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Dyspraxia: signs, symptoms, diagnosis and therapies

  Dyspraxia: signs, symptoms, diagnosis and therapies Dyspraxia affects each person in different ways and at different stages of developmentDyspraxia is a brain disorder that affects coordination and motor skills. It’s a lifelong condition, with signs often beginning in early childhood, and there is currently no cure. However, a number of therapies are available to help manage and improve symptoms in both children and adults.

Once your child ’s individual education plan has been developed, there are ways you can work with your child to support their plan including It can take longer for students with learning difficulties to complete tasks. Talk to the teacher about ways to make the task more manageable for your child . When the task was set and when it is due. A work planner can help your child see when each piece of homework needs to be done.

Children adopted from care will have experienced trauma and loss, even if they were adopted shortly after birth. Some may have additional needs resulting from physical, mental or emotional problems or disabilities. When a possible match is suggested with you and a child , this is often an exciting time. If the adoption goes ahead, a copy of the health assessment report will be sent to your child 's GP as well as to you. You may want to discuss this with your GP, or ask your GP to talk to the medical adviser on your behalf. This can happen even after an adoption order has been made.

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Never again,’ I said to my husband, as we touched down at Heathrow airport after a week in France with our three children. He nodded grimly. While eight-year-old Josh and seven-year-old George had loved their first taste of foreign holiday, Evie (also seven) had been a nightmare. Every day out resulted in a tantrum, making it impossible to eat out or visit any attractions, and even in the hotel she was volatile and difficult to handle. Far from being relaxed, we were returning home exhausted and resentful.

Josh is now 14 and the twins are 13, and holidays are a completely different experience, but it isn’t their advancing years which have made a difference. When Evie was 10, she was diagnosed with autism and a learning difficulty, and what we’ve learned about her since has changed everything.

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For younger children or children who have trouble focusing, allow for more frequent breaks and use a timer to indicate the end of a break. You may also consider providing breaks as rewards for completing more challenging activities. For younger children or children with sensory needs , sitting at a table If you’re looking for additional at-home learning options beyond regular schoolwork, collaborate with your child ’s teacher or other families to brainstorm creative learning opportunities that meet the needs and interests of children in different age groups in your household while keeping everyone safe from

Evie wasn’t having tantrums because she was ungrateful, but because we packed so much into every day, she was totally exhausted. She didn’t hide under the table in a restaurant because she was badly behaved, but because the noise and the smells made her brain hurt.

Two years ago, we booked a trip-of-a-lifetime in California; flying to San Francisco then driving down the Pacific Highway. By then, we’d learned how to work with Evie’s additional needs, not against them. We requested a ‘sunflower lanyard’ at the airport, giving us access to express queues and quiet areas to wait. Evie’s biggest fear was having a meltdown in front of other passengers, so I spoke to cabin crew as we boarded the 13-hour flight, explaining that we might need their support. For several hours we hung out in the galley, so she could move about unrestrained.

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When should you contact us? Has the number of children in your care changed? The CCB may include an additional amount for the child disability benefit. your child is living with you for a determined temporary period of time of at least one month, for example over the summer holidays .

When mothers and fathers stop spoiling their children , Bromfield says, not only will they feel less frustrated as parents, they’ll also prepare their children to handle life’s curve balls -- a tough task for kids who have always gotten their way. Your child will only argue with you like a pint-sized lawyer, Bromfield says. Think about it, he says: Does your 11-year-old son really need hundreds of nightly reminders about the benefits of dental hygiene if he’s smart enough to memorize 493 species of Pokemon?

If the advent of summer holidays bring with it a feeling of anxiety, it’s worth stepping back and listening to your child.

We’d booked AirBnBs, rather than hotels, so Evie could see photos and know exactly what to expect from each night’s accommodation. She packed a throw and some ornaments from home, which helped her instantly feel more settled. In the ‘old days’ we’d have rushed out for dinner the moment we arrived, desperate to make the most of our time in San Francisco, but instead we ordered takeout and had a walk around the block. We let jet lag run its course, instead of fighting it and facing the fall-out. It meant we saw less of the city, but what we saw, we loved.

As we travelled south, we worked around Evie’s energy levels. We alternated city stops with quiet beach days, and broke the three-week trip with a few days in a villa, with no activities at all. Instead of walking everywhere, we mixed it up with buses and Ubers, realising that if we ‘stored’ Evie’s energy during the day, she’d have enough left to enjoy a restaurant meal that evening.

India sees surge in rare post-Covid inflammatory syndrome in children as UK offers help on how to tackle it

  India sees surge in rare post-Covid inflammatory syndrome in children as UK offers help on how to tackle it Thousands of cases of the rare syndrome have been reported across the worldMulti-system inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) can develop about six to eight weeks after young people are infected with coronavirus.

Recent evidence suggests that compared to adults, children likely have similar viral loads in their noses and throats and can spread the virus to others. This webpage contains information and checklists for parents, guardians, and caregivers to help them make decisions about their children attending Choosing whether or not to send your child back to school can be difficult. When weighing decisions about your child returning to school, it is important to consider your family’s unique needs and situation and your comfort level with the steps your school is taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Children have eight basic needs that good parent provide to make sure that they have the best chance to thrive and be happy. The children can also become a source of quibble as they are drawn into a tug-of-war for a parent’s favor or custody. The most important to remember for parents going through a divorce is that children are not objects to be used in a fight with your partner. You need to separate your negative feelings for your partner from how you treat your kids.

The result of all this planning was an incredible trip, which all of us will remember forever. We haven’t had a holiday quite like that since, and might not have again, but I apply the same principles to days out and summers at home. I make sure we have rest days between sleepovers and waterparks; that when family and friends are staying, there’s a calm space to retreat to. I recognise the importance of an hour spent watching YouTube, or huddled under a duvet on the hottest day of the year. I understand that regular snacks aren’t an indulgence, but a necessity for a child who lashes out if her blood sugar is low.

If you’re reading this and thinking, 'She spoils that kid', then you probably don’t have a child with additional needs. But if the advent of summer holidays – whether in this country or abroad – bring with it a feeling of anxiety, then it’s worth stepping back and listening to your child. Whether they have a ‘label’ of additional needs or not is irrelevant: what matters is what their triggers are and how you can minimise them. Because I promise you this: if you learn what makes your kid tick, you’ll all be the happier for it.

Have a great summer.

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DWP online PIP handbook has all you need to improve your chances of making a successful claim .
Successful PIP claimants could be paid between £23.70 and £152.15 a week to help with additional costs. There are currently more than 2.7 million people across the UK claiming support through PIP and accessing a whole range of additional assistance including Council Tax Reductions, benefit top-ups and free or discounted public transport.

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