooming midges!"

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Two friends cross Scotland ' s deepest loch on inflatable packrafts. However, they have to get there first, travelling over some difficult terrain and through some classic Scottish weather. Situated in Lochaber in the west of Scotland , it is a place teeming with mystery, and the surrounding mountains are both rugged and remote. Wildlife film-maker Andrew O’Donnell and his friend Mark Taylor explore this stunning wilderness by foot and by packraft (a lightweight, inflatable raft that fits in a rucksack).

You must have interviewed most of your fellow celebrity fishing companions before…

Fern says: "Yes, almost all of them. But when you’re all thrown together it’s a privilege to talk without cameras. All of us found so many things to laugh about, and on quiet evenings sitting together it was a joy to learn more about them."

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Who was the most competitive?

Fern says: "Lord Botham was the man to beat. He’s an experienced fisherman and helped us with lots of advice, but the sportsman in him made sure he beat us!"

Would you ever go on a fishing holiday again?

Fern says: "I would, but as long as it was only for a couple of hours a day. I need to see some sun and swim, too. But fishing is a bit like meditation — standing still, gently casting, reading the water. Then you get a bite and the adrenaline explodes!"

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