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06:20  30 july  2021
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Apple specifies eleven reasons on the own website, why the Mac is the ideal device for business customers. Particularly highlighted, among other things, the M1 chip.

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• Powerful devices thanks to M1-chip

• Macs need less support Thanks to intuitive operation

• 84 percent of the "world's leading innovators" use Macs

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A powerful device

above all is highlighted by apple that the MACs are very powerful due to the M1 chip. The MacBook Air is to be 3.5 times faster thanks to the chip than before. In addition, the M1 chip, according to Apple, ensures one up to twice faster Excel performance, a 50 percent faster reaction time for web applications and a twice longer battery life in video conferencing with zoom. Overall, the battery of the MacBook Air should even hold for 18 hours. The security of Macs is also clearly emphasized by Apple. Features such as touch ID, gatekeeper or hardware-verified secure boot should make the devices to the, according to Apple, safest the world.

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worthwhile for companies?

An important topic for companies is the support for technical equipment. Again, Apple sees a clear advantage of Macs: It is highlighted that the devices intuitively operate and with functions such as the migration wizard are easily used without the help of IT support. In addition, you can save money with the Apple Macs, as operating costs are minimized due to fewer support tickets and software expenses. Within three years, companies with the Macs should save 843 US dollars according to Apple. Also, it is also highlighted that the MAC devices work as well as all other Apple devices that could be used by employees, among other things.

Successful companies use the Macs

Furthermore, Apple points out that already 84 percent of the "world leading innovators" use the Apple Devices. Among them, SAP , Salesforce and Target successfully set the devices to a larger extent. Overall, Apple wants to convince with the list of points the companies to convince their staff, according to Apple to provide proper tools: "Give your team the devices it loves, and let it go to work."

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