Health & Fitness How does a modern lifestyle impact the gut?

18:51  24 july  2021
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Gut health: Avoid these foods to reduce killing off microbes & what you should eat instead

  Gut health: Avoid these foods to reduce killing off microbes & what you should eat instead GUT health is so pertinent for your overall wellbeing that experts stress the importance of getting your gut right to ensure everything else is right. Many people are unaware of this fact and as such are consuming certain foods which are unknowingly killing off their microbes (gut bacteria) creating devastating effects to not only digestion, but also mood and ability to lose weight. What foods should be avoided which may be ruining your gut"The gut is one of the most active parts of the human body with over 70 percent immune cells in our gut," began nutritionist Peter O'Halloran, ambassador of ProYouth Nutrition.

The British Medical Association has raised concerns about healthcare staff being exempted from self-isolation rules.

It was announced this week that healthcare workers who have had both jabs will be allowed to come into work even if they are a close contact of someone who tests positive for Covid.

The BMA’s honorary vice-president Dr Kailash Chand told Sky News: “We all know the cases are surging, hospital admissions are surging and one thing which is more worrying is that quite a few people who are being admitted have double vaccination.

“Exempting healthcare staff from self-isolation to get back to work, in my view, is a desperate situation.”

Gut bacteria may 'talk' to the brain, mouse study suggests

  Gut bacteria may 'talk' to the brain, mouse study suggests Research suggests that gut bacteria may also influence human brain activity and behavior.Specifically, researchers wanted to find out how gut bacteria influence the activity of brain networks involved in mouse social behavior. Normally, when a mouse encounters a mouse it's never met, the two rodents will sniff at each other's whiskers and clamber over each other, much like how two dogs might greet each other at a dog park. However, germ-free mice, which lack gut bacteria, actively avoid social interactions with other mice and instead remain strangely aloof.

Dr Chand also warned that the decision would have a negative knock-on effect, pointing out that older people with non-Covid medical issues could subsequently catch the virus from hospital staff.

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A record 619,000 people were told to self-isolate by the NHS Covid-19 app in the seven days up to 14 July.

It was announced on Friday that a “limited number of named workers”, including healthcare workers, will be exempt if they are fully vaccinated. They must have received their jab at least 14 days prior.

The Department of Health and Social Care called the move “a small and targeted intervention to ensure that services critical to the safety and functioning of our society can continue”.

Dr Chand was also concerned about staff infecting each other, arguing hospitals cannot afford to lose more staff after more than 15,000 have already died from Covid-19.

Rheumatoid arthritis: New ‘highly effective’ treatment on the way after scientific breakthrough .
Researchers have found, for the first time, that damage to the lining of the gut plays a key role in disease by making it leaky . This allows bacteria to cross the gut lining into the body, intensifying inflammation in the stomach and the joints. And the researchers have identified existing stomach-repairing drugs used for the digestive disorders, coeliac disease and Crohn’s disease that could be used treat rheumatoid, which affects about 400,000 people in the UK – a third of whom gain very little benefit from current therapies.

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